Another two comments were left on this blog by Tom Watson’s source for his PMQ about “a powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and No. 10”. Here are the comments in full:

Thank you giving me the opportunity to use your blog. You are playing a major role and it is so appreciated.
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing Liz Davies getting a second chance to progress what she started 20 years ago. A truly remarkable and very brave woman.
Liz and I liaised very closely in the early 90′s and tried to expose so many links before the system beat us down . To give you one good example Peter Righton and his partner disappeared after Righton’s convictions and were subsequently traced to Lord Henniker’s ancestral home in Eye in Suffolk.


The Chief Constable of Suffolk took it upon himself to visit and warn Henniker that he…

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    • Philip Talbot

      This is a general comment. You are doing some very important work here which I would like to support . You mentioned costs and your time a while ago. Why not invite donations? I will happily donate.

      Keep up the struggle, this is such an important issue, and, thank you.

      • Hi Philip,

        I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned costs, but correct me if I’m wrong. Other than time, I’ve incurred no financial costs, and I’m personally satisfied, balanced against my conscience,that I’m doing the right thing.

        I will never seek donations from readers. I personally believe it is an abuse of trust. I think that some might consider that it contaminates my motives.

        I might move to a different website soon but I will not do so, out of any financial motive, but for other reasons which I will explain when the time comes.

  1. John Whittingdale is a very suitable man to write to irrespective of his high IQ and position on the committee.
    If the guy writing that piece is the sane guy who Tom Watson is in touch with (and I have no reason to think otherwise), good that he is now in the open and being open.

    • Yes, but you need to ask yourself why this person feels it necessary to go public now, when previously they have cooperated with the Op Fairbank investigation in private.

      This person needs our support. The truth,however horrible, must come out.

  2. Bobindubai

    I have mentioned the original Greek meaning of Hubris before within the comments section of this blog, and whilst not wanting to be a bore (…I am, I am, I know!), maybe folk who did not look it up on Wikipedia may now wish to do so. However the fully-mapped sequence/timeline of such unfolding personal demise can universally be displayed in the following steps. It never fails to explain:

    Koros – success, satiety, disdainful self-satisfaction;
    Hubris – arrogance; smugness, contemptuous pride;
    Até – recklessness, folly, ruin, delusion, self-confident stupidity;
    Nemesis – punishment, retribution, downfall.

    The internet is a wonderful tool. It offers no hiding place, and long may it remain so. I also doff my hat to you Gojam. A sterling effort.

    I too have on a number of occasions tried to expose rank and corrupt goings on here in the ME, but to no avail. Such transparency is just too early in the mind-set of the (tribal-minded) folk hereabouts, and maybe, just maybe, they just need to arrive at it themselves as they are currently just lost within succored dreamboats of denial – which is as much a case of a clash of ‘civilizations’ as much as anything else.

  3. cantankerous

    As your earlier article mentions John Whittingdale was a spad at the dept for trade and industry not the home office so it is unlikely he had any access to the dicken’s dossier.

  4. cantankerous

    From 1982-4, Whittingdale was Head of the political section of the Conservative Research Department. He then served as Special Adviser to three successive Secretaries of State for Trade and Industry, Norman Tebbit, 1984-5; Leon Brittan, 1985-6, and Paul Channon, 1986-7.
    from wiki . No mention of the Home Office.