Rochdale Over 20 Years Ago

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by | April 9, 2013 · 11:38 am

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  1. The 20 years since the Orkney Islands satanic ritual abuse investigation also just passed, were they calls fro the children taken away (now adults) to say the authorities got it wrong? That their parents were innocent? No. Not one of those reporting abuse spoke out.

    Yet here we are post-Savile, post-SRA in Wales and people try to debate the existence of ritual abuse.
    Mar 2011 – satanic ritual abuse
    3- children conceived in cult abuse
    Oct 2012 – Juju witchcraft rituals used in chid sexual abuse and prostitution
    Dec 2012 Cornwall
    Jan 2012 – witchcraft based torture – London
    Aug 12 – government announces action plan to address child ritual abuse linked to witchcraft and religion
    2009 – John McFadden ‘black magic high priest’ and ex-policeman, Scotland
    Sep 2010 – ritualistic killing – London
    Jan 2011 – ritual killing – London
    Mar 2012 – ritual killing task force launched, Victora Climibe’s witchcraft-related murder

    this is just the last 5 years or so in the UK, even more exist overseas

  2. alanbstardmp

    well, get a grounded penetrating radar and search the area, Fact or fantasy?

  3. @GOJAM what do you make of the words BLK MAGIC appearing on clwd council document in relation to bryn estyn?