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Be The Change.


“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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Louise’s Voice

I’ve reported my historic abuse to the police recently. The police have been brilliant actually…although the process is very slow and giving a statement is hard work (mentally and emotionally exhausting).

I did disclose my abuse at age 7, but there was cover-up by my parents and it was never mentioned again and I did not receive the help I needed and this caused a lot of trauma (psychologically, developmentally) and stress.

Despite the obvious (to me now in hindsight and as a parent) signs of a distressed child neither my schools, doctors, or anyone else intervened or questioned the situation.

I did ask a counsellor once about going to the police about 20 years ago and she said that as I’d already disclosed it wasn’t my responsibility. I regret following this advice now as I think it was wrong.

Another factor in people not being able to disclose, especially after a cover up, is the shame and guilt and sense of dirtiness that you develop once you realise that what happened to you was bad and wrong.

I would urge survivors to seriously consider reporting their abuse to the police. There may not be much of a ‘da-dah!’ moment when your abuser is dragged through the town (metaphorically of course) but you will be treated with respect and your allegation taken seriously.

Personally, a huge benefit of reporting has been the acknowledgement that something bad happened to me and being believed. The shame and guilt is gone from me now and is firmly being placed at the feet of those who covered up, and eventually at the feet of the abuser.

It’s great to be able to talk about this nowadays. I sincerely hope things have changed, permanently.
cheers, Louise


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Simon Cowell With A Fag !



Who’d of thunk it ?


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Referendumb Promise

Promises Like Pie-Crust

Promise me no promises,
So will I not promise you:
Keep we both our liberties,
Never false and never true:
Let us hold the die uncast,
Free to come as free to go:
For I cannot know your past,
And of mine what can you know?

You, so warm, may once have been
Warmer towards another one:
I, so cold, may once have seen
Sunlight, once have felt the sun:
Who shall show us if it was
Thus indeed in time of old?
Fades the image from the glass,
And the fortune is not told.

If you promised, you might grieve
For lost liberty again:
If I promised, I believe
I should fret to break the chain.
Let us be the friends we were,
Nothing more but nothing less:
Many thrive on frugal fare
Who would perish of excess.

– Christina Rossetti

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Stuart Hall: Why Naming Is Important.



To begin with, I’ll cover the legal formalities. Stuart Hall is innocent until proven guilty as the mantra goes, though I prefer a less didactic approach and  use the Shrodinger’s Cat analogy, whereby the accused occupies a state where he is neither guilty or innocent until he is removed from the dock.

That done, I think the recent charges brought against Stuart Hall show conclusively why it is important that individuals accused of a crime, especially a sexual crime which often has a pattern of behaviour, should be publicly named. On the 5th December 2012, Stuart Hall was arrested for offences against three individuals who were aged between 9 and 17 at the time of the alleged offence. (The original CPS statement can be found here )

Last night, six weeks later, Stuart Hall was charged with 15 offences against 11 individuals.

Stuart Hall was last night charged with rape and 14 counts of indecent assault.

The 83-year-old BBC television and radio presenter was arrested yesterday when he attended a police station by appointment.

The rape is alleged to have been of a 22-year-old woman in 1976 and the indecent assault offences are reported to have been committed between 1967 and 1986. They concern ten girls aged between nine and 16.

A Lancashire Police statement said: ‘Following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service an 83-year-old man has this evening been charged with one offence of rape and 14 offences of indecent assault.’

Hall had already been charged in December with indecently assaulting three girls.

These charges included an alleged assault of an eight-year-old, an 11-year-old and a woman who was then aged 16. The allegations cover the period between 1974 and 1984.

Daily Mail

Historical child abuse accusations are very difficult to prove, there is rarely any physical evidence and a case is often one person’s word against another, and presumed innocence will more often than not result in a perpetrator not being prosecuted. Plainly, a case where 11 individual’s word is pitted against an individual has a better chance of success.

Victims of child abuse often feel very isolated, they feel that it would be hopeless to make a complaint, knowing that they may be alone in the witness stand facing their abuser. The Savile revelations changed all that, victims felt that the police would listen to them and as a consequence, in this case, 3 women came forward with accusations against Stuart Hall. This was enough for the police and the CPS to proceed and he was named in the press and as a consequence of that publicity a further 8 women have come forward.

Now, I do understand the concerns of those that say that the mere imputation of  being involved in a sexual crime, whether guilty or not,causes irreparable damage to a person’s reputation.

That is why we, as a society, need to put aside this ‘no smoke without fire’ attitude, if a person is found not guilty in a court of law he should be completely exonerated.

It is not the culture of naming the accused that needs to change, it is our collective attitude towards those found innocent of these most abhorrent crimes that does.


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Your Country Needs You…..

…………..TO RESIGN !

Resign !


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Brittan: One Step At A Time.

One Step


Acknowledgement to Murun Buchstansangur

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Elm Guest House: Mind Map

This is a first draft and may be subject to minor changes. It shows the relationships between some of those involved in the Elm Guest House scandal.

This schematic is the work of a team working together on David Icke’s Forum



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The Slog

richmondofficesSources close to the Rocks Lane paedophile investigation centred on the Elm Guest House in Barnes told The Slog today that the Fernbridge specialist police unit (now moving rapidly towards arrests) has earmarked Richmond Council employees as key suspects in the case.

The strong suggestion behind the leak is that at least one care home in Richmond knowingly supplied the children used by paedophiles at Elm House, and that the motive was almost certainly financial.

Last week a senior MP involved in Secret Family Courts and other paedophilia-related cases told me “as often as not you will find the motive is financial rather than sexual corruption, especially when local government officers are involved”.

elmhouseAlthough previous reports have mentioned the children originating from a Council Care Home, this is the first reliable evidence I’ve had that the supply was an inside-job, with Council racketeers allegedly heavily involved in organising the trafficking…

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Give My Love To Your Ladies In Scotland !

xmas card




Grateful thanks to nickc.


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Portillo’s Damascene Conversion.


I just want to say before discussing Michael Portillo’s  political volte face, that for the purposes of this article I absolutely accept that he had “some homosexual experiences when he was young.”, but to be frank even if he’d had had a three in a bed romp with a fellow cabinet minister and a footballer, as rumour has it, I’d think it rather irrelevant.

Michael Portillo was considered an extremely right wing MP before he famously lost his seat in 1997. Then, just before he announced his candidature for the vacant Kensington and Chelsea seat, vacated at the death of Alan Clark, he came out and his entire political outlook appeared to change.

‘A difficult decision’

In a statement, he said: “I have informed Conservative Central Office that I wish my name to go forward for the vacancy caused by Alan Clark’s death.

“I haven’t found this a difficult decision as to contest Kensington and Chelsea would be a great privilege for any Conservative. I have no doubt therefore that there will be many excellent applicants.”

The effect of the revelations about his personal life on his attempt to represent Kensington and Chelsea are unclear, but the former MP for Enfield Southgate has urged the party to show tolerance.

He revealed his gay past in an interview with The Times, which took place in July but was only published on Thursday, after getting “fed up with all the innuendo”

Mr Portillo, who says he is now happily married, was asked detailed questions about “slurs” about his sexuality while at Cambridge University in the early 1970s.

“I will say what I want to say,” he said. “I had some homosexual experiences as a young person.”……….

…………He said: “When I was in public life I was dogged by rumour, if I go back to public life I’m not going to have all that again.”


Why am I writing about old news ?

The answer is that I think that it demonstrates just how much a politician can be constrained by such ‘rumour’ and ‘innuendo’. Once unburdened Michael Portillo was free to be his own man but while the press or even ‘political factions’ had their hooks in him perhaps he was not. I’ve no doubt Michael Portillo would deny this but nevertheless it serves as a good illustration, true or not.

Michael Portillo was lucky in that any youthful adventures he had were entirely legal.

What about those politicians who’s sexual proclivities are illegal ?

They can never be there own man, they can never work honestly on behalf of those that elect them, they will always be ‘owned’ by those that have their hooks in them.


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Michael Winner Dies.





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Scallywags For Sale.


Eight copies of the notorious Scallywag magazine are being sold on ebay – See Here

“I have 8 copies of the Satirical Magazine Scallywag from 1973  [Surely 1993 ?] they are in good condition and contain articles relevant to the current political climate, which make them highly collectable.”

It will be interesting to see how high the bidding price goes.

I wonder if BigMac77 and ourladyoflauds101 will be bidding ?

Still over 6 days to bid, at the time of writing, if you’re interested.

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The Many Headed Hydra.

There really is no point in trying to take down our blogs.

We are like the Many Headed Hydra . In Greek mythology, the Lernaean Hydra,  was an ancient serpent-like beast that possessed many heads,upon cutting off each of its heads two grew back in it’s place,  and it had poisonous breath and blood so virulent even its tracks were deadly.

Here you go Chris.

Hi All

Well, I guess that it had to happen sooner or later. Later is now and it looks like the site has been targeted by the Arse-holes who live in the house of cards.

Apparently, one of my articles was brought up on the House of Lords website on Friday and the site went down Friday night… Coincidence?

So, what naive idiot thought that they only silenced dissidents in countries like Russia & China?

Never the less, since the site went down my right hand man Carl the Tech Guy has been working flat out to try and get us up and running again. Unfortunately, we are still being targeted and as soon as Carl gets one thing sorted another thing goes tits up.

I know f*** all about Computers, I do the easy bit, AKA, the writing, but Carl and some other Tech Guys that he is in contact with, tell me that things are most ‘weird’ to say the least. Things like: ‘We have exceeded our bandwidth’, when we have unlimited bandwidth. I also see the MSG’s that are sent  between Carl and others, such as the following:

“Plus the Mysql phpmyadmin database back up was also corrupt.
Just waiting now for the DNS to propagate….which is also strange as I working onsite when it switched to a different IP – same host” !

Which is double Dutch to me, but tells me that they are doing everything they can to get us back to normal.

Regrettably, we have definitely lost the last 3 wks work, which has royally f***** me off. However, that is hopefully the total extent of the damage. In the meantime, accept my apologies for the inconvenience and normal service will be restored ASAP.

I can promise you, that TPTB will not beat us. I got more balls than that lot of snivelling cowards will ever have. And a mouth to match.


Thats all for now,

Much love,

Chris Spivey


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The First Stench Of Another Police Cover-Up.

From today’s Sunday People

A list of names seized by police probing allegations of child abuse includes ministers, members of the royal household and a world-famous pop star, the Sunday People can reveal.

All were recorded as visitors to a suburban guest house that operated as a gay brothel.

Now some could be suspects in an investigation into a network of powerful people who were secret paedophiles for years.

Late last week police ramped up the inquiry – and arrests are believed to be imminent.

Nine officers raided the North London home of former child protection worker Mary Moss after she initially declined to co-operate with the investigation.

Documents and a laptop were seized. Ms Moss later handed over a further 19 files she had hidden in a neighbour’s shed.

The papers include a list of men who went to sex parties in the 80s at the Elm Guest House, Barnes, South West London.

Among the names are two former Conservative Cabinet ministers and four other senior Tories.

There is also a Labour MP, a prominent Irish republican and a leading National Front member.

Others on the handwritten note are two members of the royal household – one a former Buckingham Palace employee – plus the owner of a multinational company and two pop stars.

One of those is a best-selling musician, but like some others on the list he is not suspected of being involved in the child abuse.

Sunday People

So, the excuses are starting to be made.

This famous wealthy pop star just happened to be a guest of Elm Guest House, where it just so happened that young boys were bussed over for others to abuse but he didn’t abuse them and he knew nothing about what was going on, is that it ?

What about this ?

A world-famous pop star is being investigated over alleged sex offences after his name was passed to police working on theJimmy Savile case.

The platinum-selling artist, a household name, is one of 25 figures facing probes under Operation Yewtree, which began after the Savile scandalbroke earlier this year…..

……..The name of the pop star was first handed to police in 2008 when a convicted sex offender claimed he was part of a paedophile ring with Savile.

The paedo was in Whitemoor Prison, Cambs, at the time and passed a list of other child sex offenders to his probation officer. It is understood the list was handed to police but there was not enough evidence for them to act.

Now his name has come up again, he is being “actively investigated”, according to sources close to the inquiry.

The Mirror

So, this famous wealthy pop star, as well as having stayed in a small guest house where young boys were regularly abused, has also been named by a convicted paedophile in 2008 ? This is totally separate from Elm Guest House.

And that is not the limit of it, and the police know it !

There can be no excuses this time. Too much information is already in the public domain.



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Can Anyone Actually Tell Me What This Is All About ?

Algeria’s special forces stormed the gas complex, jointly run by BP and staffed by many British workers, after reports that the extremists had begun shooting foreigners they had kidnapped.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said five Britons and one UK resident, called Carlos Estrada, remained “unaccounted for” and the country had to “prepare for bad news”. One Briton had already been confirmed dead on Wednesday.

BP said last night that four of its employees were still missing several hours after a dramatic firefight inside the gas plant which left more than 30 terrorists dead. The Algerian foreign ministry said that during the course of four days 23 hostages and 32 militants had been killed.



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The Mysterious Death Of Andrew Keir

Of all the things that I’ve read over the last couple of months these notes from the Mary Moss documents left me the most angry-

“Visit to home of X, also present X and X. Both boys currently in the care of Hounslow.

Systematically buggered by Kier and other older boys. Too frightened to complain. Introduced to Haddon by Keir. He used to ring & tell them were (sic) to go to pick them up and take to mens homes. Confirmed MP ?, Chris & Peter both policemen, also another man called Blackman (something at Scotland Yard).

Used to go to parties. Confirmed allegations that L B****** (sic) there, also others including a judge (name not known). {This bit crossed out – confirmed buggery of 15 year old by B****** (sic)}. He also visited a house in Hull St.

It conveys to some degree the terror that the victims must have felt at the time.

Now, I’m pretty sure that this is Mr Keir, Mr Andrew Keir-

A man who was to face trial over a series of rape, sex abuse, and assault accusations in Tayside and London has been found dead, it has emerged.

The body of Andrew Keir, 54, from Dundee, was discovered by a roadside in Angus on Friday.

Police have said there are no suspicious circumstances.


Now, there are a few things I want to tell readers of this blog , and for some who are just coming to terms with the fact that there was a large establishment paedophile ring operating in London during the late 1970s early 1980s, it will seem incredible. You might be inclined to dismiss what I have to tell you as conspiracy theory.

The events that took place at Elm Guest House are only a very small part of this story, a small part chronologically and geographically.

This is NOT just about the sexual abuse of children, it also about child pornography, child prostitution, child trafficking, and the murder for sexual gratification, profit, and expediency of children. It should be becoming clear to anyone who is taking an interest that what is being revealed is very highly organised.


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What Are You Waiting For ?

Resign !


by | January 18, 2013 · 11:17 am

A Timely Reminder


“Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of the look on David Cameron’s face during Tom Watson’s statement to the House of Commons, when he mentioned that paedophile rings had been operating out of Number 10, Downing Street…



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