Conservative Homosexual Group (CHE) Was Always A Front For Paedophilia.

CHE (Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality) was founded in 1975 by Professor Peter Campbell of Reading University, who was named as a visitor to the Elm Guest House. Exclusively on The Needle we now reveal the first ever official minutes of the founding meeting of CHE which clearly show that from its inception it was created as a pro-paedophile organisation and not an organisation which simply promoted gay equality.

This deception, that paedophiles are really just homosexuals continues today. Last year it was the Conservative Prime Minister who described the outing of child abusers as a ‘Gay witch hunt’.

This image from the ‘Mary Moss Images’ shows a newsletter from CHE, which appears to implicate the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality in the promotion of the Elm Guest House and handwritten note above which talks of a ‘Dutch Adventure’ which could be construed as a reference, in the circumstances, of child sex tourism.


Now, for the exclusive. For the first time The Needle team are able to present to you the original minutes of the very first meeting of CHE. Which clearly shows that rather than being just an organisation which promoted homosexual equality, they were in fact agitating on behalf of paedophiles.

I ask you, how can David Cameron stand up and suggest that any allegation of child abuse against some senior Conservative friends is a ‘gay witch hunt’ when the original and official organisation for Conservative ‘Homosexuality’ in reality had a paedophile agenda ?

You decide.



This opens the PDF text for this document.

This opens the PDF text for this document.


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  2. I was the general secretary of CHE in the 1970s. We had nothing to do with paedophilia in my time. I cannot speak for later periods. CHE was non-party-political. None of the documents reproduced above is from CHE. The Conservative group mentioned was an entirely different organisation. OLGA was different again and came rather later. You are mixing up three quite separate bodies.

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  4. Surely there is no deliberate disinformation here. All that is needed is for the author of the article to make it clear that there are two different groups in question here, and to give the date of the CHE documents.

  5. Pelias

    Chewie and Nostradamus are right that this article confuses two different groups (1) CHE the Campaign for Homosexual Equality
    and (2) CGHE the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality founded by Peter Campbell. While the evidence in the article is very interesting and very important, I suggest that it needs to be completely re-written to take this into account.
    Yes CHE was always a pro-paedophile movement and the “gay” rights movement worldwide has always been a pro-paedophile movement. But you need to argue it with much greater clarity than here.

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  7. Of the many helpful, and less than helpful, comments above, I think that the 1 from Incubusblog is the most apt. Firstly, we do not have an exclusive here. Secondly, there appears to be total confusion between the C. H. E. and the C. G. H. E. I am tempted to think that our blogger has been a victim of deliberate or otherwise disinformation, and whilst they may see criticism as a personal attack, and therefore against the aims of the blog, it is important that the truth be known, and if this is inconvenient and does not fit in with our personal conceptions of what it should be, we have to re-adjust our thinking and come into line with reality.

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  9. opgreenlight

    “CHE steps up support for PIE” Capital Gay 30/09/83

  10. Bishop Brightly

    This should sort out the confusion nicely:

  11. afriend

    This file is about THE Campaign, which was seperate to the CHE.

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  18. Hmmm

    I can’t see any mention of the word “Conservative” in either of those PDF documents. In the first one, CHE is identified as “Campaign for Homosexual Equality”. I don’t think this has anything to do with conservatives or the Conservative Party.

  19. @GOJAM I was watching C4 video on BRYN ESTYN which showed docuements it was list of abusers and professions and background ..and you can clearly see on list CHE…i took screenshot of it…does this help or not???

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  21. Gojam mate, you’re not doing yourself any favours here- this story was already run by the Mirror in January- is someone trying to stitch you up? There’s obvious no link between the Tory group and the information contained in the above documents. CHE, OLGA and the Black and Minority Caucus obviously had their own minority-centred agenda corrupted by paedo interlopers- and from the first doc above, not everyone was exactly happy with that…The ‘Dutch Adventure’ could also mean any number of things considering dutch gay activism and the ‘scene’ in Amsterdam. The Mirror/Exaro story is more clear-cut-

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  23. The new OLGA org does not seem related to the perverse “Campaign” these paedophiles originally launched by that name. Does current OLGA even know about? As alluded to above, the current OLGA site says: OLDER LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND TRANS ASSOCIATION

  24. Peter W Watson

    I would wager that Cameron is being blackmailed and that is why he is obsessed with homosexual “marriage” at any cost including the destruction of the Conservative Party. He used cocaine until before he stood for election at Witney (Witney papers on the record as Cameron stated he no longer used Class A Drugs) ) – Ian McKellen (now Gandalf) pushed this homo stuff with John Major under TORCHE – these people have infiltrated every institution and unless you are willing to fight by EXPOSING THEM the nation will be destroyed. Too strong a statement? Hague is another oddball and when Secretary of State for Wales a local politician who happened to be a Tory said Hague “attended some very odd parties” in Wales. Don’t forget Kincorra Boys Home and don’t be surprised if the entire British Establishment is ridden with sexual perverts.
    Learn from history. If it continues – Britain, and the west, are over and they will start persecuting Christians as they are in most of the rest of the world.

  25. Diogenes the Cynic

    Sorry if my message offended. I thought it was rather harmless. I just don’t see any hard evidence of a link with the Conservatives, but I have no doubt they were involved (after all, they were on the Elm House guest list and more than a few times). Please email me if you would prefer me not to post, and I will stop wasting my time. Thanks for the interesting information, once again.

  26. Airhairlair
    Old Lesbian and gay

  27. Dharmabro

    Conservative Homosexual Group (CHE) ???!!!!

    Me thinks you are muddling the CHE with CGHE

    The CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality) and the CGHE (Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality) are two totally different organisations. The former being formed in 1969 ( and the latter in 1975

    You state also that the ‘second image from the ‘Mary Moss Images’ shows a newsletter from CHE, which appears to implicate the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality in the promotion of the Elm Guest House.’ By my reckoning that image appears to be a newsletter from CGHE (Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality) and not CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality). As already indicated these are two DIFFERENT organisations.
    The same image has already been published by The Mirror on 26 Jan 2013 under the headline ‘Paedo brothel advertised in Tory leaflet: Party’s gay link to guest house.’

    As Robin says it appears you have misunderstood what you are looking at and that there is no link in the way you suggest, certainly not as presented.

    And who the hell OLGA?!!

    Please address these inaccuracies if you want to be taken seriously.

  28. Capt Puswash

    What is the link between CHE & CGHE groups? The info you have published is clearly damming but to whom?

  29. Mogreg

    I can’t download the full doc. Is there a connection with Peter Tatchell and these paedophile groups?
    This could be a biggie, but watch the institutions rally to discredit any perceived link homosexual-paedophile.

    • alanbstardmp

      the institutions can’t avoid it if one thing is applied. A reminder to them that allegations of child abuse are real and should be investigated regardless

  30. Principle3500

    Bloody Disgusting and Evil

  31. Atreyu

    Reblogged this on Knight Shift.

  32. CHE was formed in 1969. As the Committee for Homosexual Equality, CHE became a national organisation and attracted support from many leading figures in the medical profession and the arts, together with some from the Church.

    • robin

      And it still exists. The Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality is a much smaller group and is now called something different.

  33. Twinkle

    Have just read up about whistleblower (Tara) Andrea Davison through links from here to other websites, yet there appears to be no mention of her in the archives here. It seems that she has sought political asylum in Argentina because of what she knows about the government and paedophilia, amongst other things and is writing an expose. Anyone know anything . . .

    • afriend

      She is irrelevant and probably a fantasist. She claims she went to Duncroft, but nobody campaigning about it has ever heard of her.

  34. robin

    Excuse me for saying so, but you have misunderstood what you are looking at. You are not looking at the ‘first minutes of the CHE’ or anything like them. As others have noted, there is no link in the way you suggest, certainly not as presented.

  35. chilternsman

    Actually I think Nostradamus has a point. This is a bit confusing. Where is the link between the Conservative group and the minutes?

  36. I find the very existence of this group entirely suspect given the political atmosphere in the 1980s, most of the content reads like the minutes of a small Trotskyite sect rather than a Tory fringe group, especially given what was happening around Section 28- Very queer indeed (?).

  37. Nostradamus

    Can you please clarify:

    There seem to be two totally different organisations mentioned in the article.

    1. CGHE – Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality

    2. CGE – Campaign for Homosexual Equality

    The minutes appear to be from the latter organisation which was not linked to the Conservatives. The two organisations are completely different entities are they not?

  38. I can’t get the minutes either. Same response as bobchewie

  39. Dr Tig

    Interesting. What pressure can this document now bring? Cheers Tig

  40. i cant get the ‘damning’ stuff it wont download , also my google account has been playing up of late..

    We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes. You can view the Apps Status Dashboard for the current status of the service.

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    cant you just post it on here..?

  41. why are johns oaks and chris faye so silent now thsre supposed to have compiled thses lists why are they leave it all to mary moss.

  42. WW

    David Upton aka Dremer is an online pedophile activist as well as a self-admitted pedophile. He is retired, but is a mentor for GLBT youth, which we find frightening. He also admits to having been sexually aroused when giving his then three year old granddaughter baths. In one of his posts on LBL, he indicates that he had been caught with a boy when he was twenty, but only had to pay a fine and court costs.