Investigators under investigation: Met Police inquiry into IPCC over Richmond abuse scandal

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Operation Fernbridge – the criminal investigation into a paedophile ring centred round the London borough of Richmond and the shady Elm Guest House – is now turning to the role of Independent Police Complaints Commission over the whole affair.

As reported by my excellent colleague for Exaro News, Mark Conrad,(see in an amazing turn of events the  Met Police is now investigating the role of the police investigators.

The turn of events is extraordinary. A former local government employee at Richmond and GMB trade unionist put a complaint into the police some 20 years after the police raid on the Elm Guest House. The police while taking down the details did not appear to investigate.

So he complained to the IPCC who also appear to have dismissed the inquiry.He then used the appeal process to complain about the IPCC who again dismissed it.

To be fair most of…

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4 responses to “Investigators under investigation: Met Police inquiry into IPCC over Richmond abuse scandal

  1. david this has always been a stumbling block and why investigations are curtailed..if it opens doors to info then its worth a go..

  2. Jeremy Stocks

    Have I got this right….the police are now investigating….the police?


    • @Jeremy Stocks not for the first time…west yorkshire cops..cops investigating the cops who are investigating the cops..on the other hand it could be delaying tactics or derailing the course of investigation.

  3. when i made a complaint against the police it was the ipcc who investigated my concern, the first thing he said was i am completely independent from the case and force that i was complaining about. The next time i went to court and spoke to the officer i was complaining about and mentioned the ipcc guys name and he said oh thats funny he is my commanding officer, so the ipcc guy lied to me, blatantly lied, now have no faith in the police or in fact the system as a whole.