Leon Brittan And The Cult Of Scientology


As everyone knows Leon Brittan has a poor memory and can’t recall what he did with the files concerning institutional child sexual abuse that Geoffrey Dickens MP gave him when he was the Home Secretary.

So I doubt he’ll remember being the defence council for the Cult of Scientology back in 1968. Here’s an aide memoire.

Wednesday, 7 August 1968 The Guardian

The Church of Scientology of California was ordered in the High Court yesterday to pay the costs of the publishers of three national newspapers whom they had brought to court to face injunction proceedings.

Mr Justice Fisher also ordered that the Church would not proceed with libel actions against the News of the World, Ltd., Beaverbrook Newspapers, Ltd., and Daily Mirror Newspapers, Ltd., until the costs are paid.

At the start of yesterday’s hearing, counsel for the Church, Mr Leon Britton, told the Judge that he was no longer asking for the interlocutory injunctions restraining further publication of the alleged libels.

After a 65-minute hearing in private, the Judge gave permission for his judgment to be published.

He said the Church claimed damages alleging libel in articles in the “News of the World,” “Sunday Mirror,” and “Daily Express.” An application on Thursday for ex parte injunctions was refused. The defendants had filed evidence for yesterday’s hearing, but counsel for the church now said he no longer asked for the orders. Accordingly the applications would be dismissed, and the only question he had to decide was on costs.


See also The Times 07/08/1968

and The Scotsman 07/08/1968


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  2. Wow, these pots really know how to further there careers, just don’t have any morals, do what thy want is the order of the day.

    • andy

      All at the expense of the taxpayer.
      This guy gives me the creeps, he’s had his fingers in quite a few pies and seems to still be in with the government, secrets and lies, fingers in pies, laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. rainbowsophie

    Do we know what the reason for the injunctions were and what the articles were about Gojam? and who was Mrs Jane Kember ? It wouldn’t have had anything to do with the ‘Sea Org Fleet’ and allegations of fraud now would it :)

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  5. @gojam is it brittan, britton or britain..? the spelling is different

    • Good spot!
      The Guardian were renowned for their spelling mistakes. Both The Times and The Scotsman have the correct spelling.

  6. OyiaBrown

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  7. I think it’s an interesting link, because cults of any kind are fertile ground for sexual abuse, especially of a ritual nature.

  8. Boggins

    Don’t like the man, but to be fair, as a barrister you can’t necessarily pick and choose your clients, and in law even the indefensible needs defending. Whoever defended the Yorkshire Ripper wasn’t, presumably, a mass murderer himself.