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“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

The BBC have announced that Rolf Harris has been arrested. I am aware that whenever there is any news about the allegations of sexual offences against Rolf Harris, The Needle receives a steep increase in traffic. Without wishing in anyway to seem unsupportive of the victims in this particular case, I’d like to take this opportunity to write about something far more widespread.

Over the last 40 years or more, the care home system in the UK has been targeted by paedophiles, producers of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) material (child pornogaphy) , the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation, and on occasion the murder of victims, either because their deaths become sick entertainment , or because they knew too much.

Some of this has been extremely well organised and is not restricted to one or two local authorities. This is a problem that is widespread.

When I first became aware of this I felt ashamed of myself. I felt ashamed because I had assumed that the most vulnerable in our society, children in need of care of the state, were safe. To find out that that was not the case and that because, in part, of my ignorance, the sexual abuse of children was being exploited and perpetuated was very difficult.

But now I am no longer ignorant, now I know what has been going on. Ignorance is not a crime but to turn away once all ignorance has been dispelled is morally reprehensible.

There has been a systemic cover up of the truth. One reason for this is due to the fact that many child abusers hold great power, a second reason for this is because CSA is an underworld industry which makes a great deal of money and therefore corruption is rife, a third reason for this is because some people mistakenly thought that moving a problem elsewhere solved it, and finally because with so many powerful people implicated for the three previous reasons, it has become an issue of national security.

I’d like to appeal to every parent and grandparent who reads this. This is not just historic this is a very real child safeguarding issue today.

Please take the time to read the articles here on The Needle and on Spotlight. Don’t look at the individual stories in isolation. Look at the broader picture.

Now I’ve told you, now you know, remember the words of Edmund Burke, and do not turn away.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


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  1. Lulibelle

    My brother in law confessed via Kik messenger to taking a ‘photo’ of his 10 year old daughter and emailing it to a fellow transv/cross dresser/pervert and so my nieces picture could be floating around cyber space.
    My hb and I didn’t even know his brother was a tv/cd and his female partner (again, we didnt know of her as he was married) allows him to dress as he wishes BUT she has a lot of dirt on him via photos of him in a frock! She forced him to say what he had done by threatening to show me another pic of him. He confessed all, said he didn’t know why he had done it, had never done anything since etc… I took screenshots on my iPad! He was a scout leader and ran archery clubs and other things for teens. We made him pack it in but he told the scout area leader it was for ill health as I found out when I called to check he had resigned. I told the area ‘boss’ what the truth was which was hard because he knows my in laws. My father in law had been a scout leader in the past. We told bro in law to sever all ties but he still had FB with kids on so my hubby went to see him, with our evidence and tell him to turn himself in. My husband told his brothers and his mum what had happened and showed his confession. They honestly thought we had a sick reason to set him up. The family are vile and disgusting as they’ve taken to close ranks and protect him. We reported him. We are now the outsiders. He got a caution and afaik placed on the S.O register but how can a family stick up for him? I’m glad my husband and I have the morals we do because we can hold our heads high. My husband is more of a man than the brothers put together and as for the mother, well…. Sadly the Dad of the household is no longer alive as he was a good moral man. Sick ppl out there. There’s a lot more to this but that’s the gist of it. The police accepted the screenshots along with his confession but another niece just refers to ‘the accusations’ and he was able to attend a different nieces wedding, with a camera! The other guests didnt know they had a sex offender amongst them and we only found out about the wedding after it occurred.

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  4. Caz

    This sickens me to the pits of my stomic. I knew Britten was corrupt but I did not relise how corrupt it is. The fact that this is world wide. I was sexually abused by a family member for a period of 10 years. It went to court and it was given 300 hours community service, name on sex offenders list for 3 years and £300 fine!! At the time and to this day I think the judge was corrupt. As with most cases that go to court most are released with a pointless charge, that dose not involve them going to jail!!!! Yet if a person comits frawd they are going to jail for 18 months plus! So in the eyes of law destroying a life and taking the child’s childhood innocence frm them is not as bad robbing a shop or insurance company!!!
    I think if they called child sexual abuse child rape instead people would find it harder to turn there back and forget. At the end of the day wether the sexual abuse is physical (rape) or mental (forced to watch adult porn) its still raping there mind. Changing it forever. Yet these (i can’t call them people) evil things are aloud web pages wer they can openly talk about actuly raping children or there sick fantisys. Y is this aloud?????? Y r they aloud to publicly say what they do and even attempt to justifie it!!! The world sickness me!!! And BTW has anyone else noticed that most of there ppl we have watched and looked up to for last 30years have either been given the title “SIR” from the Queen!!!!! This to me surgests that it goes to her door step!! Even “lady Margaret thatcher” who was hiding her mainly paedo party!! Even ralf Harris was close friend to queen he has a OMB frm the queen!!Sir jimmi savel the list goes on sir cliff Richard!! Can anyone else see the connection here or are we all scared of what may happen to us if we open our mouths??! We the people have the true power there are more of us if we all worked together could we not take back what is ours!

  5. alan b'stard M P

    it’s all yer own fault. You continue to vote for them, or not vote at all. UKIP tell us about gang rapes on under age white girls. BNP said that years ago and were condemned as racists

    You should all vote and vote away from major parties

    • Len

      I do hope to see the eventual end of Party Politics as we know it. If what I hope is revealed soon enough our current political class needs to crumble, one by one.

      • alan b'stard M P

        Len, I’ve always said an MP representing and electorate constiturionally, cannot represent a party, but representing the party is all they do

        Ban parties

  6. Please note that behind #paedobritain is #childsnatchbritain and that is going at 1,000 kids per month! How many of them get abused? I know of 3 of the 7 taken by the worst of all child snatching cases:

    And I do know that snatching is NOT in the ‘best interest of the child’. How can it be when babies are taken at birth??? See this video: or this one:

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    please read & share widely

  8. Thanks gojam for bringing attention to this subject.
    I try to tell people about how things really are and most simply cannot comprehend or will not listen for long, i aslo think that what this government is doing is only going to create the perfect conditions for CSA to skyrocket, secret family courts that literally steal one day old children with the help of social services and the police, seen a vid on the ukcolunm and it made me cry like a baby. This country is f**ked if something doesn’t give.
    sorry for the negativity

  9. Good job Gojam, this is what the internet is really for:- informing, educating and raising awareness for the sake of truth, justice and social progress- everything mainsteam media consciously doesn’t do…

  10. Lucky?

    “These perverts have infiltrated every avenue of our state and public life” – the men I knew or came across who were proven as perverts were…
    The vicar of my church
    The curator of the local museum
    The man who wanted to take me for a ride on his shiny motorcycle
    The teacher

    I consider myself ‘lucky’ – never anything physical, though I have hazy memories of the teacher exposing himself

    Still messed my head up though, and it gets worse the more you understand and as the the story unfolds in your mind

    Probably the most difficult words I’ve ever written.

    Please keep up the good work

    • Funny that, I have a dim memory of my brother being in the choir at the local church when we were kids, but he left because the choirmaster ‘liked touching the boys’- and my mother said how he was a ‘speechwriter for Margaret Thatcher’. I wanted to post a comment about this months ago, but since I couldn’t find anything online about a former choirmaster who had been a speechwriter for the excreble Thatcher linked to the church, I didn’t…but since she died last week, I’m thinking ‘why not?’. If anyone can find any info on a ‘choral’ Tory close to Maggie, please let me know!

  11. does anybody know what rolf harris is actually accused of it just says sex offenses.

    are these supposed to be against children or adults when and where are they supposed to have happened.

  12. BarrieJ

    Like many posting to here and indeed other sites, my wife and I have lived our lives in complete ignorance of what has been happening to all of our children.
    We thought Savile creepy but nought else.
    Through Irish Catholic friends we were aware of abuse in the church but thought it isolated.
    How naive we were?
    And now I think how powerless we have become.
    I have taken the opportunity of warning our children to protect their children and have told work colleagues of the potential dangers to their children and grandchildren but am faced with incredulity or “wouldn’t it be in the ‘papers?”.
    I am now filled with anger and frustration that our totally corrupted nation, it’s elected representatives and those paid to protect us have been subverted by a criminal ‘elite’ who have set out to hurt our children to appease their own vile and debased sexuality.
    What power do we have?
    What more can we do?
    These perverts have infiltrated every avenue of our state and public life.

  13. Katie

    I read it, it is a damning indication that children were abused, silenced and adults aided the harm for Political reasons, financial reason and perverse reasons. Those children were not just care home children… they were all of our children entrusted to the care of what we thought were safe services…

    What do we do?

    • Tell at least two people and persuade each of them to do the same.

      • Deborah Gill

        what people cannot bear to contemplate…they refuse to believe…I tell everyone that I can…we should all do the same and hope that people will listen to what is almost unbearabe….knowledge and belief of how widespread and far reaching these vile acts really are must eventually help…I really hope so …..

      • Katie

        I told 256 instead, …how many will listen is anyone’s guess… we sow the seeds and wait for it to flourish, which it slowly is. This hiding in plain sight only occurs due to other’s turning a blind eye… Find anyway you can to get the information out, we are fighting a war to protect children from adults who see them as nothing but objects not worthy of a healthy happy life… it is our duty as human beings to defend them. Those children that were hurt were ALL of our wards and we all have a responsibility to them. Our indignation and anger at the assassination of the child’s spirit must now guide out pens… Like every page, share it, speak if you can, type if you can’t.. add your voice to the throng until it becomes a clamour that none can ignore. Just please do not turn away…

  14. Boo

    Thank you for your informative blog, I have been following with interest over recent months. The slow realisation of the awful truth regarding child abuse is very distressing. The problem I encounter is, I feel a sense of overwhelming powerlessness – I would like to feel there was something I could actually do, to start making the changes that need to be made. I feel like I am watching in horror, but have nowhere to take this information, as every direction I might have considered appears to be intrinsically corrupt or incompetent…and besides I have no clout, I am just a horrified bystander.

    Some reports are so shocking, so evil, it is understandable that some will find them difficult to hear, and difficult to believe. I suppose the first and most obvious way to make future changes, is to inform as many people as is possible – knowledge is power. I hope you continue to promote awareness for the sake of the abused and the abused to be, thank you.

  15. Boggins

    Agreed. Whether or not some rather unpleasant celebrities had sex with fifteen-year-olds dressed up to look much older back in the seventies is a side-show, and, worse, a distraction. I’m always suspicious of conspiracy theories – no, I don’t believe Margaret Thatcher was really a giant lizard in disguise – but you do wonder if this focus on Harris, Davidson and co is intended to keep the press, and us, distracted from the real issues. Keep plugging away – you’re doing a great job.

  16. delf

    Good piece.

  17. Len

    Hear hear. I called out the Rolf story to colleagues (I work for a huge Corporate) ages ago and was called a conspiracy theorist, they are now the people who are mailing me today flagging the Rolf story.

    Hopefully this will awaken awareness, an MP or ex Cabinet Minister will be the cherry on top.

    • robin

      Why? Are the RH allegations to do with children? I dont think they are. Like DLT, groping allegations against adults. It sickens me that their alleged offences are lumped together with the systematic buggery of children.

      • Len

        I am pretty sure I did hear on the BBC that it is an allegation from someone who was a young female at the time. The Rolf story is the side show, The Arts can be fed to the wolves. Let’s get a bit higher up the food chain.

  18. Over 18,000 UK paedophiles/child abusers named so far: Search our database by area/location or offender

  19. misty53

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    100% agree with you

    • alan b'stard M P

      I don’t like assaults on boys referred to as ” sexual assault, as it infers the anus is a sexual organ. It is not. It should read committing acts of buggery & sodomy

      • The boys were attacked with a sexual organ, also in some cultures anal sex is considered normal and is part of everyday life.
        The use of terms such as sodomy and buggery has been replaced by “sexual Assault” for quite some years and the English common dictionary accepts this is so.
        To be so pedantic about an issue as sad as this is beyond belief, the children abused deserve our full support and the abusers pursued to the bitter end.