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Top Liberal Democrat politicians and the most senior official in charge  of social services  in the London borough of Richmond appear to have been struck dumb by an extraordinary outbreak of amnesia over the rapidly enfolding child abuse scandal 30 years ago.

Contacted by myself and my colleagues at Exaro News  prominent Lib SDP councillors at the time  Lord Razzall, Baroness  Tonge, Sir David Williams, and former social services director Louis Minster, traced by Exaro colleague Mark Conrad to retirement in Malta, don’t seem to remember a thing about it.

His interview by Mark and Alison Winward is at http://bit.ly/Y2xnzk  81 year old Mr Minster – who is following the police investigation on the internet – told Mark:” There no inquiries[into suspected child abuse] at all.”

In a piece by me, Mark, Nick Fielding and David Pallister on Exaro News(http://bit.ly/YQVguO) it is revealed that Richmond Council held a rare extraordinary…

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  1. Morality

    Child Abuse Needs to be Punished By Capital Punishment For the
    Actually Guilty

    Forget So Called ” Human Rights ” the Human Rights of the Victim’s
    are More Important

    • ‘Punishment’ as deterrent doesn’t actually work though (see Albert Pierrepoint, the last UK hangman)- I’m in favour of ‘destruction of a public health threat’-people like Sydney Cooke never could be ‘rehabilitated’…

      Off topic, but of extreme interest to everyone here, an analysis of Lord McApline’s ‘art’ collection-
      If this was more widely known, then how much press and public ‘sympathy’ for the old b***** would there really be?

      • john carey

        I agree – but what about Stuart Hall pleating that he is 83/heart condition etc – pity his accusers at there day in court – will they be offered same opportunities to t/v? – ie f…ked up my lfe etc

      • Clarence J Boddicker

        What the heck does deterrence have to do with anything? Long jail sentences ain’t deterring anyone. Short jail sentences are even less potent in their deterrent effect. Do we only carry out the harsh sentences of justice while we imagine them to be deterrent to others? What about deterrence for the perpetrator. Honestly, assist a few serial kiddie fiddlers off this mortal coil and I guarantee they’ll be deterred from fiddling kiddies ever again. Isn’t it strange how the so-called enlightenment of modern ‘civilised’ thinking is so focused on a subjective broad stroke of some wooly notion of greater good, and failing abysmally, while rejecting an objectivist system where the end doesn’t need to justify the means but the means are used to bring an end. I do miss rationality and necessary absolutes.

      • Look! Here’s a troll being deliberately obtuse! Wow!

      • Clarence J Boddicker

        And I’d be seriously impressed if you could justify your pejoritive use of that term.

        ‘Homophobe.’ ‘Nazi.’ ‘Hitler.’ ‘Troll.’ A pattern emerges of your overuse of vacuous insinuative rhetoric to attempt to claim a position of authority in a debate, not unlike bringing a personal assault alarm to an arm wrestling match.

      • Meh. Homophobic fascist troll windbag. I can be just as obstinate in my opinions as you can. Oh,and the above is no insinuation…

        Quick, grab your Roget’s Thesaurus for a devastating and over long riposte! Cock.

      • Clarence J Boddicker

        I’d pity you, but clearly its wasted.

  2. David Henke says that there was a payment by Richmond Council (compensation) to someone who was abused whilst in their care at the children’s home concerned with Elms Guest House. Exaro, therefore, have significant evidence against these twat councilors who are denying knowledge of events – good for David Henke and good for Exaro.