Vishal Mehrotra: Too Many Coincidences!


Do you believe in Coincidences ? Of course coincidences do happen but when they appear to happen shouldn’t we take the time to ask ourselves whether they are just coincidences ?

Earlier today I made a post entitled Where Do They Children Play ? which highlighted a story from 24/8/1981 in The Express about missing children

Sara saw this and contacted me to inform me that Vishal Mehrotra, one of the missing children highlighted in the newspaper article, was a pupil at St James, run by the School of Economic Science. Readers may remember that The Needle posted an article about that school here

Furthermore, Vishal Mehrotra went missing on the very day of Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding, which coincidently was the same day a ‘Kings and Queens’ party was held at the Elm Guest House.

Some of Vishal Mehrotra’s remains were discovered in 1982. See –  BBC

Given the serious allegations made by many former pupils of St James which was run by The School of Economic Science, of sadistic psychological abuse, sadistic physical abuse, and sexual voyeurism from around this time, on this thread here

Shouldn’t the police look again at the disappearence and probable murder of Vishal Mehrotra ?

Grateful thanks to Sara for contacting me.


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30 responses to “Vishal Mehrotra: Too Many Coincidences!

  1. Bobindubai

    As well meaning as the efforts of this Blog are, could it be that there are many nefarious lurkers here who would of course employ the soundest efforts in covering their tracks that they are or were here? Maybe they also get a kick out of looking in? I would hate to think that they could be alerted to the very fact that the Bill is on to them.

    • Trust me,they are already aware that the police are on to them.

      And they should also be aware that this blog is miles behind the Fernbridge police and news organisations like Exaro.

      • Bobindubai

        Mmmmm, I wonder if Jimmy Saville was ever, ever troubled by that? Or, Eric Gill, Alan Clark, Peter Morrison et al. How many f*&^£”g years was it?

        Does it even register a flicker of guilt across their deviant minds? Of course all dead now. “No news here, move on lad… And look, just don’t trouble us ‘right. And leave the living ones alone wont you”! We needs the money!!

        We do have something of a Secret Service, and from what I know of them they DO KNOW what is going on about them – no matter how inept they often appear. Its all a game of ‘give a bit ‘n take a bit’. Expediency rules.

        The tyrants all get thrown to the wolves in the end (the Shah, Marcos, Sukarno, Suharto, Saddam, Mubarak, Gaddafi, Assad) – but only ‘cos the game has moved on to newer up-start cabals with ever wilder game-plans.

        Follow the money (and the Gongs), and you will always find a stack of shite. Did MI5/6 not know John major was bonking the egg-queen? Spare me please. Mossad and the CIA sure new. David Kelly? MI5/6. Bah, up the wrong tree again Mr Newspaper Man! Err, umm, just ask Mossad on that one. And whilst you’re asking ’em, see if you can trade a few names of the missing. Please?

  2. Anna

    Horrific events which link closely with other findings in the larger picture of what the Savile’s of this world- and his elite club – were and are involved with. Definitely merits further investigation and exposure.

    People need to wake up to the truth of large-scale trafficking, abuse and ritualistic murder of children. They need to wake up to the fact that is is part of an organised, well-funded global operation.

    Yes, it’s unpalatable – yes it’s hard to believe – just do some research yourselves and you won’t be able to shield yourself from the truth, hide behind platitudes and so-called ‘reality’ tv – which is anything but.

    The reality is that the state has been trading in childrens’ lives for 100’s of years. There are records showing child ‘exports’ from the UK since the 1600’s. Sanctioned by the Privy Council.

    Think about it. Look into it. Don’t carp at those who are brave enough to broadcast the information and the results of their findings.
    Children are at risk everywhere -including Dubai
    What are you doing to try and help them?

    • Bobindubai

      Who’s carping? Carping! Me thinks you misread ‘fings. Dubai? Looking for a bar of soap is a right of passage for all teens in the lands of the long white thobes. Its a given. Its just a matter of who’s on top that determines as to whether you are a ‘man’ or not. In any case Dubai has 70,000 KNOWN prostitutes. It’s what makes Dubai tick innit? Hard to believe? Come out here and count ’em with me if you like. Charming lasses for the most part. Non-Arab Gays in Dubai? O course not. Its the Law innit? Butt… Zillions of ’em (please excuse the pun). All living here with no bother. Don’t believe what the ‘Man’ wants you to believe. The maxim is just keep it discreet. Its part of the double standard that thrives/is the ME.

  3. paul

    Gojam don’t know if you’ve read this book about the School of Economic Science
    its a highly critical book from the 80s . I’ve got it in the house somewhere ,I’ll try to find it and reread it.

  4. Mike

    A few circles round Missing / found / addresses of known visitors to Elm House, might throw some light on Vishal’s demise.

  5. cantankerous

    Made me think of the dial a child reference in the moss documents. just terrible.

  6. leonard

    Much more likely to be the bastards that killed Jason Swift. You don’t have to look for another ring, we know of one already .

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  8. Shortlight

    I was a class-mate and friend of Vishal’s at St. James. Indeed, I still have a book of his with his signature on the inside cover.
    Life at the school was certainly traumatic and the teachers regularly resorted to violence, but I don’t for one second think that The SES were in any way involved in Vishal’s muder.

    • Vishal’s at St. James, do you remember any boy from the school when you were there who lived in Fulham? Probably would have taken the 49 bus home from the school?

      • shortlight

        Hi Dud,

        No I don’t. Why do you ask?

      • Thank you for your reply. Have you heard the LBC broadcasts on Vishal. I have been helping Tom to try to solve the case. Vishal, and Martin Allen were both using Gloucester Road Station, twice a day. Vishal was seen on a 49 bus, asking for Worlds End.
        I know that the 49 goes past St James School. I think he must have taken the 49, before, and remembered that from World End he could walk to Fulham Broadway Station, to get home?

      • shortlight

        Hi Dud.

        Yes I have been listening to the LBC podcast. Very interesting.

        To be honest I have no recollection of the 49 bus. Maybe you’re right and he recognised the number, but I know for a fact that he took the District Line home (during term times at least), because we used to get the same train together.

      • duddenhallapproveds

        Thank you. I know he used the train most days. It is difficult using this open blog, as I cannot say a lot. Do you remember a mens toilet at Gloucester Road Station, at the top of the lift. Vishal left his sister, and nanny, straight after crossing Upper Richmond Road, saying he wanted to go back and not but any chocolate.
        He crossed back over the Road towards home. He must have somehow crossed back again, avoiding his sister, as he was later seen in Deodar Road near the Thames, but he was eating a chocolate bar so he must have bought it somewhere else.

      • shortlight

        Hi Dud.

        It was a very long time ago. I’m afraid I have no recollection to the gents toilet at Gloucester Road. What’s the relevance?

      • David

        It is difficult to say much on this open forum, in case it is seen by others. Did you also get off at East Putney?
        Did you both always get the same train, or did Vishal sometimes not go to the station with you?
        He was seen on a 49 bus, wet, and asking for World End. He got off the bus in Kings Road, just a short walk away from Worlds End.

        He was said to be soaking wet at that time, which was 8-30. So from the time he was seen in Deodar Road at 4pm, to 8-30 pm he must have been outside, and it was raining that evening.

  9. john


  10. shortlight

    Hi David.

    I lived in Ealing and Vishal lived in Putney, so we didn’t always get the same train. If memory serves, depending on the trains destination, one of us would get off at Earls Court and I think Vishal sometimes stayed on until Hammersmith. We certainly didn’t travel together every day.
    Obviously, as the abduction took place during the summer holiday, I have little idea about his movements that day.
    I’m not sure if it helps, but my memory of Vishal’s character differed from how his dad described him in the podcast. I remember him as being genuinely laugh out loud funny. He was very smily, and had a quick, dry wit, and, as much as an eight year can be, he gave the impression of being quite streetwise.

    • That is interesting, as the woman who claimed to see him on the train said he was laughing, and smiling. To get to the Northern line he would have had to take the 39 bus to Clapham Junction, or the overground train from Putney Station. Then get the overground to Clapham High Street, and get on the Northern line at Clapham North.
      The woman who saw Vishal, at the bottom of the stairs in Deodar Road, said he was just standing there. But when she came back, after five, or ten minutes, he was eating a chocolate bar. But his arms were in the air, and he was looking at the sky. Would that have been something to do with the meditation I know they used to teach at your school?
      Or maybe someone gave him a chocolate bar that had a drug in it.

      • shortlight

        Having listened to the podcast I’m of the opinion that the sighting on the Northern Line is a red herring. There is no logical reason he’d be laughing and smiling given the circumstances.
        Regarding St. James: there’s no link between him having his arms in the air and the meditation we were forced to practice. With the benefit of hindsight, the daily habits and rituals at the school were bizarre but, as an eight year old, it’s your reality and you don’t know any different. As I’ve said previously, I very much doubt there’s any connection at all between the SES cult and Vishal’s fate.

      • No, I was just trying to work out why Vishal seem to be acting so odd in Deodar Road, when he was on his own? The woman said it looked as if he was waiting for someone?
        Maybe he had met someone, who had given him something, maybe a drug like marijuana, which would account for his odd behavior, and even the laughing etc in the train?

      • shortlight

        Sounds way too far-fetched to me. The most likely explanation for me is that he was abducted by the bridge, taken to some kind of ‘safe house’, and from there he was taken to Elm House.

      • Though it is impossible to be sure, I’d be extremely surprised if Vishal’s disappearance and death had anything to do with Elm Guest House. The only hard evidence in the public domain, other than some sightings, regarding this case is where and how the body was found. This has all the hallmarks of a Cooke gang abduction and murder or another similar group. There is no credible evidence of any of that gang or similar connected to Elm Guest House and any suggestion there is only demonstrates a misunderstanding of what was going on at Elm Guest House.

      • shortlight


        I was making the Elm House assumption as it’s close to where Vishal lived and where he was last positively identified. I don’t know the intricacies of the case as much as others, but it seems too much of a coincidence to me.

      • The sighting in deodar Road sounds right? So you think the sighting on the train, or the one on the 49 bus later that night are both false sightings?

  11. shortlight

    Yeah, I think the sightings on the train and bus are probably false. Obviously I’ve got no definitive proof either way.

    • I have been told that the Kings & Queens Party at Elm guest House was not on the same day as the Wedding? Having now been to Putney, you can see Wandsworth Park from the train. If Vishal had run off to visit the celebrations in the Park, he may have met someone there.
      Deodar Road leads into the Park. He was seen there, standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking as if he was waiting for someone.

      • shortlight

        I don’t know anything about Kings and Queens parties, but I’m sure they’d have had the forethought to abduct their victims in advance rather than gambling that they could find victims on the actual day.