Op Fernbridge: Father Tony McSweeney Arrested.



Father Tony McSweeny is the other person arrested today by the Operation Fernbridge police team. A Roman Catholic priest of St George’s parish in Norwich .

He is a Director of Notre Dame High School

And former Chaplain to Norwich Football Club.

[Delia] Smith, a devout Roman Catholic, met Father Tony McSweeney last year and convinced him to be the club’s part-time chaplain.



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  1. Anna


    NSPCC and Grosskopf
    The NSPCC employed the most wanted terrorist in the South Africa as a social worker. His qualifications are fake.

  2. cantankerous

    I don’t get where this man fits into the Elm House picture, was his name on the lists ? I didn’t see it.

  3. paul

    Anna it’s interesting that you link to info from apartheid supporters. Did resistance members fighting against the Nazis get called terrorists and get blacklisted from jobs?

  4. paul

    so are members of the monday club who were amongst the biggest supporters of the south african apartheid regime and monday club members seem to be deeply connected to these paedophile allegations. we already knew years ago about proctor,who was in the forefront of the pro apartheid supporters in britain and his involvement with under age rentboys.

    • Sabre

      Best not to get too Party Political about all this.
      Islington scandal? Harriet’s P.I.E advocacy, The ‘Trotter Affair’ (Hackney and Liverpool) . The case of R v Beck where a Labour MP was accused of buggering an under age boy in court under oath.

      Danny the Red who is now a Green had some strange ideas about ‘Liberating children to have sex with adults’

  5. A Catholic Priest!? Well, I’m shocked. Not.

    Hein Grosskopf? Nothing to do with anything much. One man’s Terrorist is another Man’s Freedom Fighter- and that includes Mandela who authorised such bomb attacks against the evil Apartheid regime, including ‘soft civilian targets’, when he was in full Stalinist mode, as opposed to the cuddly elderly statesman/celeb of today. The victory of the ANC hasn’t improved the lot of the ordinary SA people overall, though it’s marginally better than being tyrannised by a bunch of white-supremacist, religious fundamentalists. ‘Anti-communist’? So was Hitler…

    Most of Delia Smith’s recipes always seem to look like poo to me…

    • Jonny

      You stole my thunder, it’s unbelievable a priest would be involved in anything like this *innocent face* (has somebody said that before?)

  6. leonard

    Has McSweeney been publicly named? If not, where have you got his name from?

  7. paul

    the problem for the many apartheid supporters on the internet is the public are able to vote who they want to represent them and have done in every election since 1994. all the tough guy bluster about resisting one person one vote ,by force by apartheid supporters was shown to be hollow and there’s nothing they will ever dare to do about restoring apartheid. i guess the french resistance should have been jailed according to some. i do hope the allegations about the monday club are true ,unlike the meesham/mcalpine fiasco. couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

    • Mudplugger

      At least nowadays apartheid knows its place ………. Israel actually.

    • Sabre

      As much as I hate the Monday Club I would hope the allegations are false.
      You seem to be cast in the same mould as the spooks who seem to be lurking in the shadows in these matters !
      A case literally of ‘ Bugger the kids as long as we get a political advantage’

      • The political class of both left and right are utterly corrupt, both financially, morally and it seems sexually, in terms of paedophilia, the knowledge of it, the enabling of it, the concealment of it and the manipulation of it for internal purposes (blackmail etc.). The Monday Club is just the extreme right of the same class all of whom play us for fools, the Labour Party with its benign authoritarianism and supposed ‘progressiveness’ are just as bad in their own way, with both Blair and Milliband aping and lauding Thatcher’s economic policies. What connects the lot of them with the crime of the organised abuse of kids, is the common thread of contempt for the ‘little people’- ‘plebs’, voters, employees, ‘blacks’, children etc. and the abuse of power that contempt entails, the feeling of being above the law, the ability to intimidate, crush or buy people through wealth and status…Mangy Dogs, all of them.

        (Support for Apartheid is a bit like support for the Third Reich, useless, unless you have a time-machine, besides, South Africa is pegged to be the birthplace of the forthcoming African Spring…a minority of white racists fantasising about ruling again is a joke- unless they happen to be the Chinese Communist Party Plc.!)

      • Liz727

        Well said, incubus.

      • Sabre

        Incubus, from the point of view of the Black majority in RSA and Zimbabwe, has the cure for apartheid been any improvement on the original disease?

      • Sabre- If you read my previous post, you’ll see that I’m no fan of the Stalinist ANC who got straight ‘in to bed’ with the same corporations the White Supremacist regime worked with, and have not done a damn thing to alleviate poverty and inequality in SA, they’re riddled with both corruption and hypocrisy. As for the white minority of Boers and the english descendents- Tough shit losing political power, they’re lucky they weren’t ‘necklaced’, all the same, they kept their wealth, in Zim it’s not quite the same because of the Mugabe dictatorship, and he only started to strip farmers of ‘their land’ to prop up his own popularity with an ailing, mismanaged economy. The destruction of the disgustingly brutal, racist regimes in both countries is however, always to be celebrated, and never, ever regretted, despite the current situation. So please don’t share any thoughts of some sort of ‘paternalist’ white rule in future.

  8. j


    “The priest to replace Fr. Heston was Fr. Tony McSweeney, he did make a very big impression around our parish. Very well versed in music. This helped with our choir and parishioners. He took a great interest in youth. This helped a great deal with our schools. He promoted many concerts in aid of the Catholic Children Society. This is an organisation that raises funds to help the needy. Alas his stay was short lived. He was needed in another parish, what a great loss. Among many things, he reduced the parish debt from £60,000 to £14,000 in 4 years.”

  9. Anna

    Politics is a major factor which underpins the organised child abuse from many of the care homes. This is all about power and money for a minority at the expense of a servile and docile majority. My links simply serve to illustrate that the minority keep the knowledge and therefore the power to themselves, for their own perverted endeavours.

  10. Big GC

    Off topic…..but maybe not-Chris Spivey’s site is down again tonight,after he published his long awaited article on Cameron and the elite….spooks at work again????

  11. Big GC

    Spivey’s back online-hopefully it was just gremlins and not spooks!

  12. troy

    this is the parish this sicko worked at – http://www.networknorwich.co.uk/Mobile/default.aspx?group_id=15508&article_id=32146 my teenage son went to that school, and also found this little report about the said church – http://www.norfolkchurches.co.uk/sprowstongeorge/sprowstongeorge.htm quote”I did not know who the Parish Priest at St George was these days, but I was sure he’d be helpful. I went and rang the bell and waited. Nothing. I pressed it again just to be sure, but I could not hear any ringing noise inside. I stood waiting, and I looked up, and noticed how delapidated the presbytery looked nowadays, unlike in the sunny days of my memory. I waited. Nobody came. All I could hear were the birds in the tall trees to the east, and the traffic on the Sprowston Road.

    I would have to come back to St George later. I wandered around the church again taking photographs of the outside, but as I stood in the car park taking the photograph you see at the top of this page, I saw out of the corner of my eye – I swear to you – a movement in the big central window of the presbytery, a figure walking across out of the room. It struck me then that the bell, obviously, had not been working. My heart gladdened as I walked briskly back across to the presbytery, and this time I walked down to the other door and rang the bell there, and walked back up to the main door. As I did so, a very large man walked into kitchen and glared at me.

    I could tell as soon as he opened the door that he was not happy with me. It wasn’t just the look on his face, but the way he said crossly “What do you want?”. I explained my mission, who I was, mentioned that I was a Catholic, and told him that I’d like to see inside the church; but, unaccountably, it was locked. He stared at me for a moment, and then said “And I’d like to know why you are skulking around outside my house”. Well, he had a point, so I explained the problem with the bells – or, at least, what I had perceived as the problem with the bells. He then said something extraordinary, in a thunderous voice. “If someone rings on my bell and I don’t choose to answer it, then it is for a good reason!”

    Obviously, I apologised, and again explained the nature of my mission. Well, without going into too much detail, all I can say is that he was extremely rude to me – outstandingly so. I have never in my life before experienced such unpleasantness and hostility from a minister of religion. His main complaint appeared to be that I had rung on his doorbell while he was in the toilet, which was candid of him to say the least. Yes, the church was locked, and it would stay locked. No, I couldn’t go inside. No, it wouldn’t be open today. No, I couldn’t go inside even if I came back later. If I went away and made an appointment, then he would consider it, but not today. He was extremely busy. Saturday was an extremely busy day for him. He was also infirm, and he couldn’t be expected to be at everyone’s beck and call. The fact that I had come all the way from Ipswich was not his problem.

    This haranguing was so intense it was difficult for me to get a word in edgeways. Although I was sorry that I had disturbed him, I didn’t think I deserved this attack, and so I decided to go. I managed to apologise once more, and he replied, rather oddly in the light of what he’d just told me, that he too was going now because he was halfway through a phone call. And the door was shut firmly in my face. Rather shaken, I made my way back to my bike, my knees a little weak as I cycled off in the direction of St Cuthbert.” would like to know as well why he had to move from harlow in 1997. it was mentioned in the ch4 doc about the jewish orthodox covering up by moving to a different area, maybe the same here. through my trawelling i found something that said he was born in buenos airies??? cannot find it now. if anyone can help on that would be brilliant!

    • troy

      “While most East Anglican Catholic churches had increased their congregations considerably over the four year period, the average Sunday Mass attendances at St George had actually gone down in that time, from 765 to 602 – that is to say, one out of every five people who had been attending this church in 2003 had gone somewhere else by 2007.”

  13. leonard

    It is reported in the local press that the priest officiated at the marriage of Frank Bruno.