Greenwich: Green Lane In Summary.

As promised I’ll now do a summary of the Green Lane children’s home in Greenwich, based on the documents that have been posted here.

Before doing so, I’d just like to make it clear that although the documents focus on a particular offender, who to my knowledge was never prosecuted and therefore is referred to here as L.A, sexual abuse was far more widespread at Green Lane, as can be seen Here.

We can see Here, that Cllr Fay refers to the fact that the offender, L.A, had worked previously in another children’s home where he had sexually abused children. L.A was then transferred to Green Lane where he raped one girl and sexually abused others.

L.A faced a disciplinary hearing, he was not dismissed but was charged with ‘harassment’, given a final warning, and demoted.

This NALGO union letter, Here, appears to address concerns in the media that the girl who had made the rape claim had been bullied into withdrawing it. Interestingly, that same document goes on to say that the action that was taken against L.A was not for sexual misconduct but for “other allegations” which were proven.

L.A appeared to have considerable support, not only from his union but also from his Member of Parliament Peter Bottomley, who according to this document Here, is alleged to have called Cllr Charlie Maslin on the telephone, who along with Cllr Fay had been working for a just resolution, and demanded, “call your attack dogs off L.A by Monday night.”

The girls appear to have organised a demonstration, at which some carried placards demanding that they too receive the same protection and representation as L.A had received, not only from Mr Bottomley MP but also from Cllr Clark, Chairman of Social Services Committee and Cllr Picton, Leader of Greenwich council and a member of the NALGO union.

According to this solicitors letter Here, Mr Bottomley’s reaction to this demonstration requesting parliamentary representation was to threaten to sue and when Cllr Fay protested at this heavy handed response, Here, Mr Bottomley’s solicitors threatened to sue him too, see Here.

On a slightly different note connected to Green Lane, The Needle Team has in it’s possession a diary of one of the young girls which we have not published details of yet, it makes very interesting reading.

The diary makes specific references to a man who the girls referred to as ‘The Party Man’ and his contact details and address.

I can’t help feeling that the going’s on at Greenwich Council and Greenwich Care Homes, should be looked at by the police afresh.


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  1. Sir Peter Bottomley now. Related to Virginia.

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  3. Bishop Brightly

    So does this LA chap have any other connect ions with Bottomley? Say for example, Barnes links?

  4. murunbuch

    That cutting’s from June 1995, it’s about Lambeth children’s homes. What’s the connection with Greenwich?