O Brother, Where Art Thou ?


Righton is now long dead. But Napier is not. Now 68 and living with his mother in the West Country, he could prove a vital witness to the unfolding police inquiry into child abuse on a massive scale in this country.

Both men were linked to a shadowy organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange which campaigned in the 70s and 80s for what they called the age of “child love” to be reduced to four.

Righton was a founder of PIE, Napier its one-time treasurer. Righton, incredibly, was also one of Britain’s leading child protection specialists.

But when police raided his house in Evesham, Worcs, in 1992 they found not only hard-core child abuse images from Amsterdam but a “quarter-century of correspondence” between paedophiles in Britain and around the world.

The probe led police to the kitchen of a flat in South London where they found a letter from ‘Napier – who had a child assault conviction 20 years before – boasting of his life in Cairo as a”British Council teacher.

He bragged of easy access to young boys and how he could send obscene images back to Britain in diplomatic bags.

The Mirror


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  2. You are prolific; may ink long continue to flow from your pen.

  3. andy

    thanks again gojam
    a beacon of light in a very dark age
    truth is always treason in an empire of lies

  4. Sh*t Gojam, there’s no need to go associating such a great movie with that bucket of slime is there!? I mean, come on!?

  5. The police must pull Napier in sooner or later, maybe they are hoping he will die. Napier may never get to blow the whistle because he knows to much about aristocratic paedo rings run by the royals maybe. The MI5 or someone like this must be looking after him. I would like to read the guys diary when the police find it.