Cyril Smith: Police Transcript


I really can’t recommend enough that you take the time to read this article in The Manchester Evening News. If you follow the link you’ll find a police transcript of an interview that they did with Cyril Smith. It is very interesting and very revealing.

[Police Officer] ‘W’:   ” I must warn you about interfering with witnesses.  The only reason I am here this morning is because you wanted to see me. I did not want to see you.  You must have some suspicion about you and them, about what’s in the statements or you would not be here, would you?”

Last November, we revealed just how convinced police in 1970 actually were that Sir Cyril Smith had been abusing young boys.

After investigating a string of similar sexual abuse claims, officers passed an 80-page file on the then-councillor to prosecutors, noting it was impossible to justify his repeated abuse of power.

It was knocked back and he went on to become one of the most famous faces of the 1970s.

What wasn’t clear until now was the extraordinary cat and mouse game he played with police – and how close they actually came to ending his parliamentary career before it even began.

Manchester Evening News


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5 responses to “Cyril Smith: Police Transcript

  1. Anon

    I am sickened beyond description that everyone behind the scenes KNEW about Smith’s offences, and that they let him go forward to become an MP.

    How many others are there?


    These pervs and criminals do not represent me.
    They don’t represent the vast majority of Britons who are decent, law abiding people.
    They have no place at all in any part of our community life, let alone on the national and public stage.

    • chess

      Agree wholeheartedly.

      • andy

        If it was that bad back then i can’t imagine that things have gotten any better.
        I have had many a brush with the law and i have never had a pally conversation with officers to provide excuses or be privy to what evidence and from whom that was held against me, this is absolutely disgraceful, yet i know from personal experience that the police and politicians do whatever suits them best.
        How many times have there been to take the rings down, but when we have “good” people like mageret hodge for children’s minister(when she was appointed by blair, islington social workers said it was like putting the fox in with the chickens), sums it up for me.

  2. OyiaBrown

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