What Next For MWT ?

'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain - 06 Apr 2011

I wonder who he could mean ? Is it the senior Tory ex-cabinet minister, the world famous pop star or the Junior Minister that he and Tom Watson were discussing here ?

What next for the man who exposed the myth? Williams-Thomas says he is working on four big projects, adding that for one (“which is huge”) he is looking into allegations involving sexual abuse by “a very significant individual” at Elm Guest House in south-west London.

The Guardian


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7 responses to “What Next For MWT ?

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  2. The more journalists involved the better; that Williams-Thomas talks of something “huge” suggests that he is on the same wavelength as EXARO. This is too important a matter for competition; they should work together.

  3. cantankerous

    I think the junior minister is dead . I looked at reshuffles in Thatcher’s cabinet for 1983/84 and the first I could see was sep 1984 nine months after the raid so Mrs T wasn’t exactly in a hurry.

    Hope this expose isn’t too long in production, it is nearly a month since the
    stingemore/mcsweeney arrests, where’s the police news conference they promised ?

  4. This time round the info, sources, evidence and testimony has to be as rock-solid as the Savile case, so as to properly nail the b*st*rd and all his enablers (more so if the wrong ‘un is still breathing). If this is going to be ‘huge’ then we’re looking at a major political scandal rather than some barely exportable pop-star, surely?

    • cantankerous

      Maybe it will be Sir Kitty and spotty bum brittan and all the others on the list, the whole can of worms revealed in it’s full horror.
      But that’s too much to hope for.

      • …and that ‘full horror’ might extend to the Royals too- Imagine the chaos, imagine the impact of knowing that those elected to represent our interests and those of our kids, to protect us and work to supposedly work in our favour, were exposed as vile child-rapists, molesters and torturers, possibly even murderers-would our society be roused to enraged indignation and rise against the monsters or merely slump down in front of ‘Celebrity-come-jungle-brother’ or yet another US drama/comedy boxset? Only time, media manipulation,spin and blog-power will tell…

  5. john carey

    No chaos in Ireland where every institutions has failed the child and vunerable person – no chaos in the Catholic Church where the current Pope`s policy has been Church Law above National Law regarding paedo clerics.