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One of the most disturbing  of the many sordid facts emerging in this tale of a 30 year child sex abuse scandal is the role of Richmond Council.

It is their kids in care who were allegedly procured from their homes – mainly the now closed Grafton Close home – and taken to Elm Guest House – and then sexually abused by prominent people including ministers, and MPs.

Two graphic accounts appeared over the weekend  in the Daily Mail ( http://bit.ly/XE6iCj) and the Sunday People( http://bit.ly/XE6OAf ) from victims about what happened there in the 1980s..

The Exaro News investigation – now involving  the editor, Mark Watts, five reporters  David Pallister, Nick Fielding, Fiona O’Cleirigh, Alex Varley-Winter and me – has produced a fresh spate of articles, including one on Grafton Close children’s home today  See http://bit.ly/WLo45E ,http://bit.ly/Xiw9Om, and http://bit.ly/Y4XFzI   ) for the full stories.

These reveal that Elm House…

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  1. brian kane

    you will find this will be bru shed under carpet because it involves this scumbag tory goverment

    • Jon Metcalfe

      Yeah – they should take a leaf out of Labour’s thirteen years and go after the paedos. Thank goodness that so many were rounded up under Blair and Brown! You feeling all right?

  2. derek gough

    Well if they did let’s get them for stealing public money because it wasn’t their money to spend it was the peoples money of Richmond . It’s called fraud and corruption jail the arseholes including councillors who were involved .

  3. headick

    It’s not really a surprise to anyone is it.

  4. Not twinned with a Belgian town then…? Should be. Records of any missing kids?