Top Cop Resigns: Honour Before Ambition


So, top cop, Peter Spindler, has resigned according to Exaro

Why ?

Why has this decent capable copper felt it necessary to resign ?

Why has he decided to resign while he plays a major role in the Fairbank/Fernbridge investigation?

Look at the photo, look into that man’s eyes. Is he a bottler?

What does it mean that a man of honour resigns from the Fernbridge/Fairbank investigation ?

I ask you. Why would a man of honour resign?


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20 responses to “Top Cop Resigns: Honour Before Ambition

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  2. dewilennard

    Did Spindler want to go further, faster? Or did he want to protect somebody, but realised he couldn’t? Time will tell. But Campbell i/c of fernbridge does not augur well.

  3. BPK

    Same M/O as all the other ‘investigations’ then, Jersey, North Wales etc.
    Back to business as usual for the PTB

  4. Countess DeWinter

    It’s been taken away from Spindler (Specialist Crime Investigations) and given to Campbell from Homicide & Serious Crime Command. A definite change in focus. Both men apparently equally unable/unwilling to resolve high-profile big-impact conundrums (Campbell with the Dando, Daniel Morgan, and McCann cases, Spindler having held the loose reins of the Police Anti Corruption Dept and anything to do with paedophiles). Spindler lately admitted police files containing witness complaints against ‘celebrities’ and other high profile people were deliberately hidden because, you know. It is possible he may have been part of the problem.

    • Mudplugger

      Spindler has not actually ‘resigned’, i.e. given up his salary, perks and future pension contributions, becoming unemployed – he’s merely left the project and gone off to do something else with the same rewards.

      OK, it may be a spooky transfer, but the term ‘resigned’ conveys a quite different status.

  5. liz727

    He won’t condone a cover-up.

  6. It’s over! It’s back to normal! The paedophiles have won again! What’s the fucking use!

  7. This sounds a lot like what was done to former Jersey Police Chief Graham Power, QPM, when he refused to go along with the Jersey abuse coverup into Haute De La Garenne.

  8. i hope this isnt lenny Harper all over again.

  9. i wonder was doing to little or to much for some people.

  10. Here we go again, this is getting weird with justice Macuar being appointed top spot, cover up alert.

  11. do the police have gagging orders?

  12. Det Chief Supt Hamish Campbell, who led the Jill Dando murder inquiry, has temporarily been put in charge of Yewtree…

    Is that just coincidence I wonder, in the light of the rumours that have been floating around online for months now?

    • Care to expand on that?

      • Several sites,,blogs etc have carried a story about Dando was “executed” after she went to someone in the BBC with a huge story involving “the systematic abuse of children on a large scale”. There is no suggestion that the people in BBC had any part in this , just that they spoke about it to other parties outside the BBC and that Dando was “silenced”

        Now, that could be just be all a bunch of “conspiracy hoohah however, those who have checked the “facts”, as far as they can be, seem to think that, the idea stems from someone close to Dando, not just the ramblings of various people online.

  13. Jonny

    To stop the ‘House of Cards’ falling.

  14. Jonny

    He’s been neutered.

  15. So a dishonourable one can take his place. It’s getting too hot in that kitchen.