Cyril Smith ‘Known’ To The Police Since 1965

Cyril Smith

The police were aware of accusations that Cyril Smith was a child abuser 7 years before he became an MP.

So, here is a question for you. Did he become an MP despite being a paedophile or was he promoted to the position of MP because he was a paedophile ?

Fears that Sir Cyril Smith was sexually abusing boys were reported to police four years before an investigation was opened, it has been claimed.

Social worker Lyndon Price said he raised the issue with the chief constable of Rochdale in 1965.

Mr Price, director of social services in Rochdale from 1971 to 84, said that Chief Constable Patrick Ross later told him no action would be taken.

Lancashire Police investigated Sir Cyril in 1969 without charging him.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has admitted that Sir Cyril should have been prosecuted for abusing boys in the 1960s.



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31 responses to “Cyril Smith ‘Known’ To The Police Since 1965

  1. cantankerous

    It would seem to be “because” he was a paedophile. Thank god you’ve posted another article so we can get past the gay marriage bollocks !

  2. gus brown

    Quite apart from the fact that it’s outrageous that nothing was ever done about him I find it odd that the Beeb are happy in mentioning this but not the other stuff that’s happening now. The dead don’t threaten to sue do they?

  3. Cyril Smith was promoted because he was a gay, that way those who knew him like Lord Goodman Tom Driberg and Anthony Blunt, were already in rothschilds snare, remember the cambridge traitors ? all rothschilds men.
    But i will say Cyril was a good constituency MP but like David lawes had to do what he was told, when lord levy smoothed tony blairs path into number 10, he conatcntly reminded him that Tony was opwnded body and soul by isreal and so was cyril

  4. when i worked in broadcasting i found it hilarious that the BBC was said to be short for “BumBoys Club ” but thats how it was all jews masons bumboys and at times all of the above, strange how only abuse of girls comes out, when Boy George michael Barrymore Elton John Steven Fry Frankie howard etc all went for boys ? even savile likes the boys bums too !

  5. Gojam, You are upset with the Irish fellow and his references to “cottage industries”; he made an even more cutting remark in referring to “Conspiracy theorists”. Personally I find your commentary on things largely acceptable, but if you ally yourself with Spivey and David Icke you are asking for trouble.
    I actually hated that piece on Channel 4 news, it was cursory and glib; I haven’t got much time for TV News journalism anyway, but the commercial variety has no depth and only flirts with issues, merely filling gaps between advertising breaks.

    • I don’t consider myself a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ and I dislike the way the MSM bandy the term around.

      But I would say that if there weren’t so many conspiracies and cover-ups then nobody would speculate.

    • rainbowsophie

      conspiracy  [kuhn-spir-uh-see]
      Part of Speech: noun
      Definition: collusion in plan
      Synonyms: cabal, complot, confederacy, connivance, countermine, counterplot, covin, disloyalty, fix, frame*, game, hookup, intrigue, league, little game, machination, perfidy, plot, practice, put-up job, scheme, sedition
      treacherousness, treachery, treason, trick, trickery

      I tweeted to Paraic O’Brien that I am getting very tired at people using the term ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ to describe anyone who is trying to get at the truth of certain matters. If there were no ‘Conspiracies’ (or even simple Cover-up’s) then there would be no need for people to theorise about them. Anyway as we have seen so far in all of this, the conspiracy’s are all there, and so the term ‘Theorist’ hardly applies ! So there you go Mr O’Brien would you prefer ‘Actual Cover-up Hypothesist’ !

      • ‘Actual Cover-up Hypothesist’


        What annoyed me is that he was just the front man. Exaro did all the journalism.

        And Channel 4 jounos seek info from blogs. I was emailed, along with others, about info concerning North Wales. So, on the one hand they’re trawling the internet looking for info and then he mocks us.

      • ikidu0

        No Sir, I am a conspiracy analyst..

      • To be fair, O’Brien did use the term ‘conspiracy theorists’ then alluded to the fact that ‘there was now a police investigation’ so he was saying in a round-about way that ‘conspiract theories’ can, and do have, validity- as if to say, ‘well, it was a bunch of theories, suppositions, rumours and hearsay- but actually these people were actually on to something’.

        The fact is history is littered with real,actual, documented conspiracies, and people are right to be suspicious of power in all its guises- So having theories about what the powerful get up to in secret is only natural, particularly since they are so secretive- unless of-course it is utterly bizarre and outlandish- The Holocaust, for instance, was intitiated by Hitler on the basis of a conspiracy theory- and then it too became the subject of many others- ‘revisionist’ perversions of historical evidence/ Hitler was Jewish / it never happened / It was a Zionist-Rothschild plot / Nazi-Alien alliances etc.etc.

        Sane people need to proceed with caution, by weighing facts, knowledge and insights to ascertain the truth. The less than rational will believe, and spout off, any old paranoid, persecutory cobblers that fulfills some sort of deep psychological need…

    • Stan

      Nothing wrong with Icke or Spivey. They each have their own style at getting things done.

      • Spivey should keep his day job (as a tatooist) or write for an organ of the pornographer, Richard Desmond. When there is an immensely serious issue like child sex abuse to be addressed the lewd and crude Chris Spivey should remain silent.

      • cantankerous

        On the subject of north wales ciaran jenkins C4 reporter has been tweeting that the jillings report will not be released so may be covered on C4 news,

  6. Carol Smith

    The BBC have mentioned NOTHING about yesterday’s arrests yet are happy to give this as news?? I wish there was a way to opt out of their channels but all I can do is not watch them. I pray that the whole business is a case of slowly, slowly, catchee monkey – but I’m beginning to doubt it.

  7. Enna

    I would imagine people are elevated to high positions, MPs etc precisely because they have skeletons in cupboards (sometimes literally) the dirtier the secret, the easier it is to blackmail them into following orders and agendas. I’m horrified Smith was not exposed and jailed but I’m not surprised, it’s the old boys network and silly handshakes brigade yet again.

  8. andy

    i watched bbc news 24 the other day at a friends(i dont watch at home) and they were promoting a tour by the who or some band with pete Townsend and i thought wasn’t he prosecuted for child porn???

    • Stan

      He was “researching” a book that he was writing, in order to do this “research” he had to give his credit card details to a child porn website.
      The book has never been written, Mr Townshend got a caution and had to sign the nonce register for a while. Later he was warned about writings on his blog where he wrote about underage kids having sex. One does wonder who Mr Townshend has in his pocket.

      • andy

        yet they promote him all the same
        this is why i refuse to pay a tv license, there not getting my money to promote such monsters….

  9. Bobindubai

    Just as in the Houses of Parliament, in ‘life’ there are also Whips. If you want to be in with, or a bit-part of any established racket, (religion, academia, monarchy, politics, masons, some-jobs, teachers, doctors, the military… Whatever), ya got to play along with the game. Basically you’ve got to be whipable to ‘succeed’.

    Every facet of life has a public face and a private face… But it also has a secret face. Just like you and I also have. Some buck this whipability. e.g. David Kelly. The fact that Smith and like-minded cretinous crew’s got/get so far only demonstrates this. Could I get a job with Liz and the boys/the Masons, MI5/6, the Tories etc., etc.? Ha! Not a chance in hell. And am I thankful for that.

    We all have heroes (even flawed ones), and my hero is Tom Paine. Today we need a Tom Paine more than ever.

  10. leonard

    I do not think that Townshend has ever had a blog, let alone written about child sex on it or had any ‘warning’. One does wonder where some people get their information.

    • Stan

      From Wiki,

      “In February 2006, a major world tour by The Who was announced to promote their first new album since 1982. Townshend published a semi-autobiographical story The Boy Who Heard Music as a serial on a blog beginning in September 2005.[19] The blog closed in October 2006, as noted on Townshend’s website.”

      One does wonder where some people bury their heads.

      • Hmmm- Townshend, Michael Jackson, Polanski, Woody Allen. The media is awfully accomodating towards celebrities if they have a high enough profile and a great deal of money, whereas smallfry like Chris Langham, Glitter got an altogether different sort of treatment…So there’s even a hierarchy of value there…

  11. Rochdalian

    Smith wasn’t the first choice for the Rochdale nomination in 1972 when Jack McCann died, but Jeremy Thorpe came up to speak with the local party to impress on them that the seat was winnable from Labour and that to do that, they needed a big personality like Smith. They changed their mind and agreed with him.

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  13. Sam

    Interesting article on bbc website today relating to the death of the main witness in the trial of Michael Brewer OBE. In 1994 he was forced to resign from Chetham school of music after an inappropriate relationship with a girl only then to be appointed as the director of national youth choir and worked for BBC. Brewer and wife convicted of indecent assault.

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