Kincora: To Be Reinvestigated.

Exaro News have anounced that the Police Service of Northern Ireland have contacted former residents of Kincora Boy’s Home and are looking again at allegations of child abuse that took place there

Ken Livingstone talks about Kincora Boys Home HERE

The Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast was opened in 1958. The home’s warden Joe Mains at once started to abuse the boys in his care. Mains recruited Raymond Semple and William McGrath in the 1970s and they joined in the daily brutal abuse.

The assaulted boys tried to bring the abuse to the attention of the authorities, including the police and the press, who failed them utterly.

People in authority knew what was going on because military intelligence officer Colin Wallace blew the whistle.

Wallace told his superiors what was happening and even put out a press release in early 1973. It stated that William McGrath was using “a non-existent evangelical mission as a front” for paedophilia. He supplied the address and phone number.

No newspaper followed this obvious lead, despite the press usually running Wallace’s propaganda briefings unedited.

The authorities did nothing about it. And sometimes they were the abusers. One was the late John Young, town solicitor at Belfast, to whom the boys’ complaints were passed. Others were councillors. Yet others were higher up politicians.

The abuse went on at Kincora for 20 years until finally exposed in a Dublin newspaper. Mains, Semple and McGrath went to jail—but the scale of the abuse remained hidden despite numerous inquiries.

Paul Foot


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  1. rainbowsophie

    Incubus – I can find details of the Ryan Commission, but no mention of the Whiteside Inquiry, what was this ?

  2. ‘Kincora file conspicously absent from government records’

    …and whatever happened to the Whiteside Inquiry?

    • rainbowsophie

      Another file they appear to have lost ? my my they really do need to replace their filing clerks… :)

      • Here you go Soph-

        The Lobster, 1984:-

        ‘Still unreleased is the ‘Whiteside Inquiry’. In December 1981 R.U.C. Chief Sir John
        Hermon set up an internal investigation to discover what happened to missing files and
        why the Kincora buggers weren’t prosecuted earlier. In charge was Assistant Chief
        Constable John Whiteside. Another ‘independent’ choice, Whiteside was a former head
        of Special Branch and the R.U.C. man most closely linked with British Intelligence
        during the seventies. He was a former R.U.C. member of the Security Liaison
        Committee set up by Sir Maurice Oldfield.’

        Click to access lobster03.pdf

      • maurice oldfield ,, wasnt he thought to be the fourth/fifth man by peter wright?

  3. paul

    2 books on kincora

    you can read the first book at scribd,someones posted it here

  4. Freddy Duder

    This could be mere coincidence, but the reporter’s name is David Rose… given the age of the story, it’s doubtful whether this is the same David Rose who has been accused by some of being an MI5 shill:

    However, despite not being the same person, could it be that David Rose is a monkier akin to James Bond?

    (I feel a bit silly writing this, but you never know.,..)

  5. i am glad you mentioned paul foot and colin wallace and ‘clockwork orange; black ops against wilson etc and how wallace was framed..wasnt louis mountbatten involved hence him being blown up by ira?

  6. Len

    This is when he was on LBC with Mellor wasn’t it? I have the whole of that show somewhere, they also talk of Internet conspiracy theories and even go to great lengths to convey how shocked they are that poor old Ted Heath was being mentioned amongst the usual suspects.