Leon Brittan Speaks !


Paraic O’Brien on Twitter

Well, that’s all right then.

Move along, nothing to see here…….


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  3. I think that Brian Clare can give you a very good account, from his own experiences of LB’s behaviour. I fear he is pulling away from this issue for good though as he has fighting and campaigning and not being believed on this issue for more than thirty years…..

    • rainbowsophie

      That’s a real shame, as especially now he may be nearer to getting some kind of justice than ever before.

  4. rainbowsophie

    The Raiders image is a good one tho’… with the little old caretaker pushing a trolley amidst vast piles of ‘stuff’ !

    • Or the ‘X-Files’…there’s been rumours of deep security tunnels under London for decades now, complete with armed military guards, (all very ‘Bond’ and ‘Man from Uncle’). I heard the deepest was ‘level 4’- and this is beyond ‘The Citadel’ nuclear bunker complex which was added to after the war, in the 50s…and thern there’s the tunnel that runs from Downing Street to the Thames for a ‘quick getaway’- I have a feeling they’re gonna be needing that one, soon I hope…Like the gun-ports under the statue of Victoria outside Effingham Palace…

  5. Utterly scandalous – how he cannot recollect. His department should have been documenting EVERY dossier they receive. He knows EXACTLY where it went or is

    • rainbowsophie

      Somewhere – probably bomb proof, ultra secure and ‘off the grid’ – there is a storehouse, packed to the rafters with ‘sensitive’ documents such as Dicken’s Dossier. It would not have been destroyed as there would be too much potential for blackmail within it. And there it will stay as for anyone to admit that it still exists would be tantamount to admission of culpability of those people named within. Whats more an effective bargaining tool would be negated. The only way that dossier will be found is if a ‘Whistle Blower’ releases it, or by a stroke of extreme nature the storehouse ‘comes to light’, but by then the rest of us will be pushing up the daisies.

      • Like the warehouse in the final scenes of Raiders of the lost ark.

      • rainbowsophie

        Ha yes – but I’m thinking more of old mine workings and/or tunnel systems. This was from a post in the Icke Thread

        “Recently, some guys were investigating disused tube-tunnels under London. They were discovered and arrested by security checking for bombs during Wills and Kate’s wedding. They’d done nothing actually illegal so no trial, but a gagging-order was issued, the guys was sworn not to talk to anyone, or any of the other guys involved, about the incident.
        Note: not just to keep silent re the public or the media, but BETWEEN EACH OTHER.
        But they were all there, they all know what they saw/found…”

        I know that there is a lot hidden underneath London…! ie. went to the Cabinet War Rooms last year. They admit to 2 levels further underneath the bit open to the public… I understand that there is actually 8 levels alltogether !!! and that it extends right under Whitehall.

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  7. cantankerous

    Brittan’s trade advisor role was only a six month stint and finished in 2011. His last appearance in the house of lords according to hansard was over a year ago. From what I can see he is semi retired.

  8. Marilyn Myers

    Read last night that Hague had a quiet word with him on Brighton beach at 5.45 one morning about his antics. I’m reading so much now that it should be strung together. Best seller?

  9. leonard

    If Brittan has had weeks of notice and that is the best he can come up with then it’s astounding. It would be even more astounding if he hasn’t had weeks of notice because it means no-one told him his name was being slung around. I can’t believe a man like that wouldn’t have someone willing to whisper in his ear that his name is being openly canvassed as a child abuser.

    • If nothing else, file him under ‘Aiding and Abetting’ along with Edwina Currie, Dame Shirley Thief-Porter, and all the other Tory Grandees who knew, and Know…

    • cantankerous

      I can’t see how he could say anything else. If he is a fine upstanding lord of the realm (as he would like us to think) why would the dickens dossier mean any more to him than any other ministerial work he undertook thirty years ago. It’s only with other knowledge re: elm guest house and assorted lurid rumours that it becomes significant.
      Brittan’s reply is a reasonable response and he can’t be accused of being evasive because he eplied to O’Briens email. Brittan is a QC and a very clever bastard.

      • Given the circumstances the best thing Brittain could have said was “Under the current circumstances, I am unable to answer your question without proper and due consultation”… His reply is tantamount to him saying “I’ve been told to fall on my own sword”, hence my using the term, “his political suicide note.” He is actually still active in politics as “Trade Advisor” to the current regime.
        The current media hype about Rennard in the right wing press and on the BBC and other TV news, is the equivalent of them dedicating their back pages to the managerial situation at Preston North End ie, pretty much unprecedented and most likely never to happen unless their is another motivation.

        You will also notice that,, not one of the MSM has mentioned the fact that McAlpine, or his legal representatives, have singularly failed to mention he had not so much as contacted his main accusers and in fact, the accusations against him, have been ramped up since the set up at the BBC.

  10. cantankerous

    I don’t think you can look at Brittan’s response as political career suicide he hasn’t been active in frontline politics for many years. He is 73 still raking in lucrative executive salaries and was probably looking forward to an extremely comfortable retirement. But now past deeds are looming large though you wonder if he is really worried or just supremely arrogant and confident he will be protected as he has been for decades.

    As for the Rennard fiasco all the broad sheets have covered it as far as I can see, and the Eastleigh seat is a lib dem seat which I think they may still win (so blinkered are the electorate) the lib dems are so firmly entrenched in the local politics of Eastleigh.

    The mirror group and the independent are the only print media who have given any coverage to the OP Fairbanks/Fernbridge though it has been far from adequate.

  11. Is it just me or, does anyone else sense a lining up of forces on either side of the fence? The Mirror group leaping on any association with Savile to furhter push the knife in whilst the Tory cheerleaders, ala the Daily Mail, are working themselves into a lather over the, frankly, almost nothing accusations agaisnt the Liberal politician. Not to dismiss sexual harrassment of any kind as a “non issue” hopwever, the seriousness of the recent accusations, wandering inappropriate hands and suggestions, really do pall in the light, of what is gradually been dragged from under it’s rock when it comes to Savile and his his ever expanding circle of “friends”?

    Even taking into account the current political circumstances, with the Tories looking like they may lose seat to the Libdems at a by-election. The choice of “storm in a teacup”, the Mail have chosen to run with, is surely not purely coincidental in nature?

    As for the BBC, my giddy aunt, since when did the bloody BBC news become little more than Tory propaganda sheet? We fund them and they are not just bending over and taking it anywhere the present government sees fit to shove it, they are dolling themselves up in lippy and wearing their favourite perfume, Derriere de Crevice, for it as well. If the interminable simpering over the royals wasn’t puke inducing enough, the BBC’s choice to run with the latest “Sad old git cops a grope and makes inappropriate suggestions, cos they have a self inflated opinion of their own importance” as the major headline then, there would be a new one of these stories fronting up the news every last bulletin. Behaviour like that is not acceptable in this day and age however, that’s to deny that, a huge rump of successful people, of both sexes and in all walks of life, begin to believe their own publicity and exhibit a propensity for acting like utter twats on numerous occassions.

    Now maybe, just maybe, the BBC’s supine nature is a sting to lull these people into a false sense of security and when the dam finally breaks, the dear old Aunty Beeb will come out all guns blazing. Sadly, somehow, I doubt that is about to happen. Be that as it may, one has to ask the following? Why , in a week when an ex Police Officer claims that Savile’s name was linked to the child murderer Cooke, the investigation halted from above and much of the evidence has “vanished”, that suggests Cooke was procuring kids for Savile. on what level is that is not newsworthy, when some sad old git is the headline for something far far less criminal?

    Personally, I have no doubt that the Mail’s choice of “expose” is motivation has absolutely chuff all to do with thme wanting this guy “dealt with” in the appropriate manner and is as much about, trying to whip up a storm should perceived “lefties” try and belittle it, in the face of what is slowly coming to light, with regards to child abuse over many decades. That this particular story has come light, at this particular juncture in time, suggests the PTB are, for once, genuinely running scared of about the apocalypse that could well be unleashed in the coming months, and I use the term apocalypse in its’ proper sense, go look it up.

    If Brittain really did say/tweet those words then we are looking at the political career equivalent of a “suicide note”. Read between the lines and the guy is, in effect saying, I saw nothing, heard nothing, which translated from politco speak means. ” I take full responsibility for the huge foul up, it was me alone that screwed up and none of my esteemed cabinet colleagues should bare any blame for my ineptitude”. He is, in effect, saying. “I knew nothing so I told no-one else anything about this nothing I didn’t know”. That is, should his words be proven to be false, he alone will carry the can. Given that, that looks almost a racing certainty then a new race had begun. That race is to expose, just how high the “conspiracy of silence” actually did reach, with regards to the accusations that were handed into the relevant political authorities.

    I don’t think I am reaching out on a limb to describe Savile as a psychopath, his behaviour and bare faced hubris suggest that’s exactly what he was. The thought now strikes that, in keeping with many psychopaths he sees the world he feels he helped “create”, as unworthy of existing without his presence within it. I have a half a mind that, the cunning bastard suspected his outrageous desire of self publicity would see him exposed soon after his demise and that, that self same ego had enough savvy, to know it would also bring down a fair few others with it.

  12. rainbowsophie

    Seriously then… It is very convenient to be an elderly politician these days, just claim mild Alzheimer’s and all your troubles just disappear back into the realms of the past!
    I have visions of Mr Brittan doing anything to ‘vanish’ the document, a la Naked Gun etc. Pass the tomato sauce please !

    • It’s standard now, like the corrupt Guinness Brothers (getting out of jail after the spontaneous recovery from Alzheimers), Bill Clinton, Reagan, Murdoch, the bankers- If it’s not poor memory then they say that they ‘mis-spoke’- Seriously, we let these people govern us!?

  13. rainbowsophie

    Has he got an Uncle who is an ex-Cardinal ? :)

  14. Rockpoolshrimp

    That explains everything we want to know. Well done, that tweeter!

  15. Lucky Pierre

    Despite frustrating his natural union

  16. Lucky Pierre

    Au Contraire noble adversary Pater doted on his offspring

  17. Lucky Pierre

    An hilarious contribution as ever John, and a comment of which your dear brother George will be justifiably proud

  18. Lucky Pierre

    My dad can remember the second world war and he always used to say to my brother and I “for christs sake will you two shut up and go to sleep”. Only in later life did my sibling and I realise that we were disturbing Mater and Pater’s physical congress. How we laughed!

    • john carey

      How Pater used to say to you, years later Lucky Pierre, when you got up his nose (as you know you did) that the best part of you slipped down Maters leg.

  19. Marilyn Myers

    His name is being bandied about on Twitter quite freely. One person is one of the abused and he’s not holding back….

    • john carey

      and so he should`nt – if the law cannot hold him to account – Twitter should – the guy was Home Secretary he made/influenced policy regarding child protection (lack of)

    • Hi Marilyn

      What is the name of that Twitter user.I may have to do a promo for him.

      • Marilyn Myers

        Well I’m not on “first term names” with him but I’ll find him and do a courtesty ” is it ok with you first” ? He appears to be suitably outraged so I’m guessing he’ll be happy to further vent it

      • Tell him no pressure but if he has something to say then I’d like to make sure as many ppl as possible get to hear it. Alternatively he can email me and we can get something more permanent on the record.

    • alan b'stard M P

      and who is it…the twitter name?

      • Marilyn Myers

        Have Sent him a DM on twitter. He replied saying he will look on your comments re LB. I want to give you his name but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. It has to be his choice…..

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  21. john carey

    My dad was in the 2nd World War he said a dead …………………. was better than a live………………..