What Did Paxman Say ?

As we pay the wages of all the BBC staff, shouldn’t we have a right to know what they say ?

Remember, Jeremy Paxman knew he was speaking on the record. He didn’t say anything that he wasn’t prepared for the rest of us to know.



Some of the redacted (censored) text can be found here


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  1. Something continues to bother me regarding AM allegations of child sex abuse involving high ranking politicians, and other members of the establishment; is it all gossip, or is it all soundly based.
    Today’s Independent has a piece on Geoffrey Dickens, who first campaigned about issues being brought back to life today – quote from Independent article “The Independent can find no corroboration for Dicken’s comments”. This concerns me; I hope Exaro above all have real evidence. Have to say that in following paragraph, the Independent says that twenty eight years after Dicken’s made his allegations, Scotland Yard officers kept their investigations secret for weeks, fearing it would be closed down.

    • “During a debate on child abuse in the House of Commons on 29 November 1985, Dickens warned that paedophiles were “evil and dangerous,” adding child pornography generated “vast sums.”

      He went on: “The noose around my neck grew tighter after I named a former high-flying British diplomat on the Floor of the House.

      “Honourable Members will understand that where big money is involved and as important names came into my possession so the threats began.

      “First, I received threatening telephone calls followed by two burglaries at my London home. Then, more seriously, my name appeared on a multi-killer’s hit list.”

      The Independent can find no corroboration for Dickens’ comments.”

      It’s either in Hansard or it’s not and if it is then it needs no corroborating evidence and if it’s not then why are the Indie quoting it ?

  2. chess

    I think that being attacked by weird posters is to be expected. My PC just had to be cleaned of many ‘small’ viruses, Cost me £120 but it’s a small price to pay. We just keep on going regardless.

  3. werdex

    and right on cue the david icke website goes down

  4. @gojam has anyone else been harassed by unknown or odd people online for even mentioning anything to do with paedophile scandals and VIP connections? i wish someone would answer this question

    • I’ve not. That’s all I can say.

      • @gojam well i have quite a lot…the harasser even comes out with utter rubbish to discredit anything i post..this person was trying to suggest that nothing dodgy was going on at Elm guest house..despite the fact that already two people have been arrested and even photos of them being arrested too. im sorry but there is something odd going on..

      • Given that Mr.Chewie is probably the world’s most prolific commenter on blogs everywhere, ever, there is a fair chance, that statistically, he’s likely to have run into many an average vile troll of an evening-

        However, there are also widespread reports of security agencies, corporate interests and military organisations running ‘sock-puppets’, ‘shills’ and professional trolls in order to influence public opinion and curtail dissent. I’ve had a few brushes myself, where those involved are practically full-time in their job of misdirection and disinformation (in connection with the early student demos and anti-cuts protests). They are out there alright, and usually easy to spot -elite university-educated types who like to impress with vocabulary and their ‘intellectual superiority’, with an incredibly reactionary establishment line to spin though occasionally they slip into meaningless personal abuse to alleviate their boredom …Never particularly subtle or sophisticated and almost always right-wing in their opinions, almost, because they also like to mash-up ideologies and beliefs to sow confusion, or masquerade as something they’re not (badly)…

  5. john carey

    Paxman has `kept his powder dry` – we will hear what he has to say when he wants to say it – I think he is a `good guy`