Ripples Of Hope.


“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events……It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” – Robert Kennedy



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  2. Marilyn Myers


  3. Liz727

    I like this very much. With all the bad news abounding, we must never forget we can be powerful too. Our individual voices may be small in themselves, but as one, our voice is booming.

  4. I wonder what the Kennedy’s, all of whom were Catholic, would’ve made of the Pope’s pronouncement today that he thought ‘God was asleep on the job’ during the paedo-enabling Pontiffs reign…Talk about passing the buck!

  5. Before I forget, has anyone else noticed the correlation between the care-home abuse scandals and the cuts to disability benefits, which will directly affect people with mental health problems, including those who were abused and traumatised as a result…A case of two wrongs making a wrong…Those in power have a lot to answer for.

    • kaztgray

      to be honest, under the new rules coming in, i look set to gain an extra £130 a month plus i should no longer lose housing benefit for my 2nd bedroom, as i’m awarded over night care. so thats yet another £80 a month. so, in theory i will benefit by £210 a month in total.

      • Well, Kat, that’s great, but what about those put through the mill of an ATOS interview with some untrained, ignorant numpty? People are saying that the suicide rate among the mentally ill has already risen, even before the DLA changes come into effect.

  6. kaztgray

    that is down, im sorry to say, to mental health support or lack of.
    my best advise to anyone having to reapply for the P.I.P payment as it comes in, is let them fill it in for you, and then send it to you to sign. explain your worst day, as tho its every day.
    whilst it may sound dishonest to some, its actually the general Govt recommendation. the forms used to indicate…..tell us your worst day….
    From what i have observed over the years, and please bear in mind this is just one lunatics take on the human nature vs mental health issues…..or any health issues for that matter……

    most people seem to not want to sound quite as bad as they can be some days, coz yes, its bloody depressing to be so fkin down all the time.

    this tends to co-incide with points in life where you are being forced to examine your actual existance/interactions with the world around you,. any negative influences, you auto feel you must try to make the best of, because, well… cant be That ill, you have good days. so what ends up on the paper is part of a good day, as well as the few bits of bad, so the assessor ends up with a rather confusing view of the state of a patient/claimant and decides they taking the piss and shoves it in file 13 (the bin)

  7. cantankerous sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&ved=0CEEQFjAC&

    I just wanted to say thank you to gojam, incubus and all the contributors to this blog for opening my eyes over the last few months as it was only savile that made me stop and revaluate absolutely everything I had thought to be true.

    • Jeremy Stocks

      Hear hear. I almost think he wanted the whole shebang to come crashing down. Even evil ones have slivers of conscience.

      My whole perception of everything has also changed since So-vile. Thank you all the bloggers!

    • Flattered, truly I am-Oops, don’t mean to sound like Yoda there…;)

  8. Legion

    I fall into the category of both your posts Incubus. I was abused and I suffer mental illness as a result. I used to work but since I have also had major surgery and am advised that I will need more I rely on the system. I sometimes shit myself, sometimes I piss myself, I suffer pain often and I get deeply depressed. I survive off Incapacity benefit and I am criminalised as I cannot afford to pay for medication and rely on the fish I catch to subsidise my benefit when I can get out as I am agoraphobic. I do not claim Disability Allowance as I do not fit into the requirement for need as described in the questionnaire. I look after myself as best I can as I have managed to remain independent and I am proud of myself. I have no wish to be consumed by anger and it would only make me worse. I am a survivor. I am being assessed by Atos whose actions have been found to be unlawful. I will not use the words which currently spring to mind to describe my feelings towards this government but I can say I received a letter from the council outlining that I may now have to pay up to £156 pounds more per annum for my council tax. Ps. No sympathy required please, just understanding.

  9. rainbowsophie

    Spivey has a really sad article up written by the carer of an elderly man who recently failed an ATOS assessment.

    A terminally ill man from East Grinstead was found dead in his home following a DWP medical assessment by Croydon based medical company ATOS. The man aged 63 was found dead after ATOS submitted their report to the DWP stating that the 63 year old was fit and able to carry out manual work in which ATOS made recomendations that his benefits should be stopped in November 2012. Police state that the 63 year old had died of kidney failure and starvation following the assessment. ATOS state that they had found the terminally ill man fit for work, in which it was their professional opinion that the man was fit and able to work despite being treated for kidney failure 5 days a week at the Princess Royal Hospital Haywards Heath West Sussex. ATOS have denied any wrong doing contributing to the mans death and state that they are only following the DWP rules to get 1 million people into work.

    There are claims that since 2010, 11,000 people have died as a direct or indirect result of these types of assessments.

    If accurate that is a truly shocking statistic. How many more will end up the same…

  10. rainbowsophie

    Legion – I would never presume to pity someone like yourself, but rest assured I do – very much – understand. I admire and applaud your courage and stamina.

    • Legion

      Thank you, I am very much inspired by the speeches of R.F.Kennedy and I am mindful of the words of Bob Marley; I will never give up the fight.

      • Respect to you Legion, you sound like an incredibly strong man, and I mean strength in the fullest sense of the word and you’re right to be proud of yourself, I reckon I know where you’re coming from there. Without going into too much detail,(enemies, anonymity) we have a fair bit in common (though, if you need to vent your feeling towards the present gov, please do so on my blog, where ‘turning the air blue’ is mandatory)…

  11. cantankerous

    Kaz is absolutely right in the approach she has taken, never give the bastards that do assessments an inch , if you put a positive spin on things they use it against you.

    My 5 year old daughter receives DLA as she is severely autistic and has a mental age of under 12months. Due to the severity of her disability there are no grey areas, my friends whose children are more able yet still have disabilities .have a much tougher time persuading social workers they need support.

    I often think the worst part of having a disabled child is dealing with the so called professionals who have a total absence of empathy and understanding. Gaining any practical support is a huge battle but worth it if you can find the energy, it took me many months of sending letters, emails and on occasions shouting down the phone at the head of children’s services. The key is to make it more uncomfortable for them to deal with you than it is to explain things to their superiors.

    • As far as I’m concerned, ATOS, the other assessment companies and all of the political parties are a bunch of thugs and murderers, though they kill with the stroke of a pen and a keyboard. It’s bestial the way they are making disabled people, their carers and families, and the poor generally pay for the banker’s gluttony. I hate them with a barely imaginable vengeance, and only wished more people did too…We already have politicians in the UK talking about euthanising the disabled and in Belgium they are openly debating it, if we don’t stand up to these ‘people’ then we know what sort of world we’ll get in the future, those who can, must fight them, by any means necessary.

      • Legion

        I am looking into you eyes, i am saying thank you and I am smiling.
        I will never give up the fight, believe me.