I’d like to draw your attention to the latest comment on this blog from Tom Watson’s source for his PMQ about “a powerful political paedophile network linked to Parliament and No. 10“.

Thank you murun for correction on my last comment. I fully appreciate how important it is to be 100% accurate with our facts.
It was already a very long comment and I was trying to bring it to a close.
I have been researching the facts for many years and knew that John Whittingdale became Brittan’s special adviser for the first time in 1985 a few months after Brittan was moved from the Home Office ( interesting political manoeuvre in its self given what he had been presented with ).


I should have stated that but the point I was making that given their combined knowledge and political/ personal awareness of the seriousness of the

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  1. Len

    Cameron protection copper suicide/murder yesterday. Hotting up……

  2. Sam

    Fernbridge stats:

    Belfast Telegraph (1)
    Belfast Telegraph Online (3)
    Birmingham Evening Mail (1)
    Cheadle Post and Times – Archive* (4)
    Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (3)
    Daily Star (4)
    Daily Star Sunday (1)
    Eastern Daily Press (1)
    Evening News (Norwich) (1)
    The Evening Standard (London) (2)
    The Express (3)
    The Guardian (London) (1) (2)
    Hastings & St. Leonards Observer (1)
    The Herald (Glasgow) (3)
    Huddersfield Daily Examiner (1)
    i – Independent Print Ltd (3)
    The Independent (London) (3)
    Independent on Sunday (2) (12)
    MailOnline (11)
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    The Times (London) (3)
    The Western Mail (2)
    Western Morning News (Plymouth) (1)
    Yorkshire Post (1)
    Your Local Guardian (1)

  3. Sam

    Here is a list of the UK newspapers that have mentioned Elm House in the last few months – with number of articles. Thought it might be of interest….

    Aberdeen Press and Journal (5)
    Bath Chronicle (1)
    Belfast Telegraph (1)
    Birmingham Evening Mail (6)
    Birmingham Post (2)
    Blackpool Gazette (2)
    Brentwood Gazette (2)
    Bristol Evening Post (1)
    The Cambs Times (4)
    Chester Chronicle (4)
    City A.M. (1)
    The Comet (1)
    Cornish Guardian (1)
    Coventry Newspapers (2)
    Crewe Guardian (2)
    Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (4)
    Daily Post (Liverpool) (11)
    Daily Record & Sunday Mail (4)
    Daily Record (PM) – UK* (3)
    Daily Star (3)
    Daily Star Sunday (1)
    The Daily Telegraph (London) (4)
    Diss, Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury (1)
    East Kent Gazette – Archive* (1)
    Echo (NewsQuest) (2)
    The Evening Standard (London) (40)
    Evening Times (Glasgow) (1)
    The Express Newspapers (2)
    Frome and Somerset Standard (4)
    Gloucestershire Echo (1)
    The Guardian (London) (11)
    The Herald (Glasgow) (3)
    Huddersfield Daily Examiner (1)
    Hunts Post (1)
    The Independent (London) (10)
    Irish News (3)
    Johnston Press Plc (5)
    Kilkenny People (3)
    Ledbury Reporter (5)
    Lichfield Mercury (1)
    Lincolnshire Echo (3)
    Liverpool Echo (70)
    Malvern Gazette (6)
    Manchester Evening News (50)
    The Medway Messenger (3)
    Medway News – Archive* (2)
    Middlesbrough Evening Gazette (16)
    Midland Independent Newspapers (28)
    The Mirror and The Sunday Mirror (12)
    The Monday Messenger (1)
    Morning Star (1)
    Newcastle Chronicle & Journal Ltd. publications (98)
    The News of the World* (12)
    News Shopper (1)
    North Devon Gazette (1)
    Northcliffe Newspapers (121)
    The Northern Echo (18)
    The Northern Echo (Newsquest Regional Press) (3)
    Nottingham Evening Post (1)
    The Observer (1)
    The People (5)
    Regional Independent Media (4)
    Retford Times series (1)
    The Scotsman & Scotland on Sunday (4)
    Scottish Express (1)
    Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph (3)
    The Sentinel (Stoke) (1)
    Shepton Mallet Journal (8)
    South Wales Echo (2)
    South Wales Evening Post (1)
    Southern Reporter (1)
    St Helens Star (1)
    The Sun (21)
    Sunday Business Post (1)
    The Sunday Express (2)
    Sunday Herald (1)
    Sunday Life (1)
    Sunday Mercury (2)
    The Sunday Telegraph (London) (1)
    The Sunday Times (London) (3)
    Tamworth Herald (1) (3)
    This is Buckinghamshire* (1)
    This is Cheshire* (1)
    This is Essex* (2)
    This is Gwent* (4)
    This is Hampshire* (3)
    This is Herefordshire* (8)
    This is Stratford-Upon-Avon* (1)
    This is The Cotswold* (1)
    This is The North East* (7)
    This is The West Country* (4)
    This is Worcestershire* (34)
    The Times (London) (78)
    Times Educational Supplement (1)
    UK NewsQuest Regional Press (14)
    West Briton (1)
    Western Gazette series (1)
    Western Morning News (Plymouth) (1)
    York Press (1)

  4. john carey

    that thing they do in South Africa with a tyre

  5. Louise

    With Tom Watsons refusal to look at evidence regarding NSPCC fake social worker Hein Grosskopf, who is also a wanted man in his own country for being and ANC murderer, my faith in Tom Watson doing this for anything other than to make a bigger name for himself is zero.

    • Insomnia

      This Grosskopf thing – whyshould it be linked with Tom Watson?

      • johnsmyth

        It should at least be recognised by him because he was promoting and telling victims to get in touch with the NSPCC via Twitter. According to his blog, that is what set Spivey off.

    • cantankerous

      I am disappointed that Watson has ignored Spivey regarding the NSPCC scandal, but what is far more shocking is that with our many hundreds of elected representatives there is this reliance on ONE man to do the right thing.

      • I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct

        If you had any idea what Tom Watson’s workload is like at the moment on this plus being deputy chair of his party plus leading his party’s election campaign you’d appreciate that he can’t take on everything . When you go to bed in the early hours and get up not long after dawn for months on end there are limits you know.
        Much better if people directed their criticism at those who haven’t come out publicly and given him their full unconditional support. For example Ed Milliband Harriet Harman the Shadow Cabinet. They’ve only got to walk along a corridor and ask to see the strength of what he’s got. Not a lot to ask

        As for those of you who are debating the issue of public duty to severely abused children versus family loyalty. I have been in the crown court and given evidence for the prosecution against Napier – his 1995 conviction
        He never “disappeared” abroad or used a false name. He was a prolific letter writer and kept his family up to date where and what he was doing.He believed he was well protected by his powerful links,got teaching jobs easily despite being banned from doing so and if I could provide you with the list of referees he used to bypass the system you would understand what I’m getting at.He always used Charles Napier and boasted of his family connections to all and sundry.
        Ask the question has John Whittingdale broken off all links with his own mother who has given Napier a home again and associated with school children again. How does this tally with taking such a strong stance to demand the head of the DG of the BBC who had only taken over a matter of weeks and couldn’t be held responsible for 50 years on non-reporting on Savile.I’m sure George Entwhistle would be the first to agree he didn’t handle the PR fallout of the Newsnight debacle well but he didn’t abuse a child or take action to collude with those who did.

      • I wish you’d pick a shorter name Anon,

        I think you are preaching to the converted on this blog.

        Certainly, there is nothing you’ve said here that I disagree with.

        Though Eileen Fairweather wrote that the evidence against the senior conservative’ involved with Islington was “tenuous, at best”

  6. john carey

    His half brother had a high profile in P.I.E, he was a rising politican – conflict of interest surelly? one preaching family values and the other preaching legalise child sex – I know he is not his half brothers keeper but come on?

    • cantankerous

      Yes john but if Napier fled abroad as I believe he did what could Whittingdale or any other family member do ? Perverts like Napier use different names and go to all kinds of lengths to avoid detection. I think we need to concentrate on the bastards that covered up the dickens dossier and if JW is involved fair enough .Sorry about previous typos my house is very noisy.

      • john carey

        you talked me round the Whittingdales are now back on my Christmas card list – because of John not being a good detective – and not having a clue about the political gossip regarding his fellow party members in the 1980`s.
        However will not let his ex-brother baby sit again

  7. cantankerous

    It’s too early to judge tom watson , it will be interesting to see how long we have to wait for him to ask theresa may about the dickens dossier, i get the impression parliamentary procedure is painfully slow and that’s the way they like it.
    I can’t understand the focus on John Whittingdale though, from what I have seen he has spoken out about savile but has stayed firmly within his remit which is questioning the BBC management about their handling of the newsnight fiasco/ entwistle payoff . To my knowledge he certainly hasn’t mentioned savile’s abuse within the nhs or visits to chequers or balmoral no one within the establishment has. ( Please correct me if I’m wrong.)
    I would be interested in finding out who the key people were around Brittan and subsequently Hurd when the second dicken’s dossier was handed in. Looking at Thatcher’s cabinet throughout the 80’s there are some very interesting names in the Home office.

    David Mellor was under secretary of state during the key period would this mean he was Brittan’s deputy ?'s%20cabinet&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CC8QFjAA&

    • john carey

      no disrespect if my half brother was in P.I.E (or any similar organisation) I would shout it from the roof tops that I disown him and his beliefs – end of.

      • cantankerous

        I agree with you John but families are very odd in my experience anyway. Nearly thirty years ago my teenage cousin who I probably only met once or twice was murdered by her father , my uncle. I didn’t find out until many years later ( from a source outside the family) as my mother has always refused to mention or acknowledge it .Other members of that side of the family lived some distance away so family meetings were very rare.
        I realise this is a different set of circumstances and by intervening potentially many children could be saved from abuse . I too would not hesitate to report someone regardless of whether they or not they were familyif I thought they were a risk. But we can’t be sure when he knew about his half brother, or even if he did whether he knew where Napier was to be able to report him.

      • Clarence J Boddicker

        Agreed. And if I’d been named after a Scottish breakfast cereal (MacAlpen) and had a relative who shared my name and my title, and I was being mistaken for him with accusations of vile noncery, I’d gladly deflect attention in the direction of his decayed corpse, especially if I was innocent. Some things are just incredible.

  8. john carey

    i really don`t think nothing will happen, it really upsets me to say so, there are too many in the `elite` protecting each other – what upsets me are the victims (Jason Swift etc).
    I really hope that Tom Watson stands up – but don`t think so