Greenwich: ‘Dear Mr Bottomley’



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  2. Wook5ter

    Mr Fay – what a legend – with children’s rights to the fore! I bet he wouldn’t misplace a dossier on child abuse.

    • survivor

      Very important people were involved so victims didn’t stand a chance of justice. Animals congregate in packs to feed off the weak. Young fresh meat laid out for them to consume. Who am I? A fighter, a survivor, a testament of good conquering evil and a huge up yours to all those who wanted,tried and failed to devour me and ruin my life…….

  3. Fredrico

    Link now – but to wrong letter . . .

    Think you have mixed up Page 2 from another post.

  4. Fredrico

    Second Page does not link

  5. chess

    Is Mr Fay still around? Anyone know? He obviously had balls then, would he champion this cause now?

  6. gus brown

    Any chance of a translation please as I can’t read this very well