The Case Of Girl ‘B’

Girl ‘B’ (from the NAYPIC Report) was locked up in Redwood secure unit for two months once she had been discharged from hospital following this ordeal.

There is something perverse in a system that denies the victim her liberty.



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6 responses to “The Case Of Girl ‘B’

  1. pete murphy

    I started to work for Greenwich as an Education Social Worker in 1988 but had no idea what was going on with cases like this sad one. I knew of many other things happening but they were within peoples own homes as the childrens homes were closed down.

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  3. andy

    This really is a shocking story and as dogman says i hope she is getting some support and not just drugged and put on a pysch ward.

  4. dogman

    Pretty sure that there is a lot more to this story. Poor girl, I hope somebody is supporting her, because I think that children in the care system have few people to turn to. We also need to focus in improving care for victims as they will have lifelong memories to deal with. Catching the perpetrators is a must, but very hard to do, but please remember there are victims that WE need to help! Who can they trust? Thanks for this article Gojam.

  5. ade

    Are all these recent? It just gets more alarming.

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