Everybody Knows !

By Chuggy


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20 responses to “Everybody Knows !

  1. rainbowsophie

    Chug – what about John Major, Mandelson and Callaghan, and of course Cameron ?

  2. Chug

    cheers Gojam I didn’t have wilson or achbish of canterbury

  3. Chug

    Thanks for watching and your comments, I hope to do more in the future, I am collecting more pics but some are hard to find, it seems lots of stuff linking people to sovile has gone from the interwideweb.

  4. ade

    I watched Esther with Piers Morgan the other night and was open minded until the last few minutes which amounted to a PR type ad for her, they still think we’re stupid. I’m disappointed with Piers, I thought at one stage he had the potential to be one of the good guys

    • rainbowsophie

      I disagree, Piers Morgan is an ardent self-publicist in everything he does, and everything he is involved in. He is the worst form of celebrity ‘hanger-on’ there is, name dropper par excellance and general toady to the ‘great & the good’. He seems to think he is ‘god’s gift’ to Journalism and I for one would love to see his eventual comeuppance sooner rather than later. And yes, this comment is very cliche ridden, and yes, you just may have got the slight impression that I can’t stand the man.

      I bet he has a limp wet hand-shake as well.

      • rainbowsophie

        PS. I mean that I disagree with him ever having the potential to be one of the good guys.

        PPS. BTW Chuggy the video is excellent ! Bloody well done ! Now lets hope that we can make it go viral.

  5. McAlpine seems to be complaining that the BBC has denied him an opportunity to take some more people to the cleaners-

  6. cantankerous

    Where has the link to Chuggy’s video gone?
    Excellent well done Chuggy. Pity there aren’t any photos of savile with murdoch.

  7. andy

    brilliant just brilliant
    how could they not know
    slimy turd hague knew as he was the one who initiated the north wales cover up, oops mean inquiry

  8. Satan and Beelzebub together in hell.

  9. Enna

    Just perfect, very apt, well done. Love Leonard Cohen too.

  10. galaxygal

    Looks more like a turkey to me

  11. Lucky Pierre

    Is there any significant inference to be drawn from the fact that these two chaps appear to be “poking in a chicken”, when one considers what a “chicken” represents in gay parlance?

    • I think it’s a turkey.

      Does a “turkey” represent anything in gay parlance ?

      • john carey

        `Turkey`, I think it`s someting to do with ten pin bowling – `bowling` (taking it up the alley) – thats what Ted Rodgers said on that Dusty Bin show – but don`t quote me

  12. john carey

    Esther keeps going on about how “we” all got taken in by Savile – “we” were not working at the BBC with them – or privy to the gossip of their workplace.

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