Now Met Police target Roman Catholic Church in historic sex abuse investigation

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The Met Police  has launched a further investigation into historic child sex abuse – this time focusing on the Roman Catholic Church in England.

I understand from good sources that the Met Police are investigating the role of a Roman Catholic bishop – both involving allegations involving paedophilia and whether he protected Roman Catholic priests who were alleged paedophiles.

For legal reasons I cannot say much more since there is an ongoing criminal investigation under Operation Fernbridge where they have already been two arrests and a decision is expected this week by the Met Police whether to charge the two individuals  or extend their bail.

Quite separately I am also told the Met Police may start soon investigating other Catholic institutions in the UK.

A statement from the  Roman Catholic church said: ” “I am not aware of any generic police investigation into sexual abuse linked to the Catholic Church in…

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7 responses to “Now Met Police target Roman Catholic Church in historic sex abuse investigation

  1. Former St Benedict's Pupil

    Jonathan West is a leading figure in the revelation of child sexual abuse that took place for over 60 years at St Benedicts school in Ealing, West London. His blog – confessions of a skeptic – is well worth a visit. He has fought tirelessly to expose a well know truth and force safeguarding procedures at a private school where child sexual abuse – mainly by priests at the attached Abbey – had gone unchallenged for far too long. You would not believe the lengths the church went to cover this up – it beggers belief.

  2. But, but, I thought the ‘servants of God’ were above the law!? What is this, a second Reformation? Perish the thought, ha ha!

    Obviously the State is playing the long game here, throwing out a few public sops, dragging out the investigations, smearing campaigners and trashing their sites, all in the hope that the issue will shrivel up, fade from the public consciousness, and then die…
    Are we gonna let that happen? Somebody with a high media profile needs to ‘up their game’…Exaro? Watson…?

  3. chess

    Saw last night that PIEReport has closed down, one hack too many…..can’t imagine the state of the psyches of those who cause that to happen, their main objective’s transparent though – keep us dim.

  4. Sodazed

    Catholic priests whilst alive, MP’s once dead — that seems to be the agenda.
    If only one, ONE current or previously serving MP where arrested and charged it would help to restore the sanity of every awake person in existence.
    I’m getting sick and tired of trying to wake people up only to be met with silence at best and programmed propaganda at worst.
    Keep up the good work. BTW, do you know what’s happened to PIE-Report news? It’s been offline for a few days which seems unusual.

  5. justice

    So basically a bishop knew mcsweeney was a paedophile and covered it up. Otherwise I just can’t see how it is part of fernbridge.