‘New’ Met Police Unit ?

I don’t know yet what to make of this. Are they rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic or is this a step in the right direction ?

Those convicted of sexual crimes are extremely likely to have offended in the past and re-offend in the future. There needs to be a central national coordinating police unit. Is this it ?

We also need a national police investigation into paedophilia. Police Operations like Op Fernbridge, Op Fairbank, and Op Pallial will never uncover the true scale of the historic and current problem of child sexual abuse. Abusers move freely around the country, so why are police operations restricted by geographical boundaries ?

The Metropolitan Police teams that specialise in rape and sex assault cases are to undergo a major reorganisation after a series of failed investigations, the BBC has learned.

The changes will see investigators of rape, sexual assault and child abuse brought together in a single department, comprising 1,400 staff.

At least 100 extra officers will be recruited, it is understood.

The Met is also considering changing the name of the Sapphire rape teams.

BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw says although the Sapphire teams include many experienced and highly skilled detectives, the name has become associated with a series of failed investigations.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has conducted nine inquiries into the force’s handling of sexual assaults.

BBC News


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4 responses to “‘New’ Met Police Unit ?

  1. Anon

    So perhaps we can now also expect allegations of rape and sexual assult to also go uninvestigated and without charges being brought over a period of 30 years?

  2. Bill Wagstick

    Max cCifford ate hamster too

  3. dpack

    national will address some problems but international would be better.

    in respect of some of the historical aspects the police do not have the power to hold the guilty to account as they are fire-walled by “defense of the realm” ,political expediency to avoid scandals among the powerful etc ,etc.

    better coordinated police work might address some of the issues but there are issues that require other means.for instance sis should enforce a strict policy of sneaky but decent enough to prevent the likes of clockwork orange /mcgrath coming back to haunt them .i hope that in 30 yrs time folk are not needing to unravel “the happy jihaddi”operations or whatever they might be called if they exist.

    the international aspects will need international enforcement agencies and international will to protect kids from being exploited in a globalised world.

    unfortunately this new police unit seems rather local and still under the same constraints as previous police investigations.

  4. BarrieJ

    The police were originally invented to protect the rich from the poor, the hungry and the dispossessed.
    Nothing has changed, why would it?