Ding Dong !


Ding Dong!

So, according to the Daily Mail the BBC are facing a dilemma.  Judy Garland’s ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is currently placed at number 10 in the UK official charts. Should the BBC play the song in the Top 40 countdown ?

It is a little reminiscent of the controversy that raged over the Sex Pistols hit ‘God Save the Queen’ which looked set to top the charts at the time of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. Back then the song suspiciously only made it to number two in the ‘official’ BBC chart despite topping other UK charts like the NME single’s chart.

I tend to take a balanced view of Margaret Thatcher’s legacy and I distrust the ideologues at both extremes who would like to portray her as either infallible or totally evil but to fail to recognise that this country is still broadly divided into two camps now as it was while she was Prime Minister, is a failure to understand the sociological make up of the UK.

Though I would never compare Mrs Thatcher to Stalin who was responsible for the deaths of millions, it is important to note that Uncle Joe’s body effectively lay in state, preserved in Lenin’s Mausoleum for 8 years following his death in 1953. The state controlled media allowed no criticism of this monster. I suspect that Thatcher herself, who never ducked criticism while she was alive and, for all her faults, certainly was a defender of freedom of expression would be appalled if those that opposed her in life were silenced.

That said, there is her family to consider, she was not just a public figure but also a mother and grandmother. I’d suggest people ask themselves how they’d feel if people celebrated the death of their own mother or grandmother. It seems to me to be in bad taste.

The BBC is facing a difficult decision about whether it should play a Wizard Of Oz track which has had a surge of popularity in the wake of Baroness Thatcher’s death.

An online campaign has driven sales of the song – today midweek placings released by the Official Charts Company show Judy Garland’s Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead is now at number 10.

The corporation will now have to decide if they will play the 1939 tune during Radio 1’s top 40 countdown when places are finalised at the weekend.

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16 responses to “Ding Dong !

  1. Nobody

    I think you can also infer that her naivety suited the pedocracy, and that was the reason for her political longevity, rather than any other reason.

  2. Nobody

    She had so many pedos in her cabinet AND she fostered a friendship with Saville, why shouldn’t people be outraged that she should be revered in death? Essentially, whether she knew or was just a useful patsy for the pedos, she was a pedo enabler and protector. Women of her generation can be extremely naive about such matters, but even so, naivety doesn’t excuse the sheer numbers and the growth of the whole pedocracy during her tenure.

  3. Anon

    … and, unfortunately, SIr Elton John will not be available to play and sing his “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road” at the Funeral Service.

  4. Capital Radio has actually decided to censor the Munchkin’s ‘Dong’, despite the fact that the day before they bemoaned the fact that the Sex Pistol’s ‘God Save the Queen’ was banned from the airwaves in ’77… The Hypocrites.
    But what’s with all this compartmentalisation over Thatcher? Besides her obvious misdeeds and the whole ‘Greed is Good’, ‘F*ck you, I’m alright Jack’ culture she bequeathed to us all, there’s the plain fact that she HAD to KNOW what Morrison, Savile, Righton, various Monday Club members were up to…and then there’s the British Lion, and Kincora too! So respect where it’s due, and infamy too…

  5. C A

    A good balanced article . I’m no fan of Thatcher but her funeral should be respected. However i don’t agree with this’ don’t SPEAK ill of the dead’ nonsense. The Savile debate would be dead in the water if we all followed this maxim. Thatcher like most people in power was able to do both good and bad ………………….depending on your place in Life at the time.

  6. Peter Glipp

    “I suspect that Thatcher herself, who never ducked criticism while she was alive and, for all her faults, certainly was a defender of freedom of expression would be appalled if those that opposed her in life were silenced.”

    You forget that she silenced Sinn Fien by passing a law making it illegal for news media to report anything they said even though they were her political opposition with members standing for parliament.

    • Sabre

      Is that actually true? The real voices were banned but not the actual words !
      It was in fact a bit petty really.

  7. Jim Murray

    Gojam, you are entitled to your opinions, but to describe Thatcher as a “defender of freedom of expression” flies in the face of the facts – see the infamous “broadcast ban” and the attacks on Thames Television for their “Death on the Rock” documentary (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/4409447.stm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_on_the_Rock)

  8. simian

    I like the balanced perspective of this article. One thing I have observed through this event is how close the resentment is simmering away below the surface even after 30 years. The antagonistic reaction to the passing of Mrs Thatcher represents just how flimsy the power of the status quo really is and that her passing is indicative of the coming collapse of this redundant power structure we call the establishment. ‘Old England is Dying’ The Waterboys… Great post and a great blog!

  9. BarrieJ

    Mrs Thatcher was a friend and apologist to killers, dictators and despots.
    Pol Pot.
    General Pinochet
    General Suharto
    Her tacit support for apartheid and opposition to the ANC.
    Where is the respect paid by readers of the Right Wing press for the victims, let her be judged by her policies, her actions and the company she was comfortable with.
    Let Tony Blair be equally judged.

  10. there are a lot of people who have lost mothers, what about those sent on ATOS assesments now dead..BBC should play it..its not a bad tune..what is the world coming to when we’re afraid of music.

    • chrisb

      Wikipedia reports that ATOS was formed in 1997. Thatcher left power in 1990. To blame her for ATOS assessments is ludicrous.