Iran Unveils New ‘State Of The Art’ Aircraft.


Photographed flying over Mount Damavand

Iran’s freshly unveiled fighter jet has already been derided by aviation experts who likened the plane to a mock-up model and expressed serious doubts over whether it could actually fly.

And a new picture of the domestically produced Qaher-313 apparently soaring over Iranian mountains has done little to curb scepticism, amid claims the plane never actually left the ground but was simply superimposed over the snow-capped peaks using Photoshop.

Iran, which unveiled the stealth fighter jet at a ceremony attended by President Mahmoud Admadinejad earlier this month, claims its aircraft is capable of evading radar, carrying weapons and flying at low altitude.

Daily Mail



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9 responses to “Iran Unveils New ‘State Of The Art’ Aircraft.

  1. Lucky Pierre

    Who ever would have thought that Christopher Ryan who played “Mike the cool person” in the young Ones and “Dave Hedgehog” in Bottom, would go on to become president of Iran

  2. rainbowsophie

    Oh did my ATC son and friends take great delight in pointing out that the plane could not and would not fly with that wing surface area, that the cockpit would not be able to withstand G-Force speeds as it has no bracing and that it looks remarkably like the new F-35 with novelty wings on it. ?? who are they trying to kid :)

  3. Susan Wood

    looks like a knicker liner – with wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. leonard

    Thunderbirds, innit?

    • Marilyn Myers

      Thunderbirds it is! I still have one stuffed in a box somewhere from twenty years ago of my kids. What an embarrassment!

  5. Yeah, that sure does look fake and a mock-up, but give it some time and the Chinese will supply Iran with their very real Stealth plane- if they haven’t already (along with the odd tactical nuke from Russia)…Propaganda can serve to mask as well as to blind.

    Have to admit that the Thunderbird 2 made me chuckle! Although International Rescue will have their work cut out if Israel bombs any nuclear facilities in Iran though! Fallout baby, fallout!

    • Will you still all be joking when the murderous Whitehouse/Parliament/Knesset creates thousands of Iranian orphans ???
      Just like they orphaned 100s of 1000s in Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, the entire South American continent..etc..all so a handful of psychos can hang onto their obscene global wealth and power..

      • Yes, I’ll still be joking, but I won’t necessarily be laughing- besides, to paraphrase Emma Goldman- ‘if I can’t laugh, it’s not my revolution’…But naturally, I agree with your sentiment…The babykillers of all governments are begging for a war to get us out of this Depression- ‘creative destruction’ their economists call it…Only one war worth fighting, the Class War.