What Do You Know Keith Vaz ?


Today Keith Vaz   is the Member of Parliament for Leicester East. He is has been Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee since July 2007 and a Privy Councillor  since 2006

But back in 1982, when Elm Guest House was raided, Keith  Vaz  was employed as a solicitor to Richmond upon Thames London Borough Council.

Later, he became a senior solicitor to the London Borough of Islington.

Both London Borough Council have been mired in paedophile scandals with accusations that councils staff were complicit in the child abuse, and that council officers and councillors paid off suspected child abusers rather than take evidence of criminal activity to the police.

It’s time to ask the question: What Did Keith Vaz know about all this ?



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15 responses to “What Do You Know Keith Vaz ?

  1. Marilyn Myers

    He somehow slips through the net of all his wrong doings. Along with Harriet Harman and Diane Abbott I dislike him intensely. I really hope he is eventually brought to book
    The sight of him “cuddling” up to the family of the nurse who recently committed suicide made my blood curdle!

  2. Jonny

    This disgusting ‘house of cards’ needs to collapse.

    • Alice

      I’ve shouted at them: “You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”, but then, deep in the rabbit hole, I find out that my very creator, Lewis Carroll, is an ‘effin’ nonce…

  3. Wendy

    As human beings we should be caring and protect children. So disillusioned with MP’s now. I am sure there are many hardworking grassroots MP’s just trying to do their job. But there seems to be a level where some MP’s change to a blinkered, self-serving person with no moral compass where child abuse is concerned. I also wonder if anything will ever happen regarding the celeb ‘others’. Why does nothing seem to be happening surely someone somewhere must care about these abused children.

    • john carey

      nobody does – vast majority end up in prison – first think they ask in young offenders institutes – `have you been in the care system?` – barnardos? – you will get a Christmas card – no counselling in prison – makes me laugh – more registered counsellors in UK than people in Armed Forces – costs more to keep a young person in prison than to sent that `chap` to Eton.

    • Clarence J Boddicker

      Half the problem with MP’s is that there is no limit nor requirement on them having to declare their membership of secret handshake clubs, and the number of truly independent figures in Parliament is fractional… All are either nominated, handled, funded or controlled by freakmasons. Same with police and judiciary. How can the public aspire to serve the country, or hope for transparency and impartiality when the country is run on the intrigue of secret societies. The very idea is the polar opposite of liberty, the opposite of democracy. We need a government that will begin by rousting every secret-handshaker, intrigue monger or moral deviant covering his or her own ass.

  4. This man is such an unctious blob of vile, I am quite certain he knows everything since he has his sweaty fingers in every pudding.

  5. john carey

    beg to disagree with incubusblog – to be a Christian (in the Roman catholic faith) that name has to be from a Catholic saint – no Saint` Keith` anywhere – explain – as stated previously I am thick

    • cantankerous

      I know quite a few indians who have chosen english first names which they use particuarly in their business dealings but retain their indian names as well. So it may be the case that Mr Vaz chose the name Keith for professional purposes.

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