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The amnesia surrounding everybody at Richmond Council over the 1982 Elm  guest house paedophile scandal is at an end.

A dramatic interview by my colleague Mark Conrad published in Exaro News today (   http://bit.ly/Vesffe) with Terry Earland, the former assistant director in charge of children’s services, reveals that he  knew that children at Grafton Close children’s home were sexually abused at Elm Guest House.

You will have to get on to the Exaro website to read the full story. But this disclosure from Earland’s  home abroad raises even more damning questions about the conduct of Richmond Council at the time. It directly contradicts what Louis Minster told Exaro  from Malta only days ago when he claimed he had never heard about the Elm Guest House in Barnes until Exaro and the Sunday People revealed the police investigation into the scandal. How can his head of children’s services know what…

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  1. So, in essence this man is confessing to his being an accessory during and after the facts, to serious physical assaults on minors in concert with others. How can he live with himself?

  2. Once again well done to Exaro – is the BBC adopting a policy of once bitten twice shy (having cocked up big time with McAlpine)? Or is the BBC a craven organisation, a disgrace to journalism?

  3. Tim Sanders

    I think that Mr.Earland knows a lot more about the abuse.

  4. cantankerous

    I was under the impression there was going to be a police news conference but have seen no reporting of this as yet.

  5. golfclap

    what’s really winding me up now is the MSM’s selective attention on this and related items.

    The BBC are covering the Chetham abuse like it’s “real news” but aren’t so much as acknowledging the Elm House abuse.

    Seems to suggest that the Chetham abuse is limited only to the school and doesn’t have its tendrils through the rich and powerful of the land.