Op Fernbridge: Arrest John Stingmore.


John Stingmore

The first person to be arrested by the Operation Fernbridge police investigation into what happened at Elm Guest House between 1979 and 1982 has taken place at 7:15am this morning on the south coast in St Leonards on Sea in East Sussex .

The man is John Stingmore an employee of Richmond council and is the former deputy head of Grafton Close Children’s Care Home.

Elm Guest House was frequented by paedophiles and young boys from a number of children’s homes including Grafton Close were abused there.

It is alleged in evidence seized under warrant by the Op Fernbridge team that many prominent individuals visited the guest house. For more information on that please read – Naming Names

There may have been two arrests today. No details on the second arrest.

Exaro journalists observed the arrest. To get the latest information sign up and get your own 7 day free trial at Exaro


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18 responses to “Op Fernbridge: Arrest John Stingmore.

  1. cantankerous

    I heard on five live that the second arrest was in Norfolk but no further details

  2. And at long last the BBC are reporting on this issue; things appear to be moving. Exaro deserve a lot of credit for their work; John Henke (of Exaro) has said if appropriate authorities do not see things through then they will get to work. For John Henke to say this means that Exaro have uncovered solid evidence.

  3. Insomnia

    I really pray that this is being done properly and methodically – I believe it will only take a proper investigation of one Care home to prise open the lid on the whole damn lot.

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  5. sam

    Well done to ALL involved in this. (IMHO the police are Johnny-Come-Latelys to this – almost bitpart. They need to be taken to task for not listening before.).

    Thanks to all those who’ve been working on this for years and to all those internet campaigners who’ve more recently unearthed so much evidence (again, doing the police’s job). You’re very brave.And people power DOES work.

    And not forgetting all the victims who’ve been forced to live in misery.Justice may now be done for them.

  6. All good-
    I had a horrible thought today, about the Secret Family Courts, which are designed to protect children from abusive parents and take their kids into care, but which uses laughable and sinister standards of justice, which belong more to some Stalinist nightmare than a supposedly open and democratic country. What if these courts exist solely to feed the increasingly dodgy care system, with the children of innocent as well as guilty, abusive parents? It sounds like a bit of a conspiracy-theory, but hell, with what’s gone on over the last few decades, would it be so far-fetched…?

    • len

      Pie and Mash films have an audio recording on one of their films of a cabbie asking Jack Straw about the ‘Gagging’ legislation he put through in 2009. Jack Straw couldn’t seem to remember anything about it!

      Straw knew he was being recorded as it was part of a series of this cab driver interviewing other politicians. Will see if I can find it.

    • Sabre

      Would be a difficult one to crack. They probably concentrate on the ‘guilty’ abusive parents, the poor kids then inherit credibility problems from the get go.

      • But with kids being taken from their families on the basis of ‘hearsay’ and the mere opinions of social workers and malicious medical practitioners, the parents are all found guilty by these judge-only courts, which also bar journalists… Reminds me of that US judge who was a shareholder in his local privatised prison- the more offenders he jailed on trumped up charges, or through draconian sentencing, the higher his dividend went…You see what I’m getting at?

      • Sabre

        It must be possible to devise a way to look under this particular stone.

      • Liz727

        There must be thousands of parents caught up in secret family courts forbidden to reveal anything at all about them under threat of jail and frightened out of their wits enough to do just that. Now the motives behind them appear questionable, these parents should mount a class-action suit and challenge the whole process in open court.

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