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Politicians like journalists can be  creatures of the moment. Flitting from issue to issue – today will be the decision on implementing Leveson  on press regulation – they sometimes forget the bigger picture in the adrenalin rush of a crisis or a story.

Eleven years ago David Cameron, then a backbencher sat alongside Tom Watson, Labour MP, as a member of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee. Together the two MPs signed up to a report on historical child abuse. One of the key recommendations of the report ( for those who want to read it all, the link is http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200102/cmselect/cmhaff/836/83602.htm ) was that when the police ” trawl” for abuse victims and witnesses  those who are interviewed should get support from day one.

The recommendation states: “complainants should be offered appropriate victim support services, such as
counselling, from an early stage of their involvement in the investigation.”


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  1. dogman

    The promise given was a necessity of the past, the word broken is a necessity of the present. Go on, guess who said that, and don’t blame me McAlpine started it!

  2. dogman

    The distinction between children and adults, while probably useful for some purposes, is at bottom a specious one, I feel. There are only individual egos, crazy for love.
    Niccolo Macchiavelli

  3. dogman

    Politics have no relation to morals.
    Niccolo Machiavelli

  4. Principle3500

    Government Policy Must be Capital Punishment for Physical Sexual
    Abuse of Children Advocation of ” Legalisation ” of such Evil and
    the Importation of Sick Filth which Glorifies the Abuse of Children

  5. david cameron also served on a commitee listening to the lies and bullshit from paedo protector david rose and his mates..lets not forget that too..

  6. Callie

    I’m afraid rich powerful old men marrying women a third of their age is a completely unremarkable occurrence. World wide, and across the centuries.

    I believe Mrs Merton had something to say about it :-)

  7. andy

    Check this one out, Macalpine marries third wife 27 years his junior, younger than some of his own children.
    Good to know that he can get on with his life…



  8. He wouldn’t be very popular amongst his peers if he didn’t dump his support would he, it’s his peers that are up to there necks in helping to run the paedophile gangs in this country.

    • andy

      Well said
      Why aren’t labour jumping up and down shouting why are you protecting the pedo’s, that would happen if there was true opposition but sadly as Mr C says we are all in it together and that is the only bit of truth that we will get from the ****.