Clifford Charged With Indecent Assault Of 14 Year Old.

I’ll write more about this tomorrow.


Max Clifford, the celebrity publicist who made his name and fortune helping some of Britain’s most famous people shape their reputations, has been charged with 11 indecent assaults of girls and young women, including one of a girl aged 14.

The charges related to offences allegedly committed between 1966 and 1985 and were laid in the course of Operation Yewtree, the police investigation which was set up in the wake of revelation of the sexual offences carried out by Jimmy Savile.

On Friday evening, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that it had authorised police to charge Clifford, who was arrested at his home in Surrey in December on suspicion of sexual offences. He has consistently denied the allegations against him. On Friday night he said the charges were “completely false” and vowed to clear his name in a court of law.

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17 responses to “Clifford Charged With Indecent Assault Of 14 Year Old.

  1. “I’ll write more about this tomorrow” please don’t.

  2. Inspector Netusil

    As someone also recorded (link on this site) admitting to assisting child-rapists conceal their mutilation of human life, I am hopeful that he will die in prison. But our engagement with this subject is simply unreal.
    There is no such thing as morality or justice in reality, they are inventions of human thought; we do, can and must simply do what we agree as a community to do – which must be -> Primarily: eliminate all possibility of harm by dangerous people, and their danger can be reliably measured by analysis of brain fluid samples and vital signs, indisputably, (something anyone in government should have the absolute responsibility to know, but of course there is no science practiced in our government). So once identified, these people, who do have in INHERENT and PERMANENT inclination to harm, due to the abnormal development of their brains and brain-chemical cocktail, (naturally and undisputably due to their own experience of great trauma in the critical period of womb/infancy/remaining childhood) whether it be an inclination to harm children or adults must be removed from the healthy population for as long as they pose a risk -> which is for their lifetime. Many would consider incarceration for a lifetime to be a cruel infliction of suffering that conflicts with HUMAN values. I would agree, and propose execution, as a kind solution, that will guarantee the end of pain FOR ALL.
    We simply agree as a community what is the best thing to do. There is no such thing as morality, the word is fictitious and obselete. There is no such thing as justice, the word is fictitious and obselete.

  3. Peter Pollack

    Yet another arrest by frantic over-zealous Yewtree police officers in their campaign against OAP entertainment celebrities.Where is all of this going? Unless I’m very much mistaken it’s going nowhere except to drain the public purse at the taxpayers expense because any half – decent defence lawyer will surely drive a coach and six white horses through the prosecution case based on the legal concept that a case needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt before there can be a conviction.Most of the cases to date will never be proved beyond reasonable doubt due to lack of evidence .The whole Yewtree matter is a load of nonsense being pursued by nonsensical police officers who would be better engaged in other areas of crime.

  4. another one thrown to the wolves to let the real abusers off the hook.

  5. Inspector Netusil

    You could be right Polack

  6. Bishop Brightly

    Peter pollack: so you think historic child abusers should get away with it? What about historic murder cases, them to?

  7. Peter Pollack

    Bishop Brightly :Where is your evidence to make such a damning statement? A person is surely innocent in this country until proven guilty? Hopefully you are not as religious as your title suggests!This is not a matter of personal likes or dislikes for MC or any of the other celebrities.It is clearly a witch hunt in the light of the Savile exposure fuelled by the government and the CPS with under pressure police officers acting as errand boys.

    • But yet there can never be smoke without a fire, smoke and mirrors is there game, notice how the msm have all but exonerated him, how he’s living in hell, just like Rolf he’s been painting to cope with the stress, it’s a living nightmare, no mention of how victims are left with a life sentence or how we struggle to form even the most trivial relationships.

  8. LJMT

    Well, I am unashamedly Christian, so have a go at me if you want Peter (oh, the name of an apostle, so maybe your ancestors have some Godfearers amongst them?)
    For me -as a never-abused adult, one of the TV moments that will stay with me was the episode of Cracker when a rapist was caught and Robbie Coltrane sat on him with a gun in his mouth, and asked him to kiss the gun. That was a really accurate portrayal accessible to all of the terror of the victim. Now why in God’s Name should any human being do that to another? Horrendous masochistic bullying unimaginative scum do that
    I hope you will imagine how you would feel if some very burly guy had sat on you, stuck a gun in your mouth and done that to you many years ago. Would you be saying oh that was 25/ 30 years ago, let’s forget it. I rather think not.

    So don’t be such a hypocrite, and let the abused have their justice. I am one of millions who will stick up for the underdogs with no reward in it per se but the satisfaction of seeing justice done and hopefully a better world emerge. All children deserve a good start, free from unwanted bullying invasion. They should be roaming the countryside, cycling in the sunshine, climbing trees, not fending off the perverted lusts of sad little git-people.

    NB I am not expressing any view on the guilt or otherwise of Mr. Clifford, just saying that the charges are serious, and the CPS are saying there is enough evidence for the trial, so let the process continue, and justice either way be done.

  9. gus brown

    Funny how all the celebrities are being investigated and named but none of the Establishment – smoke and mirrors once again

  10. Peter Pollack

    The mere fact that arrests are backed by the CPS and charges brought isn’t necessarily conclusive that there is sufficient evidence to support a conviction and past blunders by the CPS suggest that anyone who believes that they are infallible is clearly living in cloud cuckoo land.The witch hunt against OAP celebrities is obviously politically motivated and our judiciary will not be easily misled when these cases come to court.(if).For the most part the only evidence available after all these years will either be hearsay or the accusers word against that of the accused and not sufficient to convict and one has to wonder in some instances but not all given an example of a cross section of the accusations covered in the media whether some innocuous event which may have occurred forty years ago is being held responsible for an ensuing crap life which followed the event.Most of us in a democratic society have choices and are able to exercise them so the opportunity to blame others for a mediocre existence should be readily resisted if the accusations are not genuine or justified.We all want to see the guilty punished but in this witch hunt the public and the media seem to be revelling in the scandals like a pack of wild dogs before those accused have had a trial.Watch this space over the next few months as our judiciary is given the opportunity to consider the merits of these cases. So far as the police are concerned perhaps we will see some OAP police officers falling on their swords when the full scale of the Hillsborough enquiry begins in 2014.There is apparently plenty of evidence available for that one.Incidentally I am a fan of Robbie Coltrane and the Cracker series.

  11. LJMT

    “Witch hunt”??? The media seem to me to be UNDERplaying it all. Personally I am in favour of looking after widows and orphans. Seems like apple pie and motherhood rather than controversial that if the CPS thinks that there is a case to answer then it should be answered. As for blaming other people for “mediocre” lives, who is to judge what is a mediocre life? Does earning money immorally from the suffering of others raise one’s life to significance because of having expensive clothes, a flash car and a swimming pool, for instance? I would rather go the non-material route and say being a decent, caring individual is what counts. For some of the abused, being the tough ones who didn’t go down is pretty impressive, and to be valued, hence in no way mediocre. I respect them.

  12. Peter Pollack

    Unfortunately we now seem to have digressed from constructive criticism to self-righteous comments.

  13. Len – Missed this, who is the ageing comedian?