MSM Connect Missing Children With Elm Guest House


For over a month now, the excellent spotlightonabuse blog and The Needle have been highlighting the possibility that there may be a connection between the children who went missing during the late 1970s and 1980s and the Elm Guest House paedophile ring, and so it’s good to see that for the first time an MSM outlet, The Independent, have now also made that connection. It seems, though, that the police are not reopening the investigations into these young boy’s  disappearances. I think the police should reinvestigate in the light of the new evidence which they undoubtedly have as a result of Operation Fernbridge.

The catalogue of crimes listed in the opening sentence of the article does not, however, include murder. This, I believe, is an oversight.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologise to the families of the missing boys for my part in bringing this issue up once more. It must be a terrible burden for the families, never knowing what happened to their loved ones. I can only hope that they understand that I only want justice for them and those that they have lost and that I’m always mindful of their feelings.

Scores of children might have been protected from kidnap, rape and indecent assault if the police had smashed an alleged establishment paedophile ring operating at a suburban house in London in the 1980s.

At least three men listed in documents as visitors to Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, Barnes, were later convicted of multiple sex offences against children, The Independent can disclose.

A team of detectives in Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit is investigating historic allegations that powerful individuals linked to Buckingham Palace, the Conservative Party and the legal profession routinely abused children at the three-storey property in the early 1980s.

The Independent


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  4. All children in care are vulnerable and require a quick response. Giving different priority to children in care is putting already vulnerable YPS at risk. it may save money, but its impacting on the most vulnerable in society.

  5. simian

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    Excellent work.

  6. gojam, everyone- Seen this?
    ‘Police officers who used to regularly visit Jimmy Savile’s home in Leeds while on duty are being investigated.’

    • cantankerous

      Alas, isn’t it west yorkshire police investigating themselves ? Would imagine any remotely dodgy evidence would have been shredded last october.

  7. Jeremy Stocks

    Someone sent me this awesome Jimmy Saville interview with Andrew Neil:

    • rainbowsophie

      Yep – at several times Neil asks him questions that makes Savile appear to be distinctly uncomfortable.

  8. BarrieJ

    For more on the police’s reluctance to ‘investigate’ matters see:

    • rainbowsophie

      Shame that they can’t ‘nip over the border’ and investigate North Yorkshire Police for their culpability in ‘looking the other way’ when it came to Savile !!

  9. cantankerous

    Still puzzled by the inclusion of Sir Peter Hayman on the list did he have yet another alias he used ?
    For anyone that’s interested Radio 4 20.00 this evening Document : MI6 and the media.