Spartacus, which during the 1980s was being run as an international paedophile network, has already been linked with Elm Guest House.

The following extract is about an ex-PIE member called Roger Lawrence, who fled to Holland in the early 1980s and joined Spartacus, presumably at around the same time as ex-PIE leader Steven Smith. Lawrence used several aliases, and was arrested in his car at Dover in 1987 with notorious Swiss paedophile and sadist Beat Meier. The car was searched, and along with a large collection of child abuse films and magazines, the police found a three year old boy hidden under a blanket. The boy was called Dimitri Thevenin, and had been kidnapped from his parents’ house in Paris. Unbelievably, Roger Lawrence wasn’t charged and was allowed to go free.

Police found that Meier was wanted for sex offences against children in Switzerland, France, Holland and England. “The…

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  1. spartacus/PAN magazine issues in full – 21 issues in total
    Number 1, June 1979 complete in PDF
    Number 21, December 1985 complete in PDF

    • rainbowsophie

      The only possible value I can think of in looking at them, is too see what other Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Tour Companies etc. also took out advertisments in their pages, throughout the time of publication.

      But sorry, I can’t. Wimp? I know.

  2. Principle3000

    A National Disgrace and a Crime against Real Decency

    • john carey

      PIE got so far in the 80`s because of a Home Secretary who was in `their pocket` – thank God for Mary Whitehouse and Dickson the Tory MP