Where Is The File Mr Brittan ?

It’s fair to say that thanks to the great work done by Murun Buchstansangur on Twitter, those of us who are able to access sources other than the MSM have been aware of this for weeks now but that does not mean that we should not appreciate the work of professional journalists. The relationship between the alternative media and the MSM should be symbiotic. Professional journalist are not just credible sources of news they also can lend credibility to the assertions of the alternative media.

This story in today’s Sunday People should pose some ineresting questions for those seeking justice for the systemic sexual abuse of children, especially those supposedly in the care of the state.

As I’ve already clearly stated here, Leon Brittan’s name appears on a list, which purports to be a list of guests that visited Elm Guest House where the sexual abuse of children took place. That list, along with other documents, were seized under warrant by the Operation Fernbridge paedophile investigation team.

I’m not suggesting, nor have I ever suggested, that every person on that list abused children but it would be incurious not to ask why the former Home Secretary Leon Brittan did not do more when presented with a file listing sexual abusers of children presented by Geoffrey Dickens MP back in 1984.

And where is that file now Mr Brittan ?

Justice does not just need to be done, it needs to be seen to be done.

A senior Tory MP handed an explosive dossier ­alleging VIP child abuse to the Government almost 30 years ago, the Sunday People can reveal.

The 50 pages contained information about suspected paedophile rings, police misconduct and abuse of boys in a care home.

There are suggestions the dossier contained links to the notorious Elm guest house in south-west London which is currently the focus of the Met Police’s investigation Operation Fernbridge.

But the file has disappeared.

It was presented to the Home Office by Geoffrey Dickens MP in 1984.

Later he had a half-hour meeting with the then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan which Mr Dickens described as encouraging.

The MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth said he had been assured his allegations of a UK-wide paedophile ring would be fully investigated.

But there is no evidence Mr Dickens’ findings were ever followed up and the Home Office admits it has no idea where the file is now.

Our revelations support claims first made in the Commons last October by campaigning MP Tom Watson that evidence of a VIP paedophile ring with links to the heart of government was not ­followed up in the early 1980s.

Sunday People



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17 responses to “Where Is The File Mr Brittan ?

  1. cantankerous

    Great article again Gojam , i can’t imagine the original dossier is still in existence unless there was more than one copy made by Dickens. Well done to Exaro for tracking down Louis Minster to Malta. I’m sorry I doubted them.

  2. paul

    That must mean that Mr dickens didn’t have any evidence on brittain or he wouldn’t have handed over the file to him. Someone should see if they can contact dickens family. Sometimes papers documents diaries etc are lying about in lofts etc.

  3. English European

    The more I read and think about this, the more convinced I am that the Redbridge and Yewtree investigations aren’t enough. Both of those are focussed on sexual crimes, but what we need is a new police operation that focuses on the cover-ups and corruption. “Misconduct in public office” I think is what you call it and the ministers who had associations with the crimes and failed to act when presented with evidence seem to fit into that category:


  4. rainbowsophie

    Trouble is who would you appoint to lead it ??

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  9. Sreven

    Mr DIckens was all over the press at one time claiming to have a dossier. When pushed he said he had posted it to the Home Office and it was lost in transit. Despite all the hype he’d made of it, posting it and not keeping a copy is bordering on stupidity. Might it all have been a bluff to conceal inadequate contents?

    • greenlight


      “That copy was ­ordered to be destroyed by Mr Dickens’ widow Norma who thought it was “too sensitive” to keep in the family home. She died last year.

      Their son Barry, 49, told the Sunday People: “My ­father’s file was ­destroyed after his death in 1995 because my mother considered it too sensitive to have hanging around the house. It had been many years since Dad had handed the other copy to the Home Secretary and ­unfortunately ­nothing had come of it.”

      • Steven

        Dickens was the UK equivalent of the religious right in America. He saw Satan everywhere as a cursory examination of the press and media from the latter part of his life will show.

        On one occasion he responded to a woman (who had done nothing wrong) being put in intensive care by a beating from her neighbour saying she should go to jail as well. Why? Because he didn’t like her religious views.

        In a tv interview, he said to one couple “Who is the devil you worship?”, apparently because he thought they were closet Satanists.

        He even tried to reintroduce witchcraft laws with a proposed amendment to one of the Criminal Justice Bills for crying out loud.

        One of his famous (i.e much touted in the press by himself) dossiers (the one which disappeared between him and the Home Office ACCORDING TO HIM) he claimed showed networks of Satanists all over the power structures of the country conducting organised abuse. Time has shown this to be as ridiculous here in the UK as it was in the US where the myth originated. And when THIS dossier vanished he was unable to produce a copy.

        Whatever he may have felt and campaigned on about PIE, he was living in cloud cuckoo land a lot of the time and, given his track record of religious bigotry, failing to condemn violence against innocent women, and his way out there religious views which appeared to equate all other faiths with Satanism, I wonder how much truth there would have been in this latest dossier anyway.

        Then there’s his much vaunted support for a woman who single handedly interfered with several child abuse investigations in Hull, meaning we will never know if those cases were genuine because they could not proceed after her poisoning the evidence.

        No. In this area Dickens could not be trusted.

      • And so the smears begin…

  10. Steven

    A few minutes ago on “This Week”, Michael Portillo said he liked Dickens and counted him amongst his friends, then cast doubt on the contents of this dossier BECAUSE Dickens was the source.

    Perhaps he saw the news coverage I refer to.

    If even his friends doubt it, perhaps it might be wise to reserve judgement.

    Is that also a smear in your view?

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