Why Would They Not Show Their Support ?

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The question you have to ask of every Member of Parliament regarding the historic abuse scandal of Elm Guest House is simple:

Why would you not show your support and lend your weight to getting justice?

It is really that simple.  Or it should be to any right-minded citizen of this country. However, the photo in this post shows the attendance in the House during a debate on protecting children late last year AFTER the Savile scandal broke.

Based on that evidence we need to ask them if they care.

More information about how to contact your MP at Madlands

The Needle says; How long would it take you to email your MP ?

Your MP is either part of the solution or part of the problem !

Get your MP on the record !



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25 responses to “Why Would They Not Show Their Support ?

  1. Anna

    Just done exactly that, via:
    Made sure I had a list of questions, supporting evidential links and was polite throughout.
    I will put a poster or two up locally with a copy of my letter -and a reply if I receive one. If I don’t receive a reply/acknowledgement within a reasonable period, I will be emailing letters and comments to all my local ‘rags’ making it clear that the MP has not responded.
    The MP is a lazy bastard at the best of times, rarely goes to Westminster to vote and is a sleaze bucket. Time people realised how little he does. :)

  2. rainbowsophie

    I emailed to mine the other day, not as brilliant a letter as Magoo’s (which deserves putting here Gojam) but one with a lot of questions! He is a very decent sort and a family man, and so I would hope that I will have a reply in the near future. Would it be a good idea to tweet this ? To all MP’s’ You are either part of the solution or part of the problem’ show your support !!

  3. Bugger emailing them- I waited five bloody hours to see my local MP when I had a genuine housing problem, and he was effing useless. With 78% of them being millionaires, they have better things to do than think about kids in care, abuse in general, or our opinions- they have to help their banker chums in the City, take gratuities from lobbyists and ensure that the feebleness of the Levenson Enquiry is not implemented. Remember,most of this lot are happier destroying children in the name of ‘peace’ through clusterbombs- I have no faith whatsoever in emails or petitions- sorry to rain on your parade.
    They’re vermin, all of them.

    • Sam

      I would value advice on what we can collectively do. Is there a way of organising efforts? Can we/or is there already a strategy? Ideas: posters asking for brave people to ‘do something’ ; a succinct explanation to present to people just covering main points (an A4) ; advertising etc. – incentives to get people to reac and cement/email/text/tweet etc

      I would also value a discussion on both the practical and ideological consequences – there is no question that not doing anything is not an option BUT are the people willing to face the risks of this all ‘coming out’? What can we do, not only to make sure it comes out and is appropriatrly investigated, but that the consequences for the victims and the world is positive? It appears that, like quantum physics, the more you understand the more difficult the questions become. Are there organisations, for example the Positve Psychology groups, or the Happiness Foundation that may be useful to consult? Just ideas …. the whole structure of society will change if the truth comes out and it gives
      an opportunity for a better world …well at least that is what I feel in an optimistic moment

      • alanbstardmp

        Go to the parliament in droves and occupy the public gallery. Be sure to inform the media you’ll be there

        Just shout the bastards down and call them for the perverts they are

      • All and anything-by any means neccesary. However, I do think that concerted, concentrated force is needed, be it a ‘campaign’ or whatever- anything that keeps the issue in the public eye, more than it is now- online is OK, but a physical presence is better- publicity stunts are good (How about throwing tons of childrens shoes in front of 10 Downing Street, or Parliament?). The public gallery is do-able, but with a high risk of arrest, and with the security screen, pretty ineffective (that and getting your mug on a database sharpish)- Hounding politicians, gov. ministers in particular and YouTubing the action would have some impact, think Parliament Green where all the interviews are held, getting your point over during other protests is good too- anti-austerity demos etc- posters, stickers, graffiti etc.etc.

      • alanbstardmp

        well, I wouldn’t worry too much about arrest. All plod will do is remove you and tell you to ” piss off home “. Anyway arrest means you’ll be bailed immediately to go to court where you’ll have another theatre with media attending. Kids being abused should cause a well minded citizen with their priorities right to be arrested. If that is what it takes, fine

        Advantages of parliament public gallery is media are inside permanently. As soon as someone mouths off, the cameras will beam in. Throwing Kids shoes is a good idea

        If people are arrested, the more the merrier. Christ, people have given their lives for the place under other circumstances. Arrest for this, under media gaze, and a court appearance under media gaze, LOL Publicity, all free, max Clifford would kill for

      • chess

        Funny that alanbstardmp should mention people giving their lives. My people did, in WW1 and WW2, so my nan was a widow at age 26 and alone had to bring up her daughter and son from the ages of 3 and 18 months. My grandfather, who was in the Royal Artillery, is buried in France and my nan never even visited his grave, how could she ever contemplate travelling to the continent, she never even went to London. She mourned his loss all her life, she wore black or grey clothes, she never re-married, even had she wanted to there were no young men left anyway after that carnage. Then her dear son was killed in WW2 and he never came home either. So I had no grandad, no uncle, no cousins. My closest male relatives have been career servicemen and both have seen action.
        I’m sure that my grandad and my uncle thought that they were fighting for an opportunity for a better, free, safe world for us.
        Whatever went wrong?
        How did we get to this state?
        Will we never learn?
        Anyway, for me, being collared by a bobby now is small beer, and my mug in the records? Poo, just give me a sec to put some lippy on.
        What can they take from an OAP with nothing to lose except integrity and self respect?
        (Cue to John Carey for a bit of hand holding on the way to the clink).

    • rainbowsophie

      I feel your pain Incy! Our so called County Council here is an intransigent monolith, no matter how hard or persistently you can rail against them it is truly the old head banging bit… They lost a fortune in the Iceland Banks yet the chief executive is one of the highest paid in the country. We are a tourist area that has some of the highest car-park charges around, (they even charge on a Sunday) yet the local tourist facilities are in an abominable state. The council made over a million quid from the parking charges one year, and spent the lot on ensuring their workforce spoke Welsh in the workplace. W T absolute F

      okay okay calm – rant over, breathe :)

  4. john carey

    Nothing will happen – any defence solicitor always tells his client `hang it out` (witnesses/die/cannot be bothered/bribed/etc). Plus not in public interest to prosecute anybody who makes rules, past and present.

    Tom Watson when elected in 2015 with a victorious Labour administration will, `with his trusted sword and shield`,ensure all these nasty entertainers/public figures/etc will be imprisoned in the Tower of London and fed a diet of bread and water – then insure full employment and free school milk – and thats a promise!

    Lets move to the next topic `horsemeat` scandal – I know quite a bit about that.

    • chess

      I really do understand what you’re saying, having seen that tactic work successfully umpteen times as a Govt. employee. But, as one who opened the gob about what was going on, and paid the price for it. if I was faced with the same situation now (and child abuse counts!) I wouldn’t act any differently. I would have felt very cowardly had I let it go unchallenged, I just wish that I’d spoken up sooner.
      Silence equals assent/consent. Well, I bloody well don’t consent!
      My brother said I’d talk myself onto the gallows and he’s probably right.

      • john carey

        I will be with you (picture closing shot of that film with Edward Woodward and that Oz actor something Brown set in the Boar War) but no hands – I am butch!

    • chess

      Breaker Morant, yes.

  5. Bill Wagstick

    @ alanbstardmp February 13, 2013 at 6:13 am

    Haranguing MP’s from the public gallery of Parliament seems like a good idea!

    The Bill of Rights 1689 is still good law.

    “That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament;”

    • alanbstardmp

      that’s what is good about the public gallery. The media will grab on to it quickly. Screaming at them from the public gallery is not common, but there are many instances of it

      • T

        Unfortunately I don’t think it would be possible to demonstrate from the gallery – War Criminal Extraordinaire, Tony Blair, had a floor to ceiling glass screen put in place to prevent him being pelted again with purple powder bombs.

        I’d imagine the screen is bullet proof, sound proof and pretty much demo proof – unless protesters stuck up giant posters or such.

      • john carey

        I will be with you alanbstardmp – please inform date and time?

      • alanbstardmp

        John, sadly I won’t be in England for a while. I’m overseas at the moment, but it’s something we could do many times over. Appreciate your positive response, and I’ll surely be involved when I get there. Plenty of time before this is over, I suspect

      • alanbstardmp

        you are not looking for demo time. You shout your concerns. As soon as they remove those in the gallery, TV cameras will emerge from nowhere and interviews outside the commons. Newspaper journalists as well as TV as permanently stationed as the Parliament

        You’ll also find some footage was taken inside by TV

  6. george silver

    Do you think the reason most of them are not there is because they’ve all got something to hide?

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