Dr Morris Fraser And The Azimuth Trust

Dr Morris Fraser

Dr Morris Fraser

In 1988 Dr Morris Fraser and Michael Johnson set up a sailing charity for disadvantaged boys called the Azimuth Trust based in Cornwall. They were allowed to do this despite the fact that Dr Fraser, a child psychiatrist had a criminal record for taking indecent photographs of children and assault in 1972 and that Michael Johnson had only the year before in 1987 received a written warning from his employer,Cornwall County Council, after a council disciplinary hearing cleared him of sexual allegations against a boy.

In the 3 years that the Azimuth Trust existed over 100 children took part in sailing trips many of those selected by Dr Morris Fraser had learning difficulties.

The Azimuth Trust published it’s own magazine which included photographs of naked boys. Many known paedophiles subscribed to the magazine.

Azimuth Magazine

Pictures from the Azimuth Trust Magazine

Dr Morris Fraser contributed a sympathetic chapter to ‘Perspectives on Paedophilia’ published in 1981, as did Peter Righton. Dr Morris Fraser also introduced at least one young boy whom he met through the Azimuth Trust to Charles Napier.


Dr Morris Fraser also introduced one young boy he met through the Azimuth Trust to a ‘photographer’ and a ‘sculptor’ during a visit to the countryside. That day they took many photographs. The boy’s diary reads (spelling corrected) “Sunday, I met a sculptor and a photographer and they took 75 pictures of me nude and said I was a good figure and gave me £5”


In the Feb 1994 Michael Johnson, was jailed for four years on six specimen counts of indecent assault against two boys aged nine and 11. At his trial in February, Truro Crown Court was told that Johnson assaulted the boys 50 times between June 1989 and November 1991.

Dr Morris Fraser was never even charged of any crime in connection with his role in the Azimuth Trust, though he was convicted for possession of child pornography 1993.

Source 1 – The Independent

Source 2 – Inside Story


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    • John Kelly

      Clearly there was a major conspiracy organised by people in high places to keep this depravity under wraps. Saville, Cyril Smith and many others acted with utter disregard for the unfortunate children they abused. Morris Fraser should be gaoled for the rest of his life. The swine.

  2. and you wnat even more sicker????..


    The Child’s Perspective of Pedophilia
    Listening to children, or former children, about their experiences or desires of sexual activity with adults ..

    Thi site needs to be close down….s

    • andy

      it will be legal in this country if we do not do something about it
      it is not ok for adults to have sex with kids end of
      but where to start when faced with such opposition
      just look at children’s minister mageret hodge, after covering up the islington care home crisis she gets promoted to children’s minister form that we must come to the conclusion that to get a top job you must be willing to protect the reputation the party at all costs and if you do you will be rewarded

      • @ANDY I was surprise i found this site..in fact i can easliy name quite a few that are international they even have twiter links and what have twitter done about it? NOTHING..

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  4. the perspectives book is even on sale on amazon !!!

  5. @admin is there anything that can be done to stop this stuff i mean amazon and google? what the matter with them????

    • I think the books have their historical place. You read them now and their poor justifications for paedophilia are a joke.

      I’ve read some of the chapters of Tom O’Carrol’s book, which is online, and although it’s not pleasant reading somebody who obviously has no remorse, it did give me insights into how PIE operated.

      • @gojam and andy all the same this is out of order surely google amnd amazon or providers should have that stuff blocked…??

        i know about a chain on them for a while now they all have twitter links too but i dont knoiw what to do i dare not name them in public but something has to be done..

  6. andy

    was just gonna link the tom carrol
    had a little read and was disgusted
    is this not something that ceop should be looking into??

  7. Principle3900

    Absolutely Disgusting and Diabolical

  8. cantankerous

    I don’t know why I am shocked at such depravity after the things I have read in recent months, but I am.
    Only just found time to watch the Op Orchid Lost Boys you posted previously. The attitude of the CPS was mind boggling and extremely disturbing.
    Trying to get things straight in my mind, was it the Op Orchid investigation that had picked up VIPs visiting “parties” at a garage or is that something altogether separate ?

  9. Callie

    Where did Azimuth Trust ‘select’ the boys from? Do we know?

  10. john carey

    Operation Orchid happened when we had I believe, a Home Secretary who was up to his neck in child abuse – what chance have the Police and the CPS regarding prosecutions if the `boss` things its a misdemeanour?

  11. Listen guys you are so hung up about things, loosen up a little. Once buggery was beyond contempt, it was illegal and punishable with a jail sentence, ask Oscar Wilde – now all the best people indulge in same sex penetration (i am told). The liberal intellectual elite have thought deeply about human existence and concluded that as there is no God and therefore no Ten Commandments, all human desire should be satisfied. If this means sex with children (perhaps even fetuses), and it enriches human experience; who are we to say it is wrong.
    I think that PIE presented their arguments in favour of sex with four year olds with similar reasoning. Anything but anything can be argued for, and with an able advocate, any proposition can be won.
    Beware the intellectual, beware those who have lived in cloisters, whether of the advanced learning kind or the religious kind.

    • john carey

      David so what you are saying that if you were a child again you would be happy to be abused? – if you are a parent now no problem with young David/Davina being abused, because`all the best people indulge`, is that what you are saying?

  12. There is something beyond obscene about our world; at the heart of our world there is intrinsic corruption. Blogs like this one, and Spotlight, and others, are highlighting a particular vile corruption – historic child sex abuse on an unimaginable scale. The deeply disturbing thing is that this abuse is systemic, and part and parcel of this nation. Many institutions and many “fine” people have been alluded to; pray tell me, how does one end something through the system when those within the system have historically allowed these vile things to happen?

  13. Margret Hodge MP, currently winning plaudits on a Parliamentary Committee – its name escapes me (I wonder why); once was the leader of a Greater London Council were child sex abuse was endemic. Miss Hodge rode the troubles there (don’t they all) to become a member of Parliament, and subsequently MINIISTER FOR CHILDREN. Demetrious Panton, who had been sexually abused in care under Margarert Hodge protested (how dare he!) . The noble lady (as surely she will in time become) suggested that Demtriious Panton was insane (ok, “unbalanced”).
    Our Demmy, However, was made of sterner stuff, he legally challenged Maggie; Miss Hodge withdrew and paid a suitable amount of money to the noble Demetrious Panton, which went to charity.
    So, Pray tell me, how does one challenge this evil system?

    • andy

      do you know her real name and family history
      fascinating read

      • Hi andy, I know only the basics – Jewish, rich, born “Oppenheimer”. For some reason I am not fascinated enough about the woman to delve any further.

    • Len

      Interesting tactic on this one David. So the establishment raping children (mostly poor/vulnerable) is the status quo and it can’t be changed? Really?

      In your time attacking the abused has there been a time where the wheels on the Paedo bus have started to rattle? Would you deny that a lot more noise is now being made? Will the secret services start to pick off every blogger/twitterer?

      With more people becoming aware and with the right strategy the British Paedolph ilses will be cleansed of state sponsored/sanctioned child rape.

      • DEAR ALL, in a documentary about the cooke gang..it was said that ian gabb obtained confessions from sidney cooke and his gang whilst in prison..so this is my question was there anything in that information obtained about connections with VIPs and if so what happened to that information??

  14. Clarence J Boddicker

    Bloody hell… That top photograph… It’s Jezza Clarkson!

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  17. What happened to Michael Johnson after he’s three years in prison? Is he still a skipper on training ships somewhere in the world, like in his native country America.

    • Anne Wade

      Mike Johnson was released on licence and, surprise surprise, placed in a hostel on the Kent coast. A really bright idea, considering that his wife Liz had been helped to escape prosecution by members of PIE with ocean-going yachts who took her and their two children to France. She was bitter because she expected a lavish life-style as a reward for keeping quiet, and the paedophiles thought they had done enough in saving her from prison, and from losing the kids. They helped Mike escape from England in the same way, and he joined them in France. The Johnsons were then said to have moved to hideaways which l’École en bateau (the parent organisation) had established in Martinique, the South Pacific and other out-of-the-way islands. The French police were looking for Azimuth members in connection with the prosecution of Léonid Kameneff and his associates in Paris. He was convicted to 12 years in March 2013.
      Charles Napier, mentioned above, and convicted today to 13 years, was also involved in abusing the children in Azimuth.

  18. My son goes to Special School and he went on the Tall Ships Experience with the school. At first I wasn’t going to let him go, because I was terrified of this sort of thing, but I was reassured when I found out certain members of staff from the school who I trust would be going. My son had a wonderful time, but he nearly missed out. Its so horrible that paedophiles home in on children with special needs, how low can you get? They ought to get life sentences, and I mean life.

    • thats very interesting as i came
      Across another poor children charity that had connections to ships and boats

      Setup up many years ago it became part of a youth sailing club but started out as tall ship training

  19. My son was also taken to Drake Hall prison from the special school he was attending, for PE lessons, along with his classmates, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT AND WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT OF OTHER PARENTS.
    I have been trying to find out the name of this scheme, because it wasn’t just happening at one prison, this arrangement was happening at other schools for disabled youngsters as well, and other prisons, Standford Hill prison being one of them.

    All the time my son was attending school I was living in terror, anyone who is aware of what happened to me will understand what I am talking about, I’m one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse victims, and have suffered years of reabuse.

    My son is not at Special School any more, thank God, as it is terrifying being a parent in this day and age, there were some good kind people at that school, who really wanted to do their very best for the children who attended there, unfortunatly there were also people there who were allowing people into the school to have access to our children who never ought to have been let anywhere near our children.

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