Why a dangerous police chief ban on announcing arrests will be an own goal for justice

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A furore has broken out rightly on  daft and dangerous proposals by the Association of  Chief Police Officers (Acpo) to refuse to release the names of people they arrest in the course of  criminal investigations. As the Mail on line reported this weekend (http://bit.ly/12BhfaN )  the proposal has been condemned as secret justice and produced angry responses from Index on Censorship and the Society of Editors. The police seem to be using Leveson as cover to do this.

But it smacks of the worst kind of justice where people disappear after being taken off the streets in countries like Russia, Zimbabwe and tinpot dictatorships.

But there is a practical aspect of this policy that has been completely overlooked. It is  because Acpo have taken the view that they are a news supplier which gives the media stories and  forgotten that it is two way traffic. The investigative media also uncover…

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8 responses to “Why a dangerous police chief ban on announcing arrests will be an own goal for justice

  1. @gojam did you check out the PAN stuff as yet??

  2. gus brown

    hmmm bad smell about this. Once again the truth will not out.

  3. Ha. Whatever happened to ‘naming and shaming’ eh, changed their bloody tune or what? Next thing you know they’ll have Diplock Courts for rioters and vanishing VIP paedos suspects- Oh, hang on…Justice not only done, but SEEN to be done, my a*se.

  4. Bill Wagstick

    ACPO Ltd (Association of Chief Police Officers (Company Number: 3344583))

  5. Adam

    This country.makes wanna puke-daily! That said great work on here thanks f putting the time n effort in-longtime lurker!

  6. Principle3500


  7. Tweeterer

    “Whatever happened to ‘naming and shaming’ eh”

    Shaming them for what? They have been arrested – not charged or convicted. They are merely suspected of a crime. They are presumed innocent until they are convicted by a jury of their peers.

    The idea of subjecting arrested individuals to widespread media scrutiny when they could very well be innocent is pretty disturbing to me.

    As it happens, many police forces already refuse to release the names of arrested individuals for this specific reason, and do not confirm individuals’ identities until they have been charged.