#paedobritain Is Trending on Twitter

Keep up the good work everyone.

If people aren’t made aware of the scale of institutionalised child abuse and the cover-ups to hide those that protect abusers it will never be stopped.

Keep tweeting!


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29 responses to “#paedobritain Is Trending on Twitter

  1. It’s Freemason police that are involved in covering up child sex abuse in this country, especially the Sargent on the charge desk in your local police station, they are all members of Freemasonry, Knight Templar’s and Knights of St John, they have the choice whether to use evidence against a child abuser or not, and if the child abuser is also a member of Freemasonry, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll get away with his crimes just like my Freemason pedophile father did for over 30 years! The public should demand the Police Authorities to sack every police officer that is a member of Freemasonry, Knight Templars and Knights of St John as it’s the only way to bring evidence against pedophiles for their crimes before a public judge and jury! Another thing, is that the government is using a contract with the British Armed Forces under research and experiment to cover up- institutionalized child sex abuses in the UK since the 1936 when King Edward abdicated, this is why the NHS covers up child abuse and child murders, they label most child murdered victims as phantom patients if they’re still alive, and if derad, they’re used for body parts, that’s why Kate McCann worked on 6 child victims in a morgue prior to her holiday in Praia de Luz May 2007, and used a fake Madeleine McCann abduction story to divert from her body part bank for ex pats in Portugal and the Algarve, and the protecting factor was a Military CAAT order to stop FIO requests that the McCann’s and their friends were trafficking child victims of sex abuses as body parts to ex pats for profit!

    • Roselyn

      I have followed Madeleine McCann’s disapperance from day one and all the disinformation McCann’s and friends have put out, I do belive they have been protected by the establishment. Kate McCann did say she had dealt with six deaths prior to going on holiday, however this is the first time I have read the six were children. your comments on body parts and child trafficking ect. What is your source?

  2. “Of those arrested, more than 140 were 13 or younger – with 40 of those being on suspicion of rape.

    9 yr old rapists?? or as the article says ‘suspicion of rape’….

  3. whilst the article does mention children as being affected by abuse who may carry on to abuse, and also says kids today becoming affected by sex imagery its almost implying and sending a message to paedos that young kids are into sex crimes..which is a disgraceful idiotic article..what do others think?

  4. @gojam re the above item is this an example of govt establishment disinfo??

  5. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/experts-blame-online-pornography-hundreds-1752997

    Hundreds of North children arrested over sex claims
    A shocking number of children have been arrested in connection with sex crimes in the North, with experts blaming online pornography.

    In some cases those arrested were as young as six, a Sunday Sun investigation has revealed.

  6. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/paedophile-mp-cover-up-claim-detective-1785273

    Paedo MP cover-up claim: Top cop removed from sex abuse probe after naming politicians as suspects

  7. the Jersey Cover-up where an honest Police Chief was illegally suspended when he threatened to expose Paedophiles

  8. another e petition:

    The banning of all obscene and disturbing posts on Facebook about child abuse, incurable illnesses etc

    Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

    Enough is enough!! The number of posts showing graphic and disturbing images on Facebook is becoming a regular occurrence. Asking members to like these posts to show their support and stop incureable diseases and abuse is disgusting and it plays with their conscience.
    I’m sure with some high level lobbying Facebook will have no choice but to ban these obscene posts.
    Please support this epetition if you too feel that this has gone too far and is ruining people’s Facebook experience.

    yeah we dont want to ruin peoples facebook experience with all this obscene nonsense about child abuse now do we? idiot

  9. @gojam Confessions on Saturday at 10.30


    16.30, after the evening Mass and
    by appointment at other times.
    Charity Number: 278742


  10. Bring back the cane/belt in schools

    Responsible department: Department for Education

    The attitudes in schools nowadays is disgraceful and disgusting, the cane/belt should be brought back so young adults/children can learn how to behave properly and have respect for their parents and teachers.

    • nan

      absolute bollocks, that is so wrong. I admit I used to think exactly the same but seriously we have no right to inflict physical pain on another human being. what we need is education in how to bring up kids, I have 4 grown up kids Love them very much and always did my best for them as i thought at the time. looking back i made many mistakes which i can see now. I remember wringing my hands with worry and not knowing what to do about certain things. I am guilty of giving in to my kids demands for an easy life bla bla bla but beating them with a stick/belt is abuse and certainly doesnt work. I wish i’d had people like supa nanny and that doctor off tiny tearaways they deal with probs so well and that is all those parents needed a bit of help/advice. Kids need love and boundries to feel secure Parents need a little help not told what bad parents they are. also my probs started when i went back to work as most mothers have to do these days but it is difficult to give your kids what they need when we (mothers) are knackered. we all need to help each other and learn to accept help when offered community has been killed off too most of barely know our neighbours. Love makes the world go round stop judging and maybe try to help these kids

  11. @gojam can i add this to the billy no mates?

    Harsh jail sentences for anyone who insults the Monarch

    Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

    It always angers me to see people insulting the Queen and other members of the Royal Family and getting away with it.

    She works very hard for this country.

    I propose that anyone who insults the Queen/or present Monarch (Online, etc.) gets a harsh jail sentence!

  12. I think #paedobritain was perfect, it grabs people’s attention, it’s provocative and frankly denigrates the nation we’re all supposed to be proud of being subjects in. As a marketing/propaganda slogan it certainly serves its purpose. The only element that may not have been taken seriously were Icke links- don’t get me wrong, loads of good stuff going on on his site, it’s just the whole association with shape-shifting lizards, the ‘Illuminati’ and anti-semitism…Still nothing’s perfect eh? I think we all did bloody well today!

  13. jubei

    let us pray:

    Mass intention for grossly obese paedophile priest lurking in East Anglia – see bottom of service schedule via link. Wonder how many coppers they solicited in the grab basket and candle box during this service.

    Click to access 2013-03-02.pdf

  14. madlands

    Today’s hash tag that was meant to trend is #stopabusenow but more people continued with #paedobritain. Anyway, it has now trended for eight hours and hit number one in UK twice. So we are drawing people into follow links and understand.

  15. chess

    @gw today’s hashtag is #stopabusenow
    Not sure if has trended yet.

    Last time I looked paedobritain was at no.4.

    Looking forward to ‘big news’, not before time!

  16. gw

    such is the way of the internet!
    first time commenting here and likely to be my last. If it makes any difference a personal acquantiance of mine that works for the editorial of a large broadsheet informs me that papers are aware of scandal but cannot publish anything yet. expected to be “big news” in a few months. apologies if you are aware of this already. keep up the good work.

  17. gw

    #paedobritain is an awful choice for a hashtag, sorry. reminiscent of brass eye. won’t be taken seriously – I think a change in tact is needed, #voicesforvictims or, something. something a bit less man in a van reading the sun, basically.