Make Gentle The Life Of This World

On April 4th 1968, Martin Luther King was shot dead.

That same night, New York Senator Robert F Kennedy was due to give a speech in Indianapolis, he decided to change his planned speech and break the news. The police had warned him that, as he would be speaking in the heart of an African American ghetto, that they would not be able to guarantee his safety and that on hearing the news, the crowd might riot.

He went ahead anyway.

He wrote brief notes himself on his way to the venue, and delivered the short speech without drafts or prewritten words.

This short speech, possibly one of the greatest speeches ever delivered by any politician, was made while standing on the back of a flatbed truck.

All major US cities experienced riots following Martin Luther King’s assassination, only Indianapolis remained peaceful.


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16 responses to “Make Gentle The Life Of This World

  1. john carey

    rainbowsophie I have a `seed`, if you want to purchase – for one cow (or equivalent value) I guarantee this `seed` will turn, when planted into a beanstalk, at the end of this beanstalk there will be a nest containing a `golden egg` – please think carfully about my offer before Normans counter offer – this offer is only open to midnight as my coach will……………………

  2. norman

    and his wife leant across and,with a derringer,shot his head open! checkitout!
    (jfk that is)almost unbelievable till you see the untouched film

  3. Liz727

    Rest in peace to the best president we never had.

  4. john carey

    Obama is a great orator -but what a let down! (no balls, but then again who wants to be shot)

  5. rainbowsophie

    Another in a long list of great orator politician’s who never had their chance to make a significant mark on this world. Where in this day and age have the true ‘statesmen’ gone. Now they all seem to be self serving toadies !

    • You seem to forget that the Kennedy Bros were jacked on speed and busy nailing any pretty woman they could get their mits on- Marilyn Monroe for one, and she didn’t turn out so good as a result…

      • I am such a bitch-
        ‘Critics also hold Kennedy responsible for getting US completely involved in the Vietnam War. He introduced napalm, defoliants, strategic hamlet, free-fire zones and jet planes and send around 18,000 military advisors, which was completely rejected by the earlier administration. And this move in turn, encouraged President Johnson to increase the US involvement.’
        Mebbe not such a nice-guy after all? My bad?

      • rainbowsophie

        and another one for the naughty step methinks !

      • rainbowsophie

        Well JFK’s a wee bit dead, so looks like it may be you…

  6. chrisb

    JFK was one of the most overrated leaders in modern history. It was his brother Robert, whose loss has been greatly felt. Sadly that was why he was murdered even before he stood for the Presidency. I would recommend reading a biography of him that charts his journey from wealthy preppie and assistant to McCarthy to the champion of the poor and oppressed.

    • john carey

      disagree, after JFK all we have had is an American arms industry out of control – USA biggest producer of arms (and wars).

      I believe no arms/armies no wars – could be wrong?