Five Go Adventuring Again.


You really have to ask yourself what the point of the sex offenders’ register is. 

Det Supt Alan Caton said  “I’m satisfied that we do all we can to manage those people that pose a risk in this county,”

Well I’m not !

A rape charity wants a review of how the sex offenders’ register is managed, after it was revealed five people on the list in Suffolk are missing.

Cath Elliott, from Suffolk Rape Crisis, says it is “shocking” people have vanished and wants Suffolk Police to take the issue “more seriously”.

Ministry of Justice figures showed there were 584 people on the list last year, up 45 from 2011.

Suffolk Police said the five people had left the country.

Det Supt Alan Caton said: “They’re wanted and if they come back to the country they will be arrested and put before the court.

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3 responses to “Five Go Adventuring Again.

  1. andy

    sounds like a joint venture
    if your in the right(wrong) club it seems you can do whatever you want
    the sex offenders regitester seems to be a joke
    kind of probation for high class criminals
    how the f**k was jimmy saville allowed into such institutions, the name gives it away, institutions institutionalized but the thing that is institutionalized the abuse of minors not only in the care system but the schooling system to and the sports coaching and the scouts and the church it is freaking everywhere

  2. Like the DPP’s Keir Starmer now saying that abuse victims should be treated with ‘less caution’- as if THEY were the danger. What a joke- except nobody’s laughing.

  3. andy

    and what about the police and ss that consistently cover there own asses and the so called professionals who seem to be so stupid and just do what there told
    i know there are good people throughout the sector but they get undermined by such incompetence as for the dpp they are all lawyers which in my vocabulary translates as liars