Former Children’s Minister Margaret Hodge.

Ranking right up there with George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth for misleading titles, former Children’s Minister, Margaret Hodge, a post created for her in 2003 by Tony Blair.

Children’s Minister Margaret Hodge has said sorry to the sex abuse victim she branded “extremely disturbed”.

Mrs Hodge said she would like to “apologise unreservedly” to Demetrious Panton for the description.

She had made the remarks in a letter of complaint to the BBC about an inquiry into a child abuse scandal in London’s Islington where she was council leader.

But Mr Panton said Mrs Hodge should “do the decent thing” and resign. The Conservatives also said she should go

BBC News


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  3. We will get these pervs….a quick demonstration outside no 10 x

  4. jubei

    tell me this twisted douche-bag is a hologram. no state funeral for her, no tears either. Hodge the bodge

  5. What a disgusting woman, it is so obvious that she is just a “yes” lady, the one that called the press trying to get the story out as “gutter press” and the victims as “deranged” and for her troubles gets appointed children’s minister when she is obviously the worst possible person for the job, just like IDS is the worst possible person to be leading welfare reform. Welcome to democracy oh no wait that was ment to be pedeocracy….

  6. misty53

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    Brilliant piece!! a must read for everyone