MWT: “100% Faith” In Police Inquiry.

 'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain - 06 Apr 2011

“If you don’t feel confident talking to the police, then tell me, because when I tell the police your information will be acted upon.” Mark Williams-Thomas on Op Fernbridge/Op Fairbank

One of the greatest difficulties facing the police investigating  ‘historic’ cases of child abuse today is that  victims of child abuse, many of whom have tried already to report these crimes, don’t trust the police.

There were some criticisms when it was announced that victims could contact the NSPCC instead of the police directly but I can tell you that the NSPCC  will guarantee anonymity and are working very closely with the police. The NSPCC are an alternative to calling the police directly and the reason why they were promoted as an alternative was precisely because so many people had lost trust in the police. The fact that the police recognised this and were prepared to let other agencies help indicates how serious they are, in my view.

I firmly believe that this is possibly the last great opportunity we’ll ever have of uncovering what has been going on in the UK’s schools and Children’s Homes and if you have information that could help but don’t have confidence in the police then please contact someone, whether it’s the NSPCC, Exaro News, or Mark Williams-Thomas, they will guarantee your anonymity until you are ready, while passing on important information to the police. I have every confidence that this time that the police are very serious about holding those responsible to account but they need your help. They can’t do it without evidence and witnesses, you might hold the key.

Mark Williams-Thomas, the child protection expert who exposed Jimmy Savile, has offered to help catch an alleged establishment paedophile ring that used its connections to escape justice decades ago.

The former police officer – who researched and presented ITV’s documentary on the dark side of the BBC star – said that victims reluctant to report the abuse they experienced at Elm Guest House in London could contact him directly. Mr Williams-Thomas said he would consider making a documentary about the case if a new police inquiry, Operation Fernbridge, turned out to be unsuccessful.

He stressed that he had “100 per cent faith” in the inquiry into claims that children in care were abused at the property in Rocks Lane, Barnes, in the early 1980s by powerful figures from across public life.

But he urged anyone who felt able to report their experiences to come forward, saying it was crucial for Scotland Yard to collect more evidence before making any further arrests.

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  3. nan

    Diogenes your points so well put i agree with all you said. I too agree with your views on chris spivy he’s the man. Paul Carey i feel for you as a memeber of the human race we all make mistakes there are different levels of mistakes which you pointed out that you never hurt anyone physically, judging by your comments you are from working class background yes? we the people are not allowed to get on in life and put our past behind us you have to be from higher realms of society to do that in fact its practically a requirement to become somebody in a position of power. but as you say you cant even become a freaking cleaner without a background check, so tell me how do so many paedophiles/terrorists and corrupt people manage to get jobs with children and vulnerable adults and positions of trust it beggars belief. unfortunatly the abuse victims dont feel they can trust anyone our government/police/judges/others are out of control we need to change that. as for the Yewtree/Fairnbridge investigations we shall see, Good police have got close before and been shut down at the last moment. the cover ups are just as bad as the abuse as this has put some of those kids back in even worse Danger for trying to Tell someone who then went on to Betray them.

  4. BarrieJ

    One only has to visit to realise that having 100% faith in the police may be misguided.

  5. john carey

    The NSPCC took money from Saville – are you not telling me no victim of his complained to them over five decades?
    Barnardos the same took money from Savile – they were running the girls school of the ITV expose of him.

    By the way I don`t want to work with vunerable people – but if an `innocent` murderer mutilated of children got a job with them recently – how about a common paedo, but you have to be `innocent` etc, etc,etc

  6. nuggy

    he was never charged in south Africa he was not charged he here so in strictly legal terms he is innocent.

    he has no criminal record that is why they can employ him.

    • Diogenes the Cynic

      Sure – I understand that it is within their legal rights…but within their conscience?

      I wouldn’t use the word ‘innocent’. I would say guilty, but given amnesty.

      I don’t want the authorities to hang Hein Grosskopf for the crime for which he has been given amnesty. I want to know who (in the NSPCC) thought that a man who injured children with bombs would make a great Child Protection Officer….and did Hein always act responsibly in his position – i.e with the children’s best interest as his priority?

    • john carey

      I see, now you have cleared that up everything is fine – I think not – he intentionally planted bombs that did great harm. I cannot even visit South Africa, USA, Australia for example, because of being an ex-con (conviction many many moons ago) as a visitor – as for obtainig a work visa – more chance of Sir Alex phoning me up to say, `Ryan Giggs is slowing up on the wing, can you come out of retirement John?`

  7. Diogenes the Cynic

    @ John

    The NSPCC DID respond to me. They responded on facebook and confirmed that they HAD employed Hein Grosskopf. They neither confirmed nor denied that he was the very same one who was a bomber in South Africa. But searches on the internet suggest that this is true.

  8. john carey

    Diogenes sent an email to the NSPCC over two weeks ago regarding Hein – very polite email – no response. As stated previously any position of employment with vunerable people you are police checked (NSPCC helped draw up the National Guidelines).
    I as an ex-offender (but no bomber or murderer or mutilated) need a police check to be an office cleaner – just want the same rights as the NSPCC manager thats all.

  9. Diogenes the Cynic

    @ Paul.
    My definition of terrorist is a person who kills innocent people for political motives. A 16 year old girl lost an eye in one of the explosions which Hein Grosskopf was responsible for. That makes this guy a terrorist.

    I don’t want to quibble about the rights and wrongs of the ANC – that is for the South Africans to decide. I am well aware that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. But terrorism and geopolitics are irrelevant to the point I was trying to make…

    How can a charity employ a bomber a a child protection officer? Surely there are literally billions of candidates who would be more suitable for this role. So how did he get this job, and more interestingly…why?

    Ask the NSPCC.

  10. Legion

    I just think it is important to stay calm and not speculate at this time as ‘investigations’ continue. The word is getting out there and people on the ‘sidelines’ would be concerned about another ‘cover up’, the implications of which would affect everyone in different ways Sit tight and keep plodding away. If there is another ‘cover up, well, that is another thing and would be most unwise – as we all know…

    • Legion

      or even ‘effect’, I don’t know I’ve got a headache….

      • Diogenes the Cynic

        Sure – there is a lot of rubbish out there online. And that’s why its important to do your own investigations – get in touch with the NSPCC, and Lancaster University, and ask if its true (emails are easy and quick to write). Did they employ a bomber knowingly? If they did it unknowingly, how were they duped? I think that lots of people asking questions is often enough to bring things out in the light that were meant to remain hidden.

  11. john carey

    The problem with the NSPCC they are very much implicated in Saville – as an organisation which I have dealt with personally, cannot take any form of criticism of staff or proceedures.

    Please are you trying to tell me they have`nt `spiked` investigations regarding abuse by their staff or influential persons when victims have got in touch with them previously?

    The NSPCC have ALWAYS had more powers than the police to investigate child abuse – why has this shit been going on for decades?

    As for MWT, who will commission this new expose? – ITV only commissioned the Saville show because they knew of the BBB/Newsnight debacle.

    Please believe me though I want heads to roll!

    • Legion

      I have used the NSPCC very recently and I found them to be kind, considerate, helpul and calming on both occasions. All calls are recorded and I currently have faith in what they are doing. We can only try……

    • Diogenes the Cynic

      It was alleged (on the Chris Spivey site) that Hein Grosskopf (a bomber from South Africa who was given amnesty) was responsible for telling social workers to stop investigating particular cases when high profile names were mentioned. I contacted the NSPCC and they confirmed that they employed Heinrich as a child protection officer (highly ironic in light of the fact that his victims included children), and a simple search on google will let you know that a bomber from South Africa now works as a social worker in England. Currently, he gives guest lectures at Lancaster University. I have already made an FOI request to Lancaster uni (not possible with the NSPCC) as to who was responsible for employing him, and I await a response.

      I think it’s necessary to find out about the role Hein played at the NSPCC (perhaps these allegations are unfounded, and then its important to clear his name). I find it strange that none of this has been in the mainstream press – employing an ex terrorist as a child protection officer surely warrants some attention.

      This is why I defend Chris Spivey – he names names, and when I make my own enquiries I find that he is telling the truth.

      • john carey

        As an ex-offender I cannot apply for certain categories of employment – fullstop! – most categories of employment now involve a Police Check (especially working with vunerable children or adults) .

        I would be pleased if the NSPCC made a statement regarding the employment of Hein Groookopt – if he does not need a polce check to work with vunerable people why should I?

      • paul

        The worrying thing is we were told an ex tory cabinet minister WAS going to be arrested,now we are being told more arrests will only happen if more victims come forward. Which is it?
        Diogenes you obviously regard people who used violence against the apartheid regime as terrorists just like the Nazis regarded the French resistance and soe who used violence as terrorists. Many others regard those who supported the apartheid regime including the many British apartheid supporters as terrorists. By the way how many women and children died in Dresden? Was Bomber Harris a terrorist.

      • chess

        I have the similar concerns about Mr Grosskopf and his employment with the NSPCC. It’s all been kept very quiet, hasn’t it?

      • chess

        I just emailed the NSPCC with several queries about this man. Will let you know what they say.

      • chess

        I had a reply back from the NSPCC straight away.
        Here’s the corres:

        On 13/03/13 13:03, Chess wrote:

        I would be grateful if you could answer these questions for me.
        They concern a man named Heinrich Grosskopf, who, I understand, is or has been employed by your organisation.

        Please confirm whether you are employing him – or have employed him in the past.

        In what capacity is/was he employed within the NSPCC.

        For what period has he been or was he employed by the NSPCC?

        At the time of his employment, was the NSPCC aware that of reports that he is said to have been responsible for a car bomb bomb in South Africa that injured 30 people?
        I look forward to your reply.

        Dear Enquirer,

        Thanks for your email and for raising your concerns with us. We’ve now checked through our employment records. We can confirm that this man was previously employed with us and that he left the NSPCC in 2005.

        We carried out full and thorough Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks at the time and established that he had no criminal record and wasn’t wanted by any law enforcement agency.

        Due to confidentiality we are unable to discuss further specifics about an individual’s employment record.


        Jess Howard-Armitage


        Thank you for taking the time to contact the NSPCC with your concerns. I hope you have found contacting the Helpline useful.
        The NSPCC values service feedback and if you have any comments the NSPCC would be happy to hear them. Please send any comments by return email.

        Well, there we are then.

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  13. Exaro?? Just more Hacks riding on the back of Abuse victims…..

    I have info, but I would trust none of them with it…

  14. Ok got you, those who do not trust the police should go to the NSPCC instead. Since when has the NSPCC been trusted?
    Anyone with something to report should go to Exaro or, perhaps, Mark Williams-Thomas.
    The police, The NSPCC, all the agents of the State, they are all part of the Establishment; it is the Establishment that is responsible for the evil occurring, and it is the Establishment who are responsible for cover ups.

    • I understand David. I was just trying to explain why the NSPCC number was given out.

      My original fear was that the NSPCC were involved because the police didn’t have the resources but the reason was that some people didn’t trust the police.

      The point I’m trying to make is that those with evidence should contact someone who they trust. I didn’t mention it in the main article but some contact me and I direct them to an appropriate contact. You’ll understand if I don’t go into details as I also guarantee confidentiality.

      • Ok got you (for real this time). There is a very genuine problem with lawful authorities, and the NSPCC, and whoever else (that is a part of the system) you care to mention – nobody trusts them.
        I live in hope that there are driven people out there who are not a part of the system, who will defeat the system if full exposure does not occur, and rightful justice is not achieved.