Coming To A Playground Near You!


Top judges say there is nothing they can do to stop a ‘predatory paedophile’ with HIV – jailed for having unprotected sex with a young boy – from working in many jobs where he could encounter children.

Stelios Kimpriktzis, 38, groomed his underage victim online and lured him to woods where he persuaded him to have sex. He concealed his illness.

The former shopworker, of Ivy Leigh, Liverpool, was jailed for three years at Chester Crown Court after he was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child, one of meeting a child after sexual grooming and one of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm in April 2006.

Kimpriktzis, now free, was also handed a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) banning him working anywhere he might come into contact with children under 16, among other restrictions.

Daily Mail


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  2. This is so messed up, i am a survivor of abuse and for a while i was also a drug addict and ended up with a few convictions, no violence, no drugs just things like driving offences and petty theft and then i cleaned up and found a job got bored in said job and stated to do some voluntary work teaching 16-21 tear olds how to make music with an apple mac in a youth hostel and even though my life history ment that i knew what these kids were going through as i had been there my self but as soon as i produced my CBR which lists my convictions i was told that i could not carry on.
    Yet this man has violently raped this poor little boy and he can not be prevented from working with children WTF.

  3. For Justice

    Utterly Evil

    Child Abusers Need to be Banned from Coming Near Children
    For Life

    Child Abusers Entering the UK should be Executed by the Formal
    Restoration of the Death Penalty

  4. Bishop Brightly

    The time for direct action is coming. People are simply sick of the tolerance of and cover ups for this scum.

  5. Justme

    Beam me up Scotty! I’ve actually tried leaving comments on the Daily Mail but they never appear? ALL of the article makes me sick but THIS “Kimpriktzis lured the boy to secluded woods and persuaded him to perform sex acts, despite failing to tell the boy he was HIV positive, the appeal judge added”
    Persuaded him? WTF It was rape. You can’t persuade a child. Despite failing to tell the boy he was HIV positive? So he should have said I’m HIV positive can I rape you?
    You just could not make this sh@t up! The law is an ASS

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