The Mirror have reported on the cover-up of an investigation of a paedophile ring in Lambeth council children’s homes. It’s suspected that the reason for the cover-up was the involvement of politicians, including at least one MP.

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There’s another reason why Scotland Yard were so keen to close the investigation down.

In November 1997 the South London Press ran a story about a ‘sex chamber’ hidden in the basement of Lambeth Police Station with bedding, a red light, and a manacle. Was Lambeth Police Station being used by the paedophile ring to abuse children and produce child pornography?


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  1. Miss Joanne Billington

    maybe it is true maybe not. No way would the whole police station be in on that. If true the only way to keep that quiet is if all the weird ones were on the same shift. If the police up north kept it quiet, that would only be on the threat of a word from the higher ups. BBC have FULL RESONSIBILITY for this. If i owned a compant it would be me who is responsible for the hiring of good people and me for the responsibility to find the truth if this sort of thing happened. Stop blaming the police and get down to were the real root of cause and blame is. Time to stop wastinjg time, like 40 years later and keep blaming and dragging it out. ACTION rather than chitter

  2. paul

    Police up north kept quiet about saviles liking for young girls. So did half of British showbiz. So anything’s possible.

  3. alanbstardmp

    No, let’s not be silly here. You think every copper would be ignorant of that if it was true?

    The plods themselves of various rank would not let it happen

    You realize the chances of every copper that that nick, and others, keeping their mouths shut?

    No way

    • Spanky

      I don’t imagine for one minute that the average-policeman/woman would know or be aware of this – or, even if suspected, would condone or ignore it……but, sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.
      Truth is; normal, average Joe or Joess, will not pick up on, or suspect, wierderyness of a grand order…….because it is beyond their frame of reference.

      “”Cognitive Dissonance”” Shock….will hide a multitude of sins – because it is just too weird to register on most peoples “normality-meter”.

      Read “Shock Doctrine” by -Naomi Klein- (2007). It explains the process in detail….though limited, partially, by geographical example. – For a starting point…but not authoritive….caveat-reader

      • rainbowsophie

        This is so true – when ordinary people are faced with the extraordinary, they will prefer to believe what they are told by ‘those in the know’ as to question it, is not part of their frame of reference. Rather like foot soldiers being given orders that they know are wrong, but not questioning them, as to question a superior officer was just ‘not done’.

      • alanbstardmp

        you could not hide it

    • Lets not get silly. You think every copper at Hillsborough would agree to lie in their statements to cover up nearly a hundred deaths.

      Some of the lower ranks would speak up.

      Whats the chances of…. Oh yeah.

      • …and then there was Orgreave…and the Battle of the Beanfield (What? You mean it’s NOT OK for a grown man to beat a pregnant woman with a truncheon? Even if she’s a Hippy!?).

        A locked door is a locked door, only those with the keys are in the know…’Cognitive Dissonance’ sits comfortably alongside ‘Operant Conditioning’- Authority Is Always Right and True!

      • alanbstardmp


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