Islington: The White Report (Redacted)

I’d just like to thank Cathy for providing this. It has been redacted but it is still informative and it can sit here as a resource for others.

The White Report

White Report


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  2. Liz Davies

    I read the above account of Orkneys. I always wondered whatever happened to Liz McLean. I wonder if anyone knows?

    Mike Hames in his book the Dirty Squad writes about his team’s research on ritual abuse. He was the superintendent in charge of the Obscene Publications Squad at the time. Shame we can’t access the research and learn from it..

    I know from my experience that children tell their social workers some very unusual things and then when you compare with social workers in other parts of the country you find that children in other areas have said very similar things – things none of us wanted to believe and you think how could all those children have made all that up?

    • opgreenlight

      Hi Liz, Mike Hames is going to be speaking on ‘Understanding Organised and Ritual Abuse of Children’ at the West Yorkshire Conference on 13th June. I would be happy to try to contact him about his team’s research. The last I heard of Liz McLean she had disappeared leaving rent arrears and debts. All very odd.

  3. simian

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  5. liz davies

    Murunbuch is correct there is no need for redactions. The report is available in public libraries. There were 13 earlier inquiries but these were not made public. I gave evidence to earlier inquiries but only an off the record interview to Ian White and Kate Hart. The main inconsistency for me is that it was said in this report that there was no organised network of criminals abusing children. Yet it was in these few years that I was going with police from Scotland Yard to visit Hereford and Worcester team who were also investigating Peter Righton and to other social work and police teams .. so some police certainly did think there was a network and had even confirmed this to the press.
    The reference to ritual abuse in this report must be seen in the context of a report filed by Scotland Yard police of 40 cases of ritual abuse of which the Islington case was but one. This research was never published. A parliamentary question in 1994 confirmed the existence of this research.

    If anyone has questions about the Ian White report I am happy to try and answer them via email.

  6. murunbuch

    I’m not sure why it’s been redacted as it’s in the public domain and doesn’t contain any names of alleged abusers. I’ve got an unredacted copy which I’ll post when I get round to scanning it all. If there are any specific redacted sections that people want to see I can share them. It finds evidence for the majority of the Evening Standard’s allegations but doesn’t find evidence of a wider paedophile network, mainly because any incriminating evidence had already been destroyed by Islington council.