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Harry Kasir, the former co manager of Elm Guest House in Barnes, appears to be on the verge of leaving the country.

Mr Kasir, a central figure in the scandal involving investigations into child sex abuse at the guest house, was convicted  with his wife, Carole, of running a gay brothel after the police raid on the place in 1982.

The full story by my Exaro colleague Fiona O’Cleirigh and myself (http://bit.ly/YA42MS)  reveals that Kasir has recently sought  to raise nearly £60,000 from his ex-partner –  part of his share of  their house. He wants the money under a legal agreement by  next Monday. The story also appeared in the Sunday People in a  more shortened form.(http://bit.ly/11V6sMC)

He is also thought to have applied for a residential visa to move to the United States so he can live with his 40-year-old son. Kasir has two passports – a UK and…

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  1. leonard

    How do you know he hasn’t?

  2. rainbowsophie

    Why has he not been interviewed by the police ???

  3. Can I be the first to cut of his bollock!!!

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  5. Morocco will welcome him with open arms, but I don’t think he will leave this country, he’s most probably still making plenty of money selling child pornography, and if he pays into the treasury he can stay, it’s all about money ain’t it?!

  6. Tim Sanders

    Maybe he wants to leave Brittan.

  7. Marilyn Myers

    I’m guessing lots of people will be making frantic plans at the moment. It’s comforting to know that for them sleeping peacefully at night must now be a distant memory. A long time coming…