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Hames retired from the force in August 1994, after suffering a mild heart attack the year before and undergoing angioplasty. His first book, The Dirty Squad, is an account of his career that includes supervision of the aftermath of the 1983 Harrods bombing and a raid on a brothel during which a man in pinstriped suit announced that he was not only an MP, but a minister.

“That was before the end of Communism and, through a politician friend, I informed the PM, Mrs Thatcher,” Hames recalls. “I noticed that the man, a junior minister, was quietly dropped later in a reshuffle.”


Other than the lead that this highlights about a junior minister it also throws light on how Margaret Thatcher chose to deal with criminal behaviour within her government (It’s not as though it was shoplifting). It’s very damaging to her reputation in my opinion.

Note: This is not the senior Ex-Minister who later went on to get a promotion and who would not have been described as a junior minister even at that time.


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  1. john carey

    Hames sounds(and I personally think is) a hero – not all cops are bad – I think the majority are trying there best – its the `top johnnies` who call the tune – but what makes me laugh these `top johnnies` would they be a tad upset if there children was being rodgered by the likes of Cyril Smith?

  2. was this the minister who resigned his warrant in 1990 “to spend more time with his family” or was it earlier than this?

    whoever it was, i’m not sure what else thatcher could have done – minister was not convicted or even charged for all we know. PM’s job is not to prosecute offences, and if Police don’t prosecute, what basis would a PM have for doing anything more than removing someone from Cabinet? if there’s a suggestion that a PM has had involvement in Police decisions about prosecution, that would be another thing altogether, whatever the alleged offence.

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  4. chrisb

    Note also that it is not clear either in this excerpt or in the actual article that the ‘brothel’ was a gay brothel. I would assume from the sexuality having been undefined that the establishment catered for heterosexual men. I agree that this still does reflect on how Thatcher handled her ministers.

    • Paul J

      He wasn’t the only one though, was he?
      There was also peter Morrison, the acceptable face of pederasty, and Peter Laud, who there have been allegations about.
      It’s starting to look like Thatcher may have made a conscious decision to surround herself with these types. Perhaps it was a power thing, perhaps she didn’t want to spend too much time with people who might find her sexually attractive.